Silhouette Portrait Giveaway!


I have a fabulous giveaway for you today.  I recently have partnered with Silhouette America and could not be more excited to bring this giveaway to you. It is for a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine.

Silhouette Logo

I have only had my Silhouette for about a month and have been over the moon happy with it. I have been experimenting, playing, and creating labels, monograms, and embellishing gifts with the cut outs and images I have made using it.   My oldest was home last week and was excited to see how it worked.  I helped her make a vinyl monogram in navy blue to put on a vase to give to her roommate. She was quite impressed and happy that Mom had something so cool to be able to whip up a gift with a personal touch in a matter of 15 minutes.

So far I have only used vinyl and paper to create with, but Silhouette has just released a bunch of exciting new products that will take your creativity to the next level.



How cool is this?


The holidays will be here before we know it.   You know how much I like to embellish gifts. Now I can make printed tags and more using fabric.


There is so much more a Silhouette cutting machine can do besides cut vinyl, paper, and fabric – glass etching, stamping, the possibilities are endless!


You can find all of these new items and more at the Silhouette online shop, and for the next week only,  Silhouette America is offering In My Own Style readers 40% off all Silhouette consumables! {excludes CAMEO, Portrait, Downloads and Gift Cards}

Just enter OWNSTYLE at checkout!


And now… the really exciting news is that not only do I get to share a sneak peek at the new products, along with a fabulous discount, I get to give away a Silhouette Portrait to one of you!  A $180 value!



to enter GIVEAWAY:


Just leave me a comment on this post telling me what you would like to make if you win!

I will choose the winner via and announce the winner on Monday morning July 28th.

Good Luck !

Be sure to check out the Silhouette blog all week for more chances to win and to see some great projects using the new Silhouette products.




  1. Sara says

    So excited about this giveaway! My husband and I recently became first-time homeowners, and there’s no shortage of projects I’d love to take on. I would probably start by taking a page from your book and using the Silhouette to create monogrammed art/labels for around the house. I’d also love to make invitations to send out for the first holiday we’ll host in our new home! :)

  2. Lesley says

    Would LOVE to have the Silhouette! We’ve been trying to get our house together for a housewarming party. Would love to make some labels for some cute swing top bottles I just bought online.

  3. Brianna says

    The teacher in me is dreaming of all the labels and such that I could make for my classroom. And the good Southern girl in me is dreaming of the monogrammed vinyl decals that I could make. :)

    What a FABULOUS giveaway!

  4. Tara Grinyer says

    I would love to try to make anything with glass etching….Christmas related of course ;) My favorite time of the year :)
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  5. Leslie says

    I’m head over heels for subway signs, been dreaming of one with all the places my husband and I have visited. Perhaps my own Silhouette would make my dream come true.

  6. Charity says

    Oh wow. I would make some vinyl letters so I can customize my stairs with words.
    I’ve also been wanting to make a Peter Pan shadow to lurk in my daughter’s bedroom. Or maybe Tink?

  7. Patricia King says

    If I won the Silhouette portrait, I would use it to create a custom stencil to etch a wonderful quote onto a gorgeous piece of smoked glass. I would give the piece to my sister as a gift.

  8. Heidi says

    What fun! I have been dreaming of one for many years now. I think I would use it to make signs and labels, but from the looks of things I would likely use it to do much more!

  9. Elisabeth says

    I would love to win this! I would use it to make all manner of monograms for my baby girl’s things (due in November). Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  10. Jane Rubino says

    I see so many personalized gift ideas, I think my little head will explode! Fun, fun, fun crafting days ahead!

  11. Karen J says

    I have a brand new grandson to make cute onsies for. But the first thing I would do is etch my name on my good glass dishes so I don’t lose anymore.

  12. Rhawnee Hopkins says

    I would LOVE to win a Silhouette! I would use it for tons of projects around the house and in my classroom.

  13. Joan Fletcher says

    I would love to win a Silhouette. It would be so much fun to explore all its uses. Can’t wait to be the winner

  14. Raymona McKinnon says

    Would love to win one. I love crafting and would use it for several of my projects. My daughter is a principal at a local school and she would love to to have access to one for school use.

  15. says

    please, please, please pick me! I want one soooo very badly! I am a paper craft addict and I would love to have one! I will make you something real pretty!!!!! Hee hee

  16. Kim Parkman says

    I don’t know if I have enough room to list all of the things that I would make with this machine. I guess I’d start with bridesmaids gifts for my cousin’s wedding, then I’d move on to baby gifts for the zillions of new babies in my life. Next would be projects around the house. Then onto holiday gifts…

  17. Joy says

    I have a large Ikea frame that has been sitting in the back of my closet waiting to be filled with some fabulous inspirational yet personal word art!

  18. Rae Ann says

    I have been coveting labels for my pantry for a while now. A Silhouette is totally on my Christmas list!

  19. Pheobie Thomas says

    Hello! I’m moving into my first home, and I would love to use this machine to make labels for the keepsake gifts for guests who attend my housewarming party! This machine would also come in handy around the house as far as organizing and decorating.

  20. trek says

    I have been entering every Silhouette contest I’ve seen!
    While this is an excellent tool, it just isn’t in the budget for me.

    I would make labels for my clothes baskets so everyone would know where to toss what items and so make laundry sorting something that happens when the clothes reach the laundry room – instead of when I am trying to run loads.

    I would also make labels to stick on all of the Altoids tins I’ve been using to organize the tiny drill and screwdriver bits. After that, I would label the tea tins that store my office supplies and all of the nuts, bolts, screws, and nails in the garage.

    Next, I would teach my 6th grader how to use it so that she could label all of her books, notebooks, folders, etc for school. Her handwriting is so hard to read that everything has to be typed up and taped to each item. I would encourage her to use the Silhouette for all of her school posters and projects and her stuff would be neater and she would stress less over grades on reports and things!

  21. Susan Hitt says

    I would love to make some cute art for my walls. I also saw some really cute pillows made with the iron on transfer paper.

  22. Brenda A. says

    The main appeal of the Silhouette is that it is so versatile, but I have been wanting to get one to label my daughters toys.

