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Do you love jewelry? Do you wish you could make some unique pieces yourself, but never have because you lack the skills or the jewelry making tools required to make some?  Then you are going to love this post and the new line of jewelry making components from Styled By Tori Spelling that don’t require any jewelry making tools or skills! That is right – no jewelry making skills or tools!    All the pieces connect together with connectors.

Styled By Tori Spelling

The line has 4 collections. Boho, Noir, Glam, and Glitz. I was one of a few dozen bloggers who are part of a campaign to promote the line. We each received a box full of the jewelry to play with and come up with fun and fashionable looks using the pieces.   I received jewels from the Noir and Boho collections and bought 2 pieces from the Glam collection.  You will see from the length of this post that I had a lot of fun coming up with different ways to mix and match the pieces.

Here is a basic look at how the different necklace styles are made.

Styled By Tori Spelling

Step 1:

Choose a necklace top.


Step 2

When assembling your necklace you can choose what type of connector will work best.   There is no right or wrong way to add them – you are the designer.


The ring connectors are easy to open to hook on a necklace top, bottom, or a pendant.

Styled By Tori-Spelling_open-hinge

Step 3

Attach a necklace bottom to a necklace top using the connectors.

Styled By Tori-Spelling_necklace-bott

Add more interest by attaching pendants and danglers.

Styled By Tori-Spelling_pendants-and-


OK easy… Let’s try it.  Attach a necklace top to a connector and then a bottom.

Styled By Tori Spelling

Repeat on the other side of the necklace and you have instantly created…

Styled By Tori Spelling

a beautiful necklace.

Styled By Tori Spelling Boho Collection


Keep it simple or when using a long necklace bottom like this one, remove the necklace top.  Use a connector to attach the two ends of the necklace bottom together to create a shorter version of the necklace.



Each collection has different metal finishes that you can mix and match.

Styled By Tori Spelling jewelry


To create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Hwo to make jewlery the easy way


On this necklace I attached a pearl bracelet builder to add more interest. Isn’t the owl the cutest?  He comes in a few different collections/metal finishes.  I used the same necklace top and bracelet, but with a pendant from the Glam collection in the first photo of this post. That is my favorite combination.

Owl-Boho Collection Necklace from Styled


I didn’t have a gold-toned necklace topper, so I knotted the ends of a length of ribbon

Gold Chain necklace by Styled


to create this gold chain necklace.

gold-necklace-with-ribbon from Styled By Tori Spelling


Love the big gold links, but I think I would rather wear it as a bracelet. I decided to take it apart using a pair of pliers. The smallest chain on this necklace bottom is the perfect bracelet size.



But remember you don’t have to do that to create a bracelet with the Styled by Tori Spelling collection.  No tools are required at all. I just wanted to see how the chain would look as a bracelet and I love it!

To make a bracelet – the line has Bracelet  Builders. All you need to do is attach a Bracelet Builder to a Toggle Set.



Love this bracelet. I used the pearl strand on the owl necklace above – lots of stylish fun coming up with so many different ways to attach and create new looks using the same pieces.



Making earrings is super easy, too.  Use danglers and attach them to hoops or wires that come two sets to a pack.


More ways to use the pendants:

Embellish a gift



Make a dangling charm for your cell phone


I found the earphone jack connector plug at It has a hole in it that a jump ring goes through. Then press it into the ear jack of your phone to create one cute little embellishment for your phone.

Cell phone charm make with Styled By Tori  Spelling

Shoe bling…

Embellish shoes with jewelry


So many options… Styled by Tori Spelling can be made into so many unique combinations that everyone will find something to fit their own style.

Easy and fun.  It is 1. 2. 3… you’re done.

1. Start with one necklace bottom.  2. Layer on another necklace bottom to create something more unique.  3. Embellish with a pendant.

Noir-Collection Styled By Tori Spelling


Here is the same necklace top, but I added a different bottom and used only one connector. A simple tweak changes the entire look of the necklace.



I made this one for my daughter by connecting 4 necklace tops to the flower pendant from the Noir collection. There is no right or wrong way – it is all just a matter of style – your style.

Black-daisy Necklace by Styled by Tori Spelling


As you can see I was having fun creating many different looks with all the jewelry that was sent to me.  If you would like to see the different collections and pieces, Styled By Tori Spelling jewelry is available at Michaels and Jo-Ann’s. Pieces may vary by store.  The most expensive piece is around $12.  Most run around $3 to $7.   Don’t forget to use your Michaels and JoAnn’s coupons to get an even better deal.

Michaels Store Styled by Tori Spelling


I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Darice and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.





  1. felechia says

    i like it! i wonder if this collection is at the Canadian Michael’s. i’m gonna check it out.

    • says

      I just spotted them in my Michaels yesterday, and I live in Alberta. :) I don’t think my Michaels offered the whole line (it was all on a smaller end cap that the one in the picture), but there was tons of cute stuff!

  2. says

    So cute! I had no idea Tori Spelling had this new line. Love the owl necklace. Not sure where I would start but can’t wait to see it here locally. All the best,

  3. says

    Sigh… I hate saying it, but I have to.
    As a jewelry artist, this kind of thing makes me crazy.
    I have re-written this comment several times, only to delete it. There are many reasons, and my work is NOTHING like what you can buy and put together from a store, but it really, truly bothers me. Somehow it just feels like a cheat.
    OK, carry on. I do love what YOU do Diane! If I didn’t, I would never have commented!

  4. Ann/alba says

    I LOVE IT… The reason I gave up making jewelry was because 1 the tools &2 my hands hurt This is a no mess nonsense way to be Creative.
    Love It. ann/albaa

  5. Joanne B. says

    Ha, I just have to laugh! I just saw this new line at Joann Fabrics just this past weekend, and now your blog is the 2nd one this morning that I follow that is featuring this line. I agree with Angie above and to say this allows you to create ‘one of a kind’ jewelry is a stretch. Just because the
    pieces are mix. Having a creative daughter who has made tons of her own jewelry (just for us to enjoy, never sold it, except maybe for a few friends). If you want a signature piece, itcan’t be someone else’s signature! I was not impressed.

  6. says

    I get what Joanne and Angie are saying, but I like this idea for us less creative types. I think it would be a fun, easy way to start creating–a good place to begin and then take it to the next level if you really have the talent for it.

    • says

      I hear ya! Kits and components can be a good starting place to find your own creative style…
      My husband would be the first to tell you about the Micheal’s craft store we (um, me) have accumulated in our basement over the years!

  7. says

    You were definitely having lots of fun. I love the pieces you styled together with the black cord. That’s my style. Thanks for the heads up on this “new” type of jewelry. Donna

  8. Joy C says

    This is such fun jewelry, I have one Noir and one Boho necklace and I get sooo many compliments everytime I go out in one! Really great stuff and the quality is very nice for the price! :)

  9. Marina Hastings says

    I just LOVE the idea of making my own necklaces and changing it up when the mood hits and not having to spend more and more on necklaces but building what I want and need….AWESOME!!!!


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