Where I Find My Color Inspiration + A Fun Quiz

We all love color and are inspired by it daily. It is part of the natural rhythm of our lives, but as much as we love of it – it also scares us to death when we have to make “the decision” of what colors to actually pick and then finally choose when decorating our homes.
Colorful Magic Markers
How many times have you been out shopping for a shirt and you decide on a style, but there are 5 different colors to choose from? You usually let instinct be your guide or choose your favorite color that you know looks good on you.    You might hold the different colors up to your body and go look in the mirror in the store to double check that you like it before making the decision to buy it. I try to remember this scenario when I am trying to pick out paint colors for my rooms and projects.  Shop around, pick out my favorite, and try it on for size before buying.
I usually find my color inspiration from something I love and plan on using in the room as my starting point.  It could be a piece of fabric or a favorite object. I then look at photo clippings from magazines or Pinterest that I have gathered to build a color scheme.

I did this just last week when trying to figure out what color to paint my studioffice. It is getting a makeover.   I have been decorating homes for a long time and know my personal style tends to go to using neutral backgrounds.  I like when my “stuff”  tells the story in a room, not a pattern on wallpapered walls or a matchy-match scheme.    If I find a cool chair at a flea market, I like when I can paint it any color and it will automatically go in the room.

My studioffice was previously done in neutrals – dark taupe walls with white and black accents.  I have been happy with it for many years, but found I wanted it to be brighter.  As soon as I made the decision to go forward and re-do the room, I thought about how I wanted it to look and then started gathering items.

Here are the color inspiration pieces I have gathered so far.

A favorite purple box that I have had for years.  Pink peonies just make any room look pretty. I love the casual appeal of wicker and use baskets to organize all my stuff on the book shelves and my desk. I found the black and white pattern sheet set at Ross for $13 – I am of the school that every room looks better with a touch of black in it.    The green fabric I had on hand. I may not use this actual fabric, but I know I want a bit of green in the room.

 Decorating Inspiration

 Last week I showed you how I went to My Colortopia and uploaded my inspiration photo of a pink peony into  the – My Image Inspiration tool.  It gave me a few color choices that I could break down even further.

Decorating Inspiration
I chose Pink Petal White and got a little sample jar at Home Depot to try on my walls.   This is the best test for choosing paint ever. $2.94.  Deal!
Decorating with paint ideas
I brushed a swatch on my wall and so far I like it. It has been rainy here the past few days and I will make my final decision when the sun comes out again.  I am pretty sure it is a go – as my instincts are usually right.  It is not too white as I don’t want my room to feel cold, just brighter and cheerier. The only place I have painted white-white in my home is on the trim.
How to paint a wall
There is also a quiz at My Colortopia, called My Life My Colors. It is a fun multiple choice quiz that is geared to finding the right colors for you by your personality and lifestyle.  It only takes a minute – you will be rewarded with a selection of color choices that will be suitable to your personality, likes, and dislikes. You will be surprised how accurate it is.    I did it and it came up with my favorite colors. One was spot on, the others were the right color, but the exact shade was a tad bit off.   I didn’t think chartreuse would come up :)   It was fun and had me thinking more about my likes and dislikes.
If you are reading this in a reader, you may have to click over to my site to fill it out or click over to My Colortopia where you can fill it out also.


After taking the quiz, if you haven’t tried the My Image Inspiration tool, it is easy and fun to use, too.   You just have to have an inspiration photo on your computer to upload.  Everything else is done for you – well except the physical effort required to actually paint your room.


I have partnered with Glidden/ Akzo Nobel Paints for this post and the My Colortopia program but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I am making progress on my choices for my bedroom thanks to your help. I am still having troubles finalizing everything though. Since I have plain windows with NO molding, I am thinking stark white Roman Shades still, but should I put a pleat them a tiny tadge vertically or put tucks or decorative stitching horizontally for texture and to hide any wrinkles and such? The decorative stitching would go along with my bed skirt I made many years ago in plain, white broadcloth. I still need to choose the blue for the walls. I have not gone to Lowes or HD yet to get the colors swatches you told me…… they sound right up my alley for sure.
    And what is really, really bothering me and always has since I bought this house is the black framed windows, they were new so can not change them…. but wish they were white. And the outside of my concrete block, tiny, retangular house is a pale yellow with Forrest Green Wood Shutters and I put a brick red metal roof on the house when I bought it…. to match the brick trim under each window. Sigh, still a bit lost here…… so anyone help?

  2. says

    Just found you through picket fence blogs. Glad I did. You have a great blog! I’m a new follower (RSS) .


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