  23. LaTonya says

    Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway. I really enjoy making invitations and cards. I designed my wedding invitiations and my husband’s business school graduation invitations. The Silhouette will help me execute designs that have been difficult to accomplish without it.

    I also love to do DIY projects and artwork. My husband and I don’t have a lot of money, but I would still like to make our house a home with nice pieces of artwork and by doing creative projects.

  24. says

    I would make everything you showed and then some–would love to have this right now, preparing for my daughter’s baby shower! Think of what I could do with that!

  25. Liz Rivera says

    I would love to be a stay at home mom with the opportunity to replace my income with a variety of crafts. Plus to purchase one of these is totally not in my budget. So I would love win it and DIY craft craft craft!

  26. Debra says

    I would love to make embellishments for pillows with my Silhouette. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  27. Marlene says

    I’ve been wanting to get a Silhouette for a while now and unfortunately, it’s not in the budget. I would love to make art for my son’s room. Making stencils would also be great!

  28. Lorna says

    The Silhouette is so amazing! I just can’t put into one comment section everything that I would love to do with this! I would customize Birthday cards, decorate my two teenage daughters rooms and create stencils for my walls. This is just the beginning!

  29. Sandy P says

    I would make some pretty birth announcements for my granddaughter when she is born in November and a pretty etched mirror for her room!

  30. Deborah says

    Oh, this would be awesome! I am currently working on my daughters nursery so labeling things would always come in handy!

  31. Danette says

    My hubby and I have been giving homemade Christmas gifts over the past few years and winning the Silhouette would open up all kinds of gift ideas for coming years! I especially liked the idea of Glass Etching!

  32. Di Stubley says

    I would love a Silhouette to make decor items for my home and also for my grand babies rooms!!

  33. Jisela says

    Currently I free hand cut felt letters to applique on fabric banners I give as bridal or babyshower gifts. The Silhouette would help my letters look for uniform and cut the time it takes to cut them out free hand. There are so many other things I would love to try as a homeschooling mom, the ideas are endless!

  34. EM says

    What wouldn’t I use it for? We do a lot of entertaining, so I’d probably use it for invitations, place cards, and the like.

  35. Brenda says

    Thanks for such a great giveaway..If I win, I woud like to make labels….and I’m sure lots of other awesome things.

  36. Becky Gifford says

    I have my only daughters wedding coming in December. I would make EVERYTHING>>>>>>>>>> with this amazing machine.

  37. Caitlinc says

    I am getting married next year and we are going the budget route- like, reallllyy budget. This would sure help save a little moolah!

  38. says

    I would love to have one of these for crafting with my little girls, making fun birthday party favors and decor, and creating pretty gifts.

  39. Suzanne says

    Yes! I spent a couple of hours yesterday with a exacto knife as I was making a glass etched gift for a shower that I attended last night. Although it looked fine, it would have looked better with a Silhouette. I have so many cool ideas that this would help me to create.

    PS- This morning I resisted the urge to touch my iPad until I did my workout. Your post yesterday resonated with my procrastination problem this summer. Thanks, Diane.


  40. Debby says

    I have always wanted a silhouette. I would etch a paper weight, monogram a pillow and make tags for some baskets! How fun! I can think
    think of so many projects. Thanks for a great give away!

  41. Jaci says

    I home school my autistic son and would label all of our materials. I would also use this to help us make new center games, that reflect his interests. I am also an avid DIYer, I have all kinds of personalized gifts in mind for relatives. I can’t even begin to imagine all of the possible things we could make if we won. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Sherry Nichols says

    i have been “stalking” your blog for a long time. LOVE all your ideas! It amazes me that common things can be used for staging house decor as well as just tweeking something to make it fit into your decor! Love it all! i have also been thinking about a silhouette for a long time. Keep telling my husband that I could do this or that with it instead of printing it on paper and then trying my hardest to transfer it onto wood and sometimes my walls. Would love the opportunity to own a silhouette!!! xoxo

  43. Misty M says

    oh.em.gee. I would LOVE to win this fancy little machine!!! From what I have seen on many blogs {including yours}, the possibilities are endless. Im sure that I would put some fancy font on everything that is sitting still in my home…starting with the pantry!!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  44. Beth says

    Wow, all the possibilities are overwhelming. I’m mainly a sewer but glass etching has always interested me. So many projects!

  45. Rebecca says

    Wow, what a wonderful tool!

    I would start off by putting monograms above our towel rack so that each person would put their towel in the right place and stop trying to steal mine.

    Then I would utilize it to label all of my school supplies to simplify our back to school routine and make it easier for students to find new things.

  46. Linda says

    I’m dreaming of a bedroom make over and there are so many sweet things to put there…something like “with you I am at home”. That is what I would love to do!

  47. says

    Oh wow…the question is, what wouldn’t I make! LOL! I am thinking I would start simple with labels and then move into more creative items. I would love to win this and try it out….have been dying for one! Thanks for hosting….Blessings, Vicky

  48. says

    This wonderful item has been on my wishlist like forever (okay, since I discovered it). I would like to experiment with my apothecary labels… *dream oh dream*

  49. says

    Hi, fellow Haven Maven! I was adding everyone to a Twitter list and saw your giveaway and HAD to enter!
    I would make stencils and vinyl cutouts for home décor items…along with a million other things if I won a Silhouette! I really really really really really really really want one!!!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you next week!

  50. says

    I would love to make some decor for our walls! We don’t have anything up there and it’s quite lonely. I would also like to use it to decorate my canisters and get my kitchen organized.

  51. says

    Oh my gosh, I would be thrilled to win one of these! Been wanting one a long time. So many home projects, where do I start?~ First probably with some beautiful word wall art!

  52. Susan says

    I don’t know it this is possible, but I have an vision in my head for a stencil to use on my floors and I can’t find one that matches my vision anywhere. Would love to try this with a Silhouette. Thanks for the giveaway, Diane.

  53. Dani says

    I would love this! I’d make stencils, cards, wall art….oh boy do I have lots of plans for this is!

  54. Holly says

    My daughters and I would love to make anything using this!! Cards, labels, banners, wall art…anything. :)

  55. Nancy says

    I have been dreaming about one of these! The first thing I would do is make labels so I can get my pantry organized. Really that is the only reason I am not organized right now!

