It’s Nice to Go Trav’lin

Have you ever listened to the song – It’s Nice to  go Trav’lin by Frank Sinatra?     The lyrics are just what I am feeling now.

It’s oh, so nice to go trav’lin’
But it’s so much nicer, yes, it’s so much nicer to come home

I have been out and about quite a bit over the past few weeks  – going by plane, train, and automobile up and down the east coast.  Late last night – 1:30 AM to be exact – I returned home from a quick 2-day trip to Miami.    I feel like a jet-setter  – tired, but enjoyed every moment of the trip.   Normally my life is quiet and home-based, but over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to go to many exciting places.  I have never been to Miami and was beyond excited to see the area.  I went as part of the Home Depot Celebration of Service  Blogger Network to help make improvements for the life of Veterans.

The hotel where we are stayed was right on Biscayne Bay.  The photo below is a from the hotel website. I checked the site out  before I left  and figured there would be no way I would get a room with a view like this.  I did!  You know what a water lover I am and this was just the best – I could barely sleep as I loved gazing out at the view all night. I will post more about the trip next week.

1 miami 21 miami hotel


Last week I was in NYC for an overnight trip. Ed had an interview and I tagged along.  I was surprised to see how tall the new World Trade Center was.  It is once again the tallest building in NYC and it is not even complete yet.   This photo was taken from the road leading into the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey to Manhattan.

New-World-Trade-Center One

While Ed was busy, I strolled around Soho and Tribeca.


New-York-city-Images Soho and Tribeca

Later in the day I went to my college Alma Mater – The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to see how much things had changed. I was surprised that not much had changed. The street trees were bigger and stone walls were added in front of the dorms.  To think it was – Egads! I am going to write it here – 31 years ago since I graduated from this place.  I had to get my calculator out to make sure that number was correct. It is!  Walking on each side of the street brought back a ton of fond memories and thoughts of – “What if I never went to school here? How would my life be different now or maybe not at all?”



I then walked up to 34th street and into Macy’s. I worked in the store in the cosmetic department when I was in college.  Since I was only part-time then and didn’t get commission, I always worked in the “Window”.  It literally was one of the store’s display windows.  Whoever worked in there was literally on display to passer-by’s on the street.  Since the shop was more for brand promotion for Revlon at the time and not so much for making actual sales – none of the commissioned sales people wanted to work there. I happily did and even could do my school work since no one ever came in to buy anything. People would always tap on the window and wave to me from the street all the time.

The store is a city in itself – huge and so easy to get lost in.   I smiled when I came upon a visual merchandiser putting up holiday trim.  This is what I would be doing right now if I still worked in display.  I left  my display job a year and a half ago to blog full-time.  It was the best decision ever, but I do miss the physical workout I got from climbing ladders all day and running around the store I worked in to make it look good. It kept me in shape.



In the retail world – the holidays start before Halloween. Shoppers always think it gets earlier each year, but it has always been the middle of October at all the stores I have worked at.   Santa Land is a sea of red – ready to go on the 8th floor at Macy’s. I was here in the early afternoon and there was already a long line of shoppers buying ornaments and other decorations.



I think my traveling marathon is over now. It is always fun and exciting to go to new places and revisit places where you once lived, but as the saying goes – “There is no place like home” and that is exactly what I am feeling right now sitting back at my desk in my studioffice  thinking just as Frank –

No more packin’
And unpackin’
Light the home fires
Get my slippers
Make a pizza  

It’s oh, so nice to go trav’lin’
But it’s so much nicer, yes, it’s so much nicer to come home.

Or in my case – get in my yoga pants and make a hot cup of tea.  :)

Before I sign-off  – I wanted to say  Thank you… Thank you… to all of you for leaving me such nice comments on my post, Second Time Around Chic over at Wayfair’s blog, My Way Home.  You are the best XO.  I think the post had more comments than any others.    I have been asked to write more posts for them :)  You are the best readers any blogger could ever ever ask for.  If I could, I would give each and every one of you a big hug and kiss. Thank you so much!!!



  1. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I am so happy for you to have had the chance to travel. Especially since someone else paid for it and you enjoyed the times and the veiws of each. I have not been to Miami in so many years that I am wondering (like you) how much it has changed. I did not like Miami, but then I prefer more countryish landscapes.

    I think I have missed some blogs again. Or maybe I just don’t remember the titles? Going to go check some now.

  2. says

    I’m in good company with you. I graduated from college 33 years ago! Gosh the time flies!

    Then I spent time working in my degree field (music/theatre) and finally decided it was time to change to a different chapter but sorta in the same “book” of fine arts: interior decorating. (But I still do quiet a lot of musical things.)

    As long as I get to “create” something that enhances our lives through site, sound or other senses, I’m happy! I can tell you too are in your element! And the world’s a better place for all of us when we get to do “our thing” :-)

    Enjoy your time back in your lovely home!

  3. says

    Hi Diane – I was inNew York for 4 days last year at this time with my daughter and you just brought many happy memories. Hope Ed was successful with his interview. Love your blog.

  4. Margaret says

    Thanks so much for sharing. I want so much to visit New York. I live in such a small town – very rural – and want to visit the big city! Hopefully, my husband and I will be able to do just that in the near future.

  5. Martha says

    Your story of working in the display department at Macy’s is really exciting to me, something I have always wanted to do. My daughter and I are going to NYC next month, we have never been there. Is there anything you would like to tell us about what to see or do while we are there. We are both country pumpkins, and to go out of our box is very scary to me. Thanks for your blog, you are very inspiring.

    • says

      Hi Martha – You and your daughter are in for a grand time. There is so much to see and do from people watching, shopping, museum hopping, shopping and eating – plus so much more. How long will you be there and what street is your hotel on? Knowing that I will be better able to give you a few ideas of what to do.

  6. Wendy says

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog and read it daily! Thanks for all the organizational and DIY inspiration!

  7. says

    I really enjoyed reading your story. Beautiful places to see, apartments to stay… Store decoration is just amazing!

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