How To Make Canopy Bed Curtains

It was time for a little updating in my guest room.  It all started after creating the gallery wall.  You know how it goes – one change leads to another.    I am tweaking a few things and am doing it all very inexpensively – like under $50.00.   Everything I am doing in this room is budget friendly and easy to replicate in your own home.   I am going to show you my progress in my next few posts.

The Gallery Wall that started it all.


This is my guest room. I took down a bed hanging to paint the wall.  I also painted the bed white, but what I want to show you is how easy it is to make a bed hanging to accent your bed and give your room impact.


This is how I made the canopy bed curtains or as some call it a bed hanging. I found two white curtain panels at my local thrift store for $4.30.  They are heavy cotton duck – what a deal. The center black and white check fabric is from JoMar – my fave dollar a yard place.  I simply made a rod pocket and header across the top of the width of fabric.  You could also do this with iron on tape making it a no- sew project. ( I will be bringing that to you soon).


For the rod, I duct taped two shorter rods that I had on hand together. That alone was not enough to keep it rigid so I had an old plastic shower rod tube in my basement and encased my duct taped rods in that. Presto- Change-o  a rod. It may not be pretty – but




1.  I hung the rod on two wood curtain rod brackets that I painted white.


2.  I then hung the center fabric on the rod.


3.  Then my thrift store panels on each side – Voilà ! an easy bed hanging.  Super simple and thrifty.


I like to be resourceful. If you don’t have a rod – go hunting in your basement and see what alternatives you can find.  Perhaps you can come up with something to add to these options.  Broom stick?….



Next up – the window treatment, chest of drawers, and then the accessories I added.

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  1. tammy says

    thanks for sharing this, it really is agreat idea. i love the one in your master bedroom too! i want to do something like that for my daughter.

  2. says

    This little tiny sentence where you “painted the bed white”…do you strip or sand this all the way down or are you just taking off the sheen? I have a paint sprayer and still…it’s hard!

  3. says

    This looks great and I love how you modified the rod. lol I’ve been thinking of using a wall hanging over my bed, but I want to swag them to the side. Still mulling over this…

    I hope you are having Spring now or soon.


  4. linda says

    You can usually find brooms and mops at the dollar store if you don’t have a broom stick you want to sacrifice for a curtian rod.

  5. Peggy Snyder says

    Another curtain hanging idea: Dowels. I happen to keep them around for projects and was really hard up for a curtain rod one day. I have found they work just fine. Sometimes, if I don’t get a nice cut on the end (after cutting them the right size for the window) I have to sand them a bit so they don’t snag the fabric. They can be stained or painted (though I never have). And you can buy different sizes very economically at almost any hardware store.


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