  56. Angie Simonton says

    I would love to win one of these fabulous machines. I am a crafter from way back, and this could take it to another level for me. Thanks for such a fun give away!

  57. Elizabeth H says

    What a wonderful giveaway. I love the printable adhesive kraft paper, so many things to do with that. I even see Christmas package tags using the kraft paper. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  58. Christy File says

    I would love to win this! I would use it to help a friend with her upcoming wedding. Thanks for giveaway!

  59. Linda B says

    Would love to have a Silhouette! I’ve been wanting one forever! My list of projects is so long I can’t imagine where I’d begin, but I suppose I’d start with labeling things around the house and my husband’s shop. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  60. Deanna B says

    I would love to use this for labels, cards, gift tags…and that glass etching kit looks very interesting!

  61. Juliet says

    I would love to use this wonderful machine to decorate chemo bags for people undergoing chemotherapy. As a cancer survivor, I think it would be a way to cheer patients undergoing chemo.

  62. joyce says

    I love all the things Silhouette is coming out with. I so want to trymaking my own stamps, but what I need for my son’s wedding is to do some glass etching. I would love to win!

  63. Beatrice says

    Hi Diane!! I love love love your blog!!
    I would monogram pretty much everything in my house,
    following your tutorials of course……..
    wish me luck!! ;)

  64. Brenda Stafford says

    I’m so excited about this product. I have an adorable grand daughter and would love to make projects for her but also Christmas gifts for family and friends. I think I could become addicted!

  65. MElinda B says

    OMgoodness.. this would be the perfect addition to my craft set.. I’d use it for my wanna be crafty self at home, but most importantly, I’d use it for my classroom! I’m always looking for ways to personalize my classroom and label everything for the kids to be able to find with ease! :)

  66. says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a such a cool usefull tool, I could really use one for creating stencils for painting projects, monograms, labels so many things you can make with one of these babies!

  67. liz martinez says

    i would start by making labels. I organize, but i need the family, i.e. the hubs, to stay organized.

  68. Bettie F says

    I would love to win this wonderful machine. I would make labels for organizing and work on gift tags for Christmas an other times.

  69. Barbara says

    I really thought your monogrammed citronella candle hostess gifts were cute and I’d love to make some. I even have two of the candles to use outside but haven’t as of yet. Thanks for this opportunity, Diane.

  70. Terri J says

    I had a silhouette done of me as a child, and I would start of by making one of all my sister’s, brother, nieces and nephews to give to my parents either at Christmas or for their wedding anniversary. From their, I would have to do just about anything and everything I love – pets, flowers, gift tags, monograms, wedding presents of the happy couple, and so on. What I wouldn’t do if I won this, may have been an easier question to answer!

  71. Debbie says

    I would love to win to make personalized Christmas tags for this year and lots of other things too!! I am a new follower and am loving your blog! Thanks for the inspiration.

  72. Jolene Kass says

    I would make labels, cards, decor labels, tags, jar deco… I would never stop creating.

  73. Gina Taylor says

    I have two kids who recently left on missions. I would make them the cutest cards and gifts–Silhouette style!!

  74. Meridian Mama says

    I am decorating my sons’ bedroom & a playroom…so many projects a Silhouette would be wonderful for!

  75. Lindsey Gillespie says

    I would love to make all sorts of decorations/christmas presents with one of these!

  76. says

    I have loved this machine and wanted you for some time now. If I had one of these I would make everything I could find or come up with. I have a blog and would love to do tutorials with the Silhouette Portrait. Especially Cards and Home Decor. I would also decorate the walls in my craft room since they really need some perking-up and some color. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize.

    Take Care,
    Kathy Carter

  77. Gloria R. says

    You are asking for one thing? Just one thing?????? Okay, here goes… I am thinking about doing my steps to my upstairs like the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest with the names of books on each step. Now I know I will have to make stencils for this project and the Silhouette Portrait would certainly help me tremendously! Nice give a way! :)

  78. Donna says

    This would be so much fun to have! I’ve wanted one for a long time and hope I win it. I would start by organizing my cupboard and putting names on jars etc. I have many grandchildren and I am sure I will think of things to do for them with the Silhouette!

  79. Jean says

    I’ve just spent the day with my daughter wedding planing/shopping. We are trying to find a way to personalize her wedding (inexpensively!) A new Silhouette cutting machine is just what I need! The first project will be a pumpkin topiary with a monogram on it! The second project will be to personalize gifts for friends involved in the wedding!

  80. Linda O says

    Such a generous giveaway. Thank you. Hope I win! If I win I would like to make something for my daughter for her new house.
    Linda O.

  81. Macy Madison says

    I just opened a gift shop, I need a Silhouette to label everything and keep me organized. (I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN)

  82. Pam Rodriguez says

    Wow!!! Silhouette has really taken this machine to the next level!! Looks more flexible than their competitor!

  83. Holly B says

    I’d have so much fun making place cards and other things with my best friend for her upcoming wedding :)

  84. Kim O. says

    Labels and tags! Yikes! I would love one of these! Over the moon happiness, just isn’t in the budget. It really seems to make so many crafts look so professional. I would love to win one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. Michele Desmarais Gresh says

    The first thing I would make is a monogram, the letter of our last name. I have had a project in mind for a while – to makeover an older desk that has an angled door front. The Silhouette would be perfect for this project.

  86. Cathy E. says

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would use the Silhouette for a labelled pantry makeover. That should get me started! Thanks for the opportunity.

  87. Carol says

    I would love to win the Silhouette to use to make speech therapy materials for use at my job in public schools!

  88. says

    What wouldn’t I make?!? I guess I’d start with some vinyl projects … wall-art, labels, fun stuff! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  89. Martha says

    I would use a silhouette for mant things, wall words, labels, etc. thanks for this opportunity

  90. Tiffany says

    This is so neat! I will soon become an elementary teacher, and I would love to label and decorate my classroom! The possibilities are endless, and my students would benefit from the organization and fun atmosphere. It’s the little things that count, and this product would give the cutest touch to an elementary classroom!

  91. Jennifer@decorated chaos says

    I would use the silhouette to make decor and gifts for my wedding and
    bachelorette party.

