Happy October 1st!

Today marks the first day of October – Fall is really here!  Can I get a big Hooray! Hand pump in the air!  A glass of Champagne!  Yes, I love Fall that much.  October and November are my favorite months of the year – I love the nesting feeling I get when the calendar flips to October – it brings such a warm, comfy-cozy feeling – a.k.a. “nesting”.

I love to decorate my house in fall splendor, but have not been able to do much since I have been traveling over the past two weeks.  First to Detroit with the Home Depot and then to New York to visit my oldest. From there, I went on to Vermont to help my youngest daughter paint a cute little cottage on the Champlain Islands.  If you have never been to the Champlain Islands – it is like stepping back into time – a perfect getaway, an off-the-grid kind of place.

Ed stayed home as there is lots happening on the job front for him.   I am keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully will be telling you more about that soon.

Autumn-on the Lake-Champlain Islands

After my youngest graduated from college in May she got a job as an intern on a farm and lived in a Yurt all summer. (A Yurt is basically a round tent). She had met lots of locals and seasonal home owners and, one of them, after leaving the islands for the summer invited her to stay in their cute little cottage. She jumped at the chance as living in a yurt all summer was getting old.  She loves the fall as much as I do and is yearning to nest after living only with the bare necessities all summer.  Instead of paying rent, they asked her if she could paint the front porch of the cottage.

That is where I came in.  I went up last week and spent a few days with her to help her get the job done quickly and before it got too cold.  It was a bit chilly already and I had a few layers on to keep me warm while we scraped, cleaned, and painted the porch.

Exterior House Painting

It was perfect weather to paint, but about 2 weeks too early to see the trees become an explosion of color. Only a few trees had started to change, but I am happy that I was able to help my daughter.   I posted this photo on Instagram last week.

Autumn in Vermont

Now, I am back home and realized that I needed to see a bit more fall décor in my house. The white thrift store side table I redid earlier this year was in need of some Autumn color. I didn’t want to buy anything new, so I shopped my basement and came back up with this chunky black frame in hand.  I needed something to put into it and since I love lettering – I made letter frame art using my computer.  I simply typed in an “H” on my computer word processer and printed it out to size to fit the frame.   The font is Rosewood.  Placed on the table with some berry twigs is just enough to make the table say – Autumn is here.

Easy-Fall-Decorating Ideas

I am so glad it is.

Happy October 1st to all you Autumn lovers – enjoy.



  1. Debbie White says

    Diane…you are such an inspiration! I discovered your site about a year and a half ago, and I’ve followed it ever since. Your post about airstone-ing your fireplace spurred me to go right to Lowes and purchase some for a project I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I started the project (which is covering bare concrete walls leading to our walkout basement) last week, and it’s going well and couldn’t be easier. Once the walls are done, fall decor will look great against the stone backdrop. Thanks for all your creative ideas!

    • says

      Hi Debbie – the stone over the concrete wall is going to make a huge difference to the look and feel of the space. How exciting! I want to add it on a few more walls myself. It is a wonderful product. Every time I look at my fireplace – I smile and can’t believe I finally have a stone fireplace. :) I love the look of Fall decor against stone, too.

    • says

      Thanks Connie – He has so much going on right now – we are hoping one of them comes through. I forget what life was like when he worked F/T.

  2. JaneEllen says

    It is so pretty there. Aren’t you the nicest Mom for helping her paint. Nice that it was cooler instead of muggy hot for painting. Hope the cottage is liveable for Winter if your daughter is going to stay there for any length of time. Such a gorgeous setting for the cottage.
    I’ve only been in Vermont once but just to pass thru with hubby in his semi.
    I’d wanted to see New England all my life so when hubs said he had loads up thru the area I jumped at the chance to go. We were on the border of Lake Champlain for just a little bit.
    When I was a kid (before I turned 10) my family used to go to Canada on Lake Superior, what a gorgeous place and memories I have of the summer vacations we spent there.
    What are those flowers behind the frame in the picture? Very pretty also.
    Much luck to your husband on the job front.

    • says

      Hi JaneEllen –

      I have never been to Lake Superior – the other Great Lakes, but not that one. Would love to see it one day. Going up to Lake Ontario this Friday with my husband. He has a job interview in the region, so I figured if we are that close – we are going to visit the Lake :) The cottage my daughter was staying at is not winterized. She is done her internship now and is visiting friends before she heads back home for a few months. I will be happy to have her home for awhile :)

  3. Betsy E says

    Just had to write and tell you I loved your “shopped my basement” comment! You see, I’ve done that so much in the last four years. Husband’s business was so bad in 2008 (he’s the president of a small company), and we weren’t getting any paychecks. That year, I literally “shopped my basement” for all the Christmas presents for our family. And shopping our basements/ storage areas/craft rooms, etc. is an EXCELLENT place to shop! And just yesterday, I was down there again, trying to figure out how to dress up a Christmas red basket with green trim, with fall ribbons to cover the green trim. It’s a small bushel -type basket—with a green trim at the middle and bottom. Still working on it.

    Secondly, wanted to thank you for sharing your adventures with your daughters with us. I love reading how you help them out!

    Lastly, I do hope you hear good news soon about your husband’s job search!


  4. Lisa K says

    Love reading your blog and all of your inspiring ideas! But, don’t love the pop-up adds that cover the page when I try to read it. I know these help support your blog; but could you please not use pop-ups?

    • says

      HI Lisa – thanks for taking the time to tell me. It is written in my ad contract that no pop-up or annoying ads are allowed. They seem to forget this and I have to remind my ad network. I dislike them, too!!! Do you remember what it was for? Knowing this will help me deal with it faster.

  5. says

    Hi Diane, you have been busy traveling but it sounds like it’s been a lot of fun. How great that you got to help out with painting the cottage. It looks like such a pretty place, especially in the fall! Have a great week!

  6. says

    Happy Fall to you also. I love the elegant simplicity of your fall post. How wonderful for your daughter and that you can go there a and visit a beautiful place. I to have daughters spread all over, and it is fun to visit them and help with projects.

  7. says

    Hi, Diane. I love reading your blog, and I didn’t realize that your husband is looking for a job. My Hubs’ business is EXTREMELY slow (like, it’s almost like a one-income household right now!), so our budget is tiiiiiight. I always feel better after reading your blog and all of your creative ideas. Thank you for your inspiration!


    • says

      Thanks Nif – On the news I keep hearing that the economy is getting better – we haven’t seen it. My hubs has been out of work for over 3 years. It seems impossible that it has been that long. I forget what life was like when he worked. He has 3 very good leads right now and we are keeping our fingers crossed. I hope business picks up for your husband. XO

  8. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Gosh, I so hope your Ed gets the best job. I hope having money again will not hurt your clever ideas though…. grin. I know it won’t. And I am selfish enough to say that I so hope you don’t have to move for for the job. I don’t know if I have told you, but I so love your house and you have made it so very perfect (too me anyway). My bucket list you know?

    Thank you for these fabulous ideas with the frame and flowers and everything you post.

    I was thinking about the faux stone …. it has to help insulate the house too. Don’t you think?

    Sheryll & Critters.

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