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What’s behind your closet door?  Are there neat piles of folded sweaters and orderly rows of shoes?  Or do you have a single, straining closet rod filled with squished clothing and one shelf filled with toppling stacks of sweaters and t-shirts?

Most of us like the sound of the first scenario but live with the second.  With so many affordable closet organizing options nowadays it is easier than you think to upgrade your closet to scenario number one no matter what the size.

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You know I have been purging all the rooms in my house and finished the task with my basement over the winter. Well around this time of year I like to do it in my clothes closet. It is not really a full purge, but more like a swap-a-roo.  Since clothing needs air and space to keep it looking its best, I use one side of my guest room closet to hold my off-season clothes.  I always get excited to make the change and see some of my seasonal favorites become part of my life again.

Diane from In My Own Style Blog in J. Jill summer collection

In the summer months I like the easy breezy look and feel of linen and make room for a few new pieces every year.

This year, I added J.Jill’s oversized linen kimono top and slim cropped pants. I treat pink like a more romantic alternative to versatile white; it works well with black and my white jean skirt I wear all summer long: quick over the head and I am out the door. Easy and breezy. No buttons to fuss with, just the perfect outfit for summertime travel, day tripping as well as trips to the farmer’s market. Ed took this photo of my when we were in NYC a few weeks ago.

How I Organize My Closet

In the fall and spring, I empty everything out of my closet and toss or donate the items I no longer want. The rest gets divided by season. Out-of-season items go to one side of my guest room closet…. 

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