  92. Amy M. says

    Making custom stencils for the house would be fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  93. Tiffany says

    How precious! I will be marrying the love of my life soon, and would love this to make monogrammed decorations for my country, outdoor wedding!

  94. Maggie says

    OOOHHH, I’m so excited! I just graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. I’m going to be working in a first/second grade combo this year. I have oodles of projects I would make with this machine to brighten up the classroom up for the kids. Thanks Diane!

  95. Lauren says

    I would love to use it to organize the chaos in any of the many crazy rooms in my house.

    Also I’m new to your blog and cannot get enough! You are fantastic.

  96. Silvia says

    What a great opportunity. I would spend time with my daughter and granddaughter creating special things, but mostly just enjoying having them around and doing things together. We all love to craft.

  97. carolyn smith says

    Have been wanting to “play” with one of these. I can imagine using it for so many projects…starting with a monogram for my car’s rear window!!

  98. Donna R. says

    I’m thinking labels for homemade goodies and gifts for my work girls that keep me sane….too bad; I’m seeing them tomorrow and have to have plain old tags….

  99. Omeshia says

    OMG!!! I would love to have one of these!! I have been stalking this machine for the past few months after seeing the beautiful scrapbook layouts that other ladies have made with it. I also want to try my hand at making some personalized shirts for my daughter **crossing my fingers really tightly!**

  100. Mary T says

    My daughter is getting married in Nov and I would love to have a silhouette to do the favors and add personalization to the bridesmaids gifts!! The possibilities are endless!!

  101. says

    I love to cook and especially bake. Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to cook for the homeless. I would use the Silhouette to cut out shapes to decorate cookies, pies and cakes. Anything I can think of that will bring a smile to their faces!

  102. Cara says

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love a Silhouette to make labels, tags, signs and other crafty things for my daughter’s birthday party!

  103. Latisha M. says

    I think it might be easier to say what I won’t be making! lol ;) The possibilities are endless. I would start with some monograms! I would love to make one for each bedroom with each person’s initials. Then I would make some decorative signs for the various blank spots in my house.

  104. Tammy R says

    What a great giveaway! I would love a Silhouette to make etched glass and many, many other projects! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  105. Stephanie says

    I am a third grade teacher so I have a Gazillion ideas for this! Labeling bins, decorating the reading nook, etc. ! How fun!

  106. Laura Bervig says

    I just painted the door going out to the garage and wanted to add a “welcome home” sign to the front of it, as well as adding labels to my kitchen pantry containers. What a wonderful giveaway! Would also love to hear an update on your hubby’s job prospects! :)

  107. Michelle says

    I would love to win this. I would use it for decorating wrapped gifts and monogramming everything!!!!

  108. Jennifer Sand says

    If I won the silhouette, I would use it to make my yearly family scrapbooks and for decorating my home! It would be really fun to have a new craft toy!!!

  109. Sheilda says

    I would love, love, love to win this. My list is too long to name all of the fabulous stuff I would make.

  110. Sonia J says

    The possibilities would be endless if i received one. I’ve been trying to get organized for so long and the first thing on my list would be labeling my pantry and kids toys. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! :)

  111. Susan says

    Oh my gosh! I would make gift tags and cards, I’d make labels for everything! I don’t know what I wouldn’t make if I won!

  112. nancy moreno says

    I am always so excited to read your blog and see what you are up to! I would love to win a silhouette and am already imagining the projects that I would create. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  113. Michelle says

    I would love to have a Silhouette Portrait to etch my glass canisters. My granddaughters want to have one to make t-shirts with glitter heat transfer vinyl.

  114. Sue thompson says

    I’m not very good at down loading and printing from the computer, so this would be a dream to win. Usually I draw and cut out my own labels that takes a while. I copy a lot of the things you post on your blog. Thank you !

  115. Susan says

    Aaaahhhhhh………this would be crafting HEAVEN to me!!! I’ve been wanting one for so long!!!

  116. Jan Johnson says

    I would love to win the Silhouette and would make a lot of things but would start with some stickers for my craft projects I make and sell.

  117. Natasha Rodriguez says

    I absolutely love this and my mom would love it too! The first thing I would make is a our family initial monogram in a frame :)

  118. Judy Orr says

    There are so many things I would like to try with the Silhouette machine that I don’t know where to begin. Maybe gift labels.

  119. Lisa J says

    As a kindergarten teacher, the ideas are endless! Word wall, labels, holiday decorations, and much more. As a new mother-in-law, I could make some wonderful decorations for my daughter & son-in-law’s new home. And when not fulfilling those ideas, I would PLAY, PLAY, PLAY with the Silhouette!

  120. Brianne sheppard says

    What wouldn’t I make?!? I’ve been dreaming of one of these for a long time… With a new baby and my sisters wedding to palm I need me now more than ever! Thanks so much for the chance!!!

  121. Connie G. says

    I am new at crafting and would love to create organizing labels and maybe try my hand at etching. I love your site! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  122. Marlene says

    I will be making items for my new grandson’s nursery. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  123. says

    How fun and exciting !! I have been looking into the silhouette !! I would create cards and scrapbook pages and home decor !! Thank you for this amazing chance ! Have a great day !!


  124. Patti says

    YAY this is a great giveaway! I’d label everything in my house. I love how labels look on acrylic containers and boy do I have acrylic containers. I recently came across a blog where she labeled all the bins in her fridge…I want to do that too. LOL thank you for the giveaway.

  125. marnie ragan says

    Great blog! Great give away!!!
    I think there’s many projects I’d like to try but having recently opened a home decor, gift amd other good things store, I would like to create some product and artist signs throughout the show room…do you think the Silhouette Portrait Cutting Machine would be the way to go? I’m thinking so…
    Thanks for doing such a great job with your blog, it always beihttens my day.

  126. Elena says

    I have been dreaming of owning a Silhouette for a while now. I do a lot of sewing so I dream of how easy cutting fabric would be. And to use it on gift filled jars would be amazing. I can just keep dreaming of all the possibilities.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  127. Helen says

    I’d love to win a Silhouette! I would create all sorts of labels, cut-outs and
    iron on designs!

    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing product!

  128. Christina says

    I would love one of these! I would use it to put up phrases in rooms instead of stenciling.

  129. Jen says

    I would label everything in my home so my husband can no longer claim he can’t help put things away or clean up as he doesn’t know where anything goes. :)

  130. Deborah Bergeron says

    I’d love to do tiles with family monograms on them along with embellishing anything I can put my hands on!!

  131. Lois Stimax says

    I am one of the meeting planners for a women’s club, and I would love to use the Silhouette for our meetings. Having something with our logo as a favor at the luncheons would be an extra special treat! That would be for sixty+ ladies, so the Silhouette would make it so much easier and faster.

  132. Delight Ellis says

    Wow, a Silhouette! Who wouldn’t love to win this giveaway! One is on my wish list. Let’s make..labels for the pantry, signs, monograms, stencils for glass etching, etc..etc..etc! Endless possibilities!

  133. Sheryl says

    As I looked at your blog and how this machine works I am totally amazed. I think I would make labels for mugs for my next girls quilting party, as a take away gift. I love crafting and this machine would take it to the next level for sure:)!

  134. Lisa Romans says

    If I win ths I would use it in my classroom at my school to create labels, use it to mke cut outs for student projects, I would cut out lettering for my display boards and so many other projects or school nd home!

  135. J Freeman says

    I have a granddaughter who loves doing anything artsy, I would actually offer it to her art teacher this year. Her art teacher is super and would be gob smacked if she actually had one to use in her art class.


  136. Pat says

    Have been intrigued by the wonders of Silhouette for awhile now. So many great ideas! Here’s hoping!

  137. Bethany Jones says

    I would like to try it all. The glass etching excites me. So does the vinyl decor opportunities. The tattoos are fun because I can be the cool Aunt and make what the kids want. So much to make. Love it!

  138. Susan D- says

    With several new babies in the family, I think some personalized onesies would be my first project!

  139. Linda Southworth says

    I am ready to make a few word signs and I see the glass etching kit which interests me. Now I just need the Silhouette!

  140. Darla K W says

    There are so many things I’d do with this “winner” I’m not sure I can list them all, but suffice to say…I have twin granddaughters and I’m always making something for them and the rest of my family and friends! This would be such a wonderful gift for myself I’d go right to work! Thanks for even offering it! Best of days to you!

  141. Pam Clark says

    WOW! I’d LOVE to have a silhouette!! I’m a monogram nut and a teacher, so the possibilities are endless!! Thanks for the give away!

  142. Michele Rosolowski says

    What an amazing giveaway!!! I have six children, so the possibilities are endless! I will probably start with labeling their school items, then their closets and then move onto the pantry.

  143. Hannah says

    As a Kindergarten teacher, this machine would offer me endless possibilities. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  144. Kim says

    I would love to win this! I would make labels and many other things with it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  145. says

    OMG!!!!! I so want one of these…… I have been drooling over this for quite some time now. It would make many of my crafting projects soooooo much easier! FINGERS CROSSED. :)

  146. MaryAnn says

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest for the Silhouette giveaway. I would love to make labels for organizing, to use on jars, wood, wall art and explore other creative ways to use it!

  147. Lissa says

    Oh, the possibilities! My daughter is going off to college, so I envision monogramming everything!!

  148. Renee says

    Oh boy if I won this Silhouette the possibilities would be endless. First off I would make my own Christmas cards and impress the entire family:) Then I would venture onto sending out more birthday cards. Hope I am the lucky winner.

  149. Amanda says

    I would love to have that pen feature. That sounds so fun to be able to draw designs and other things.

  150. Suzanne Hamilos says

    Hi, Diane! I think that if I win the Silhouette, I’ll likely put a pretty label on everything in my house! Love your blog, and I learn something new a
    Most every day!

  151. leesa b says

    hi! would love to win one so i could make gift tags to go with the pottery i make and give as gifts!

  152. says

    I would love to have one of these!! I have two side tables that are like trays with stands. My husband has put drinks that leave condensation, buckled spots on it and I want to put a new bottom on them. One with a subway style writing is what I want to so, but would have to draw it on and then paint it. This would do the tick! Nicer and faster!!

  153. Sue says

    My mind is racing with all the possibilities for the Silhouette at home and in my classroom!

  154. Elizabeth Renton says

    I’d love to make some cute stickers for my daughter. She is obsessed with stickers right now!!

  155. Aimee Logan says

    This would be my dream come true! I have been wanting a silhouette FOREVER, and my list of projects is growing faster than my savings. To start, I have a massive collection of reclaimed wood that is dying to be beautified…I am thinking stenciled quotes (ex: “to thine own self be true”) in a cool typeface with bright flashy colors against the unfinished wood surface would be fun. Thanks for the chance, Diane! Your blog is inspiring.

  156. mary says

    Oh, thanks for the chance to win! I would really like to try the glass etching kit, neat way to make expensive looking gifts for little money!

  157. Carol rushby says

    I would love to win this, since my daughter-in-law just moved into her first house and I would love to personalize it for her.

  158. Jo says

    My, oh my, oh my…the possibilities! I have a rather large “collection” of wine bottles I’ve been waiting to do something with. I would LOVE to try the glass etching; I’m thinking Christmas gifts!

  159. Gretchen says

    I would LOVE to be able to make my own vinyl monograms and sayings. It would save sooo much money!! :) Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  160. Donna says

    Wow. Great product for so many reasons. The ideas are flowing for my daighter’s upcoming wedding and a product like Silhouette can help tremendously. Gift tags for our wine bottles would be my first creation.

  161. Ashley says

    I’ve been drooling over Silhouettes forever — I am itching to make subway art for our living room!

  162. Martha says

    I am so not sure what to make first. To own one of these would be awesome!!!!!! Thanks for the give a way

  163. Karen says

    This is a great giveaway! I would love to have a Silhouette for all my craft projects, and my son’s birthday is coming up soon so this would be perfect for me to make some really awesome, one-of-a-kind items for his party.

  164. Carolyn says

    I would love a silhouette! Oh, the things you could do!! I’m all about the monogramming.

  165. JenM. says

    I would LOVE to have a Silhouette! There are a ton of possibilities! I would start with labels, tags & monogram gifts!

  166. Lisa P. says

    My first (and favorite!) real job as a teenager was a “gift wrapper” at the local mall. I still LOVE wrapping gifts and am starting to hyper-ventilate thinking of the possibilities using a silhouette!!

