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Happy Friday!  Today I want to share with you a few items that I came across this week.  Lots of pretty things to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

When on Pinterest earlier in the week, I came across this photo taken by June who blogs at Laughing With Angels.  It still feels like Winter here in PA. No signs of Spring yet, but seeing this dreamy photos gives me hope that it will arrive soon.   I love the mix of pink flowers, turquoise canning jar, and yellow. I don’t have much soft yellow in my décor, but this photo makes me want to add it.

Laughing with Angels Blog

Photo Credit:  Laughing With Angels

Speaking of canning jars… If you like vintage blue canning jars and scour flea markets and yard sales to find them, you will be excited to know that Ball, the maker of the vintage jars, has just released a limited edition of the blue jars to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the “Perfect Mason Jar”.  The American Heritage Collection jars are being sold 6 to a package and cost around $12.  They are available nationwide and online.

American Heritage-Ball-Jars

I also put a few fake flowers in 3 of the 6 I received to bring some color into my family room.   I even filled the jars halfway with water, so the fake flowers would look a bit more realistic.  Can’t wait to put real peonies in them.

Vintage-Style-Mason-Jars by Ball

I also aged the metal tops so the jars resemble the vintage ones even more.  To learn how to age the top, you can find the tutorial I did here:  Faux Zinc Candy Jar Top

How to age Vintage Mason Jar Lids to look Vintage


I love photos of pretty things – simple and pretty get me all the time and I came across a blog that is new to me – Everyday Occasions. I don’t read a lot of food blogs, but fell in love with Jenny’s style and I think she loves Ina Garten as much as I do.   She posted about this table setting earlier this week.

Everyday Occasions blog

Photo Credit:  Everyday Occasions

Spring not only is about flowers, it also means:  Time to clean!    Clean and refresh all the spaces in our homes, air out, sweep, purge, and make things sparkle and come back to life.


When I saw this photo of Bea Johnson’s clothes closet in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living, I was instantly inspired to purge mine.


Bea believes that less is more not only in how many clothes she has, but about every aspect of her life.  I agree with her 100% and over the past few years have been trying to get rid of the stuff that we just don’t need to have around anymore – like the recent attic purge my daughters completed.

Bea is so good at purging and organizing that she has even written a book about it, entitled,  Zero Waste Home.

My closet is full of stuff. I only wear about half of what is in here – the rest is uncomfortable, needs mending (not happening), or I bought it on a whim and never felt quite right in it.  When I go to my closet, I want it to feel light, so that  making choices of what to wear is quick and easy.


While it is still cold outside, I figure tackling my closet will be the first thing to check off on my Spring cleaning list.


And last, but not least – this has nothing to do with Spring, but I want to thank all of you who have learned about the demise of Google Reader and are switching over and subscribing to my blog through,    I get an email every time someone subscribes. My inbox and I feel the love.  XO to all of you!

If you read your favorite blogs using Google Reader and have not heard the news that Google Reader will be no more come July 1st, you can easily export all of your info from Google Reader into or


Both are good and have phone apps which I LOVE, but I think Bloglovin has a more intuitive interface.

For all of you who subscribe to my blog via e-mail: You will still get my posts, but there is buzz that Google Feedburner – the free platform used to deliver posts by email is soon to follow in Google Readers footsteps.  Hopefully that won’t happen.

Time to get out from behind my desk and start purging my closet.

What are you up to this first weekend of Spring? I hope it is enjoyable.




  1. says

    Her closet is enviable, Diane! I really need to do mine, too. I still have slacks and tops from when I was working before we moved to Ohio from NY {1 1/2 years ago now}. I really don’t need those things taking up room in the closet. I may keep a couple of pairs of slacks and tops for going out to dinner, but I think I can donate the rest.

  2. says

    Great post, I am always thinking about how we only use %40 of the clothes we wear and how I need to purge some more. I decided to throw a swap party next month to inspire my friends to go through their closets too! Whatever we don’t swap, we will donate to charity. Keep us updated on your closet, love all of the bright colors of clothing you have!!

  3. Jan says

    I checked online for the blue Mason jars. They are pre-order for $12.99. Thanks for telling all os us about them.

  4. says

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you today for the Liebster Award on my blog. I just love your style and everything you do is so inspirational. You have been blessed with good taste! :) I am inspired everytime I look at your blog. The rules, if there are any really, is that you accept the nomination, answer the questions and nominate some other bloggers, ask them some questions, etc. It’s really more of a way to connect and broaden the blogging community.
    Thanks for sharing with us and God Bless.
    The questions are on my post.

    • says

      Hi Jan – The information I received about them stated they would be available in the Spring. There is still hope you will come across them in a store.

  5. Sue says

    I love your site!
    Just yesterday I cleaned out my closet. I laugh because whenever I feel like I need to purge the house, I do my closet first. :)
    I only share an 8 foot closet with my dear hubby, so I can not make my closet look like Bea Johnson’s. But I am pleased with the result.
    Thanks for such a bright uplifting blog.
    May God richly bless you today!

  6. Melinda says

    Thanks so much for the post amd letting us know about the Ball heritage collection jars! They’re sold out on your provided website and amazon. I ordered from Fillmore. I hope they still have them in stock!

    • says

      HI Melinda – Thanks for the update. It looks like they are going to be very popular :) I will look into Fillmore and include that link in the post.

  7. Kathy says

    I love the peonies in the blue jars! Your peonies are so real looking. Where did you buy them? I’ve been on the look out for realistic looking ones and would like to get some just like yours!

    • says

      Hi Kathy – The fake peonies are from a few places. I mix different ones together so they look more realistic. I bought them at The Dollar Tree, Michaels, and AC Moore.

  8. says

    Hi there!
    What a lovely post including the great blue jars! I am the proprietor and e-shopkeeper of Delish General Store, an online store based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. I wanted to de-lurk and let you and your readers (especially Canadian readers) know that I have just listed these jars in my store!

    Now, a fair warning – I cannot price them as low as they can be found in the US because I had to bring them across the border with shipping and duties and the expense that entails, but as a special treat for canners and jar lovers, I think they are pretty affordable.

    My store is one of only two current Canadian retailers, so I’d be so happy if you’d come on over and check them out! Thank you so much.

      • says

        Thank you so much for sharing the news, Diane!

        I will be looking around your blog a lot more. I am the editor-in-chief of Delish Mag, a great online publication…we have been on hiatus so I could turn my energies to building the store side of things, but eventually will be going back online. We have a Behind the Blog series on our own blog and would love to profile you and your great online space.


    • says

      Hi Amanda – I bought the flowers at a few places and mixed them all together. Micheals, AC Moore and the Dollar Tree. Look for pink peonies. Some of them come with all the stems attached. I cut them apart and only use the flower heads that have the most pink in them. Some have more white or red, I don’t use these, but keep them to use for something else – Embellish a gift, etc.


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