Jeweled Paper Clips

“Style – It’s in the Details”

How to make Jeweled Paper Clips


Everyone and everything can benefit from even a little bit of style. Take the plain, simple, boring, yet highly functional paper clip.  They can take on a style all their own by the simple addition of some small beads. This little tweak not only makes the paper clip chic, but transforms the task of clipping a few papers together into a stylish event.


Paper Clips
Small Decorative Beads
Jewelry making Endpin
Needle Nose Pliers
G-S Hypo Cement or any glue with a fine tip applicator


You can simply add beads like I did on the first paper clip above.  Add a tiny drop of glue to hold the beads in place if they move up and down the wire.


Make Paper clips


Create dangles by threading a bead on a jewelry making endpin.Use pliers to create a small loop and wrap wire around the top of the bead.  Clip off excess wire. (See illustration, below) Then place the dangle in the order you want onto the paperclip.  Close the paper clip to its original position.

How to make a wrapped jewelry wire loop






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    I came here looking at your Dollar Store Frames-Post, but I find this more noteworthy ;-). Love the prettified paper clips. So sweet – will copy ;-).


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