  167. Paula Miller says

    I would love to win! The first thing I would make would be labels to help with organizing my home office!

  168. Alicia Turner says

    As a school librarian, the question is not what WOULD I make, but what WOULDN’T I make! Labels, bulletin board letters, signs, bookmarks……..

  169. Jeanette Foster says

    Wowzers! I can’t wait to win this and begin making the kazillion craft ideas that I have for my only’s high school graduation that’s coming (in just 11 short months).

  170. Carla says

    I would make some cute Christmas subway art and who knows what else, the possibilities are endless!

  171. Emily says

    I’d love to win a silhouette to help make my best friend’s wedding everything she’s dreamed of!

  172. Olivia says

    I have wanted one of these FOREVER! I want to make vinyl monograms for rear car windows for my daughter’s friends who are just learning to drive and get their licenses and cars.

  173. says

    I would love to win the Silhouette. The first thing I would make are etched glass dessert plates with monograms. They would make great gifts. The add-ons make the possibilities to create endless. Thanks.

  174. Beth says

    Wow. I have dreamed of owning one of these! If I won the Silhouette the first things I would make would be vinyl monograms for our boat and a flag for it, too!

  175. JoAnne says

    The list of things I could make with this is endless – labels to help me get organized, decorations for my daughter’s baby shower or my son’s wedding and on and on. Fingers (and toes) crossed!

  176. Kathy says

    I would absolutely LOVE to own this. I have a daughter and 3 daughter in laws with new homes they are decorating and six grandchildren that ALWAYS need something peronalized! I owe the DILs house warming gifts, so would love to make them a sign, “LINK FAMILY, ESTABLISHED ______”. Thank you for this opportunity!

  177. Jennifer says

    Hands down I would make stencils. There are wonderful projects I see all the time that would be so easy with a stencil. Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. Lisa Tucker says

    I would love to win the Silhouette for Christmas gifts! The southern girl in me sure loves to see initials on everything. Crossing my fingers!!!!

  179. Shari says

    I would love one!! I’ve been drooling over a Silhouette and all the neat things that people do with them! First thing I would make is some really cute labels for my sad and messy pantry. Really, it’s not a pantry at all, just a tall cabinet but heck, with cute labels it will be adorable none the less!!

  180. Tina says

    I am so excited at the possibility of winning a Silhouette as I would love to make vinyl monograms, labels, stencils, and the list goes on and on. Thanks for this opportunity.

  181. Mary says

    I would make the cutest gift tags – I am always giving gifts through out the year – with holidays, birthdays, teacher and coach appreciation gifts I think I’d use it every day just for gift giving! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  182. Lorraine Frost says

    WOW – what a great giveaway!!!!

    I would totally L-O-V-E to win this to make everything and anything – woo-hoo – what fun!!

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity!!



  183. says

    I am a photographer that is starting my business. (you can find some of my work on Facebook-nancykingshaw/nancyshawphotography). Money is VERY tight. Most of my work has been charity work with special needs children, seniors that cannot afford professional photography, and Southwest Christian Care. This would help me soooo much with what I do and what I could give to others. If you were to pick me, I would feel incredibly blessed.

  184. Jessica says

    I would love to customize the kids school supplies, make labels for around the house and so many other things! Thanks!

  185. Lisa says

    I would make labels, tags, stencils, and so many other things. What a great prize! Love your blog too.

  186. says

    I forgot to add what I would do with this wonderful gift. Every picture that I give to people could have that extra personal touch. Whether it’s etching on a plaque, monograming tags, stamping a box, etc. I would make it so personal, each person would feel extra special. With this machine, the sky is the limit!

  187. Rhona says

    I can’t begin to name all the projects I would undertake with this amazing machine. The first thing I would like to do is some subway art.

  188. Lynne says

    I am an avid crafter and follower of your blog. I can see labels for my craft room, gift tags, wall quotes… the possibilities are endless.

  189. says


    I have read all the amazing things people want to do with this incredible machine. I think each and every one who has entered is deserving of a machine like this one. I would love to organize the entire household and make gifts for all my friends and loved ones. I am recently disabled and will never be able to purchase a machine like this one. However I do feel blessed with what I do have and strongly believe in “paying it forward” for there are people out there that have helped me and I try my very best to “pay it forward” to anyone I see that needs help. This is where the machine comes into play, I could make amazing things and then give to people who truly need a hand like I do now. The gifts while not big would be straight from the heart and “In My Own Style.” I thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I love your blog.

  190. Randi says

    Honestly, I’m not sure what I would make FIRST. I keep seeing so many things made with a Silhouette. It seems like a pretty talented machine. Maybe I would send cards to my little grandkids, and tell them Grandma won a cool new toy for her to play with.

  191. Christine says

    Ohhh – I would love to be able to use this for my scrapbooking! Also, to make personalized gifts/tags. Thanks for the great give-a-ways!

  192. Nadine says

    Thank you for another great giveaway. I love reading your blog. I am an Art teacher, mother and member of our local miniature club as well as several other groups. The silhouette would give me the ability to make things for school, our home and groups I belong to. I would love to experiment and make all knds of thing that are too numerous to mention. I have wanted to get one of these machines but am a single mom and just never seem to have the extra funds to invest in one. This would be so great to win!

  193. says

    I would create adorable vintage looking tags for the items I plan to sell in the Etsy shop I am in the process of starting!

  194. Jess Willard says

    What would I do…..sheesh. The first thing I would do is create our family name to put on the wall in out entry way. The next would be designs for my daughters lamp shade (on the inside) and then on to gifts. I would make holiday gifts for EVERYONE!

  195. says

    Ah! We are expecting out first little one and will start planning our nursery soon. We find out the gender in a couple of weeks. I would absolutely use this for creating my artwork and quotes/bible versus and such. Eek!

  196. Margaret says

    My daughter just got a job as an Enrichment teacher in an elementary school, so I would give it to her to make cool, fun stuff for her new classroom!

  197. Kym says

    I would love to be able to make my own vinyl wall words using my favorite scriptures! Thanks for the review and the chance to win!

  198. Sara says

    Wow!! Would I love this… thinking of all the teachers gifts, Christmas gifts, and fun projects I could make!!

