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I knew this day would come – and it has…

the day my computer decided not to respond to my every command –  Urrrrrgggh!!!  I know I take it for granted – all the marvelous things it does for me. I need to give it some TLC.

It is not in total meltdown mode, but if I don’t get things squared away ASAP – that is where it is going to end up.

I cannot get to my photos.  I think it has something to do with iTunes and Quicktime or the fact that I have way too many photos on my computer after my external hard drive crashed.  I will be making friends with the techies that work the help desks of Adobe and Dell this weekend.

I am hoping to get things squared away and back to normal by Monday so that I can share a super simple window treatment with you.

Until then… here are a few links to my writing elsewhere this past week.


Before you start any paint project – make sure you Don’t Overlook These 8 Things.

I made this for my Valentine’s dinner table, but you can make this colorful vase for any occasion using your favorite paint colors.

My mom was a bird lover. When I was a kid, she would  make sure that my siblings and I fed the birds around our yard. We made quite a few bird feeders to get the job done.   This was one of my favorites.

Happy weekend :)





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