The Rain Made Me Do It

If you live in the Mid Atlantic states then I know you have been experiencing a lot of wet weather.   It has put a halt on a line up of projects I have been working on outside.

Outdoor Furniture

So much so that yesterday when the wind whipped up and it looked ominous outside at 9 AM, I decided to call it quits and take the day off -which I rarely ever do during the week.

Rainy Day

I sometimes consider a run to the craft store or taking a leisurely stroll through Target while I am out running errands during the week – time off,  but it is always with a purpose for a project I am working on, not a real day off.

When I realized that the rain was going to but a damper in my plans for the day,  I decided to not look at it as a negative thing – but a positive one.

 Raining quote

Make It Perfect

Why get frustrated that the weather was holding up project completion when I could just sit back and enjoy what the day was offering me – a chance to take a personal day!     The rainy day feeling took over and I went with it.


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I turned off my computer and got comfy on the couch and decided what I really needed was to read a good book – and not just any book – but fiction!      This was a huge treat for me.  I haven’t read fiction since I started blogging. I read books on a daily basis, but they are non-fiction – books on photography, computers, blogging, Photoshop, Google, social media, HTML and CSS.  I want to learn as much as I can and reading about what I need to know has given me the knowledge to run my blog, but put the time for fiction on the back-burner.

I had picked up a few books for Ed at our local Bookmoblie and decided to pick one from his stack to read. I went with Dan Brown’s Inferno. I liked all of his other books, so I dove right in.  It felt good to read a good piece of fiction that took me out of my life and into an adventure far, far way. I didn’t finish it yet, but plan to read the rest tonight.

I realize now how much I have missed reading a good novel and plan to do more of it over the summer.   If you have read any good books recently, I could use a few recommendations to make up my summer reading list.

Happy Friday! – Enjoy your weekend – I hope it is a beautiful one.



  1. Patti says

    A book I think is a must read for everyone is ‘Unbroken’ by Laura Hildebrand. It’s an amazing true story and an absolute page turner. I sat out on my deck one day hoping to get through a chapter or two and finished it.

  2. says

    Good for you, Diane! What a delightful way to recharge the batteries. I think all of us crafters are sometimes so busy “doing” we forget sometimes how to just “be”. It’s nice, isn’t it?

    • says

      Hi Bettsi – Yes it is nice to just relax every now and then. You forget that you really need it when you are so busy trying to do everything. It sure does recharge the mental batteries.

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