  199. Sarah Lehman says

    I am getting married to the love of my life, and high school sweetie, this February 2014. We have been together for 8 years and our families are REALLY looking forward to finally celebrating our union. As many couples are, we are planning our wedding on a strict budget. This machine would make many of our dreams come to life that have been sidelined due to budget. Gift bags, welcome bags, party favors, initiations, thank you cards….the list goes on. Thank you for your consideration, and good luck to everyone!

  200. says

    Oh my goodness. Anything that doesn’t already have a label will definitely have it’s own unique label. And, a load of those things already labeled? They just might get new labels!

  201. Jane says

    If I was lucky enough to win, I’d make quilt labels for the gals in my guild, monogrammed luggage tags for my traveller friends, etch some wine glasses for a cute engaged couple and, for me, I’d have lots of fun!

  202. Michelle Wilson says

    Like you said, the holiday’s are approaching!! I would love to make my own labels for all things holiday! Thank you for offering this great giveaway!

  203. Joyce Harris says

    What couldn’t I make? Customized labels for the gifts I make, cards, vinyl cutouts and some custom shoes!

  204. caitlin says

    I would love to have a Silhouette machine! I’d love to make my own vinyl decals, but I’m also impressed with the glass etching and using it to draw with a ballpoint pen. So cool!

  205. Brandi says

    I would love to win the Silhouette! The first project I would make would be to use an old window and do a quote on the window made from vinyl letters to hang in my kitchen. Love your blog!!!!

  206. Faye says

    Sometimes it is so hard to think of a personalized gift! I would make sets of monogrammed glass dessert plates for family at Christmas. Another project I would like to try is etching an appropriate word or two on the glass of picture frames–such as “Just Born” or “2 years old” or “new grad.”
    Oh, what possibilities!
    Thanks for the opportunity for one of your readers to win a Silhouette Portrait!

  207. AAllen says

    I’d love to win the silhouette – I’d do vinyl on it. Currently I have a church friend doing all of the vinyl for me, but this would win me independence! Happy Thursday.

  208. Melissa says

    I’d enjoy either one but the vinyl one is the one I’d probably reach for again and again.

  209. Sally says

    I really enjoy your blog. Look forward to it. I love to paint furniture and do crafts and decorate. You are great inspiration. I would use the silhouette for my scrapbooking and card making as well as for things such as labels and decor items.

  210. says

    Thanks for the review of the Silhouette. I’ve been mulling over whether to spend the money on one or not. Now I see that there are many more options than I had originally thought. Winning one would be the icing on the cake…or craft in this case:)

  211. says

    The Silhouette would be so useful with my Girl Scout troop! We are always making banners, t-shirts, crafts, etc. that would be so much easier (and more creative) with the Silhouette. Thanks for the chance to win.

  212. Beth says

    I am I the middle of pantry and closet reorganization. The nicest thing would be for me to be able put pretty labels on everything! Thanks for the chance to win.

  213. anne marie says

    I’d love try my hand at glass etching, so making vinyl cutouts would be at the top of my list! Thanks for the giveaway, Diane, and also for all the inspiration you share with us!

  214. Melissa says

    I have so many ideas for the siloutte machine. I have two girls that would enjoy helping me make great gifts for teachers and neighbors. It would be a great way to make beautiful gifts as a way to tell those you come in contact with how they are appreciated.

  215. says

    I would love to win this! I’d use it for organizing and for home decor. My mind is racing with all of the fun things I could use it for in my cooking classes inspired by my blog.
    Donya @A Southern Soul

  216. GinaE says

    I’m a card maker, so the options this would give me would be endless.
    But, I would also love to try the vinyl and glass etching. I have wanted one of these great machines for sooooooo long. Many thanks for the chance to win!!

  217. Adrianne says

    I would love the chance to win the silhouette machine to use for my event planning business. Making invitations and custom favor tags, labels and gifts would be a lot easier and fun!! Also, Christmas gitfs made simple will be right around the corner. Thanks for the opportunity! LOVE your Blog~

  218. Sue says

    Oooh, the opportunities are endless! I would start by making labels and signs in my never-ending quest to get organized. But then there are so many fun things to make, my mind is teeming with ideas…
    Thanks for such a fabulous give-away!

  219. Dara says

    Oh my, what wouldn’t I make with this? I’ve been wanting one for awhile. Thanks for the chance!

  220. Jo Ingram says

    I would make so many things for myself and my grandkids! Labels, word art that is so cute and popular now! It would just be a blast to explore the options!

  221. Dee says

    Love your Blog! I would make note cards, that are one card with wonderfully cut corners. Cards with Diva Shoes cut outs on the bottom with just cute envelope attached, oh my, the ideas are just running thu my head. Yea me, yea me……..say my name, say my name, oh sorry…..pick my name, pick my name!

  222. Leslie says

    I love making homemade thinks for the family for Christmas! Labels and other decorative items would definitely be easier with this product!!! Looks amazing!!

  223. Juana Torres says

    I would love these Silhouette product I would like ro do a lot of glass and paper design s

  224. Janet says

    This is great, I never knew I wanted one so badly! I would start by making labels for items around the house to further my organizing efforts.

  225. Mary N. says

    I love your blog! I have so many projects that I would try with a Silhouette! I think the first one would have to be glass etching, though! I’ve tried to do it with other products, and it hasn’t worked out!

  226. says

    I would love to win a Silhouette. I have seen so many cute thinks done with it. I think I would make vinyl quote for my wall first and then labels for gifts. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  227. Tona in Bama says

    Would love to win one for my daughter. She is a Junior Education Major in college and she would love this for “teacher stuff” :)

  228. Tracey says

    …perhaps try a subway art application on a furniture piece for my daughter’s apartment; or as labeling on some wooden kitchen cannisters I’m making over.

  229. Susan M. says

    OMG Mr. Rafflecopter pick me P U H L E A S E! I’ve been pining for one of these darned things for like well, forever! Stencils, labeling, t-shirt art — you name it, I’d love to not have to do it manually!

    Awesome giveaway — thanks for the opportunity!

  230. Michelle says

    Oh my GOSH……The question should be what I wouldn’t do with this! Artwork around the house for sure! Labeling things like mad! Christmas gifts galore!

  231. Cathy says

    Oh golly! I’ve wanted one for a long time. I’m a seamstress. I would love to be able to use it to create fabric to make wonderful pilloww. Maybe even sell some of my goodies!!! That would be just the beginning of what I would do with the Silhouette.

  232. Lesley Raebel says

    I would love one of these! I do a lot of craft work and have 4 grandchildren who come for a 2 night sleepover on the weekends , and they are as craft mad as me. There are just so many things we could do with this.

  233. Elissa says

    I love the new stamp material so I would definitely be making myself some custom stamps. I’m a photographer so I’d love to make one to stamp all my packaging material for clients.

  234. Annette says

    I make handmade greeting cards and could definitely use some help in the cutting department. Thank you for the lovely opportunity.

  235. says

    I would love to win this. My granddaughter and I have dcided to do alot of crafts together and this would make our get togethers even more evenful!

  236. Susan Krauss says

    I have a real passion for monogrammed things and envelope seals, so, I’d be making all kinds of goodies!

  237. Mary Hall says

    I have a list of what I’d like to make! I’d start with a Congratulations on your New Home card for my daughter (who just bought a house!).

  238. Sharla Coleman says

    There are so many things I would make. 1st would be something besides owls for my classroom. I put up a few owls last year, and my daughter made more. Then my students gifted more. Owls were everywhere. I need something new.
    Then I would make a great design for a coffee table DIY I saw on Pinterest.
    My coffee table is blah – but there will be no owls.

  239. Suzanne Weber says

    I’d make a monogram. I didn’t have a middle initial until I married and I always suffered monogram envy, so after being married to Mr. Terrific for 27 years it’s time to finally time to get on with it. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  240. Debbie says

    I would love to win this Silhouette Portrait. I have always been interested in paper crafts but to have a machine like this would be ideal to make party favors and gift tags with my own flavor.

  241. Margot C. says

    I have been wanting a Silhouette Portrait for some time. I would use it for labels and making signs.

  242. says

    How Cool is this giveaway!
    If I Win, I will do
    *some pantry and office organization via cute labels
    *make some new wall art for my bathroom
    *get a head start on some personalized gifts
    * share the creativity with my daughter so she too can get into the action!
    + A zillion Million more Things

    Wish me some randomize Luck!!

  243. Carolyn says

    Awesome giveaway! I would use the Silhouette Portrait to personalize gifts and to make labels for both home and classroom!

  244. Karen says

    Love it! I would personalize gifts with it and I’ve always wanted to try decorating with vinyl touches.

  245. Ruth Lutz says

    I have been on a Pantry re-organization spree and want to create some unique and beautiful labels for the glass jars that now neatly store everything! I would LOVE to win a Silhouette to really up grade my crafting!
    Warm Regards,
    Ruth Lutz

  246. Stacye H says

    I would love to win a Silhouette! My first of many projects would definitely be to make a stencil to use on my night tables.

  247. Shari Millerson says

    I would LOVE to own a Silhouette! I would like to have one to start a small business on the side so I can retire from my current job that is starting to effect my health and happiness.

  248. Jan says

    I’d make labels for organizing and personalized gifts! Enjoying your blog … go UD ’77 :-)

  249. KellieB says

    Oooooh, Diane! I just found your fab blog today, you’ve already inspired me to tackle some projects! If I win this amazing gizmo, you better believe the first thing I create will be an ADORABLE thank you note! :)

  250. Lisa says

    Thank you for this opportunity! I would be very new at this (and a little intimidated) but excited to try making Christmas gifts!!

  251. Susan says

    I would LOVE to have a Silhouette Portrait. I do so many crafts and gifts for friends and family. I live in NC and my girlfriend in CT has one and I give her a list of what I need and she prints it out for me and sends it to me in the mail. I can’t afford one now, but would LOVE, LOVE to have one. Thank you.

  252. Johanna says

    Home decorations, gift tags, presents made with etched glass, appliques for my kids shirts….oh my, the list could go on and on!!! LOVE this thing….thank you for hosting!!

  253. Betsy says

    I would definitely be cutting some fabric to appliqué onto pillows! New pillows for the family room and our master bedroom. We are overdue for a freshening up!
    Betsy in the sunny Seattle suburbs

  254. Rae Ramses says

    I would make my own alpha stickers so I don’t have to go buy them. My Project Life albums would be much easier now that they came out with adhesive cardstock!

  255. Jeanine says

    I would love win this Silhouette to make Subway signs and labels for household items. There are all sorts of things I could use it for once I got started!

  256. Tricia says

    I would use them for tags to label my daughters’ beach jars from our vacations. Would also use the Silouette to make labels for my pantry items.

  257. Sarah J. says

    I would love to win the Silhouette!! So many projects need to be done here…first things would be house numbers for above my door, gifts for kids’ teachers, projects for our school’s Carnival, and exploring how to use the Silhouette with some fabric projects!! I’d love to learn about all the possibilities!!

  258. says

    Wow what wouldn’t I make if I won. I would make stencils, vinyl cut outs, X-Mas cards, labels, signs, use it in scrapbooking….oh the possibilities are endless! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  259. pam neighbours says

    I have been reading your blog and you have stirred the creative juices in my soul. While I do have a demanding career, this is the first item that has excited me. I do not have a cricut for scrapbooking, but I see that the silhouette portrait can be an instrumental tool for my crafting desires for decorating and gifts. I truly enjoy your information and wish you much success.

  260. says

    Hi Diane! Long time stalker of your blog here! There are about 101 projects off the top of my head I’d love to make with the Portrait! The glass etching is something I’m really interested in, and want to etch a set of glassware with something unique. Next up would be stencil making for a beach cottage sign I have in mind. The possiblities are endless!

    Thanks for this opportunity! Best of luck to all who enter!


  261. Anne K. says

    OOO! Just used ten lbs. of blueberries to make blueberry jam which I give as gifts. I did use the labels I received with the jars but would love to use something with more PIZAZZ! Also love to wrap gifts and use special tags and the Silouette sounds terrific for that too.
    Thanks for all your great ideas!

  262. Julie says

    I have been looking at the Silhouette for soooo long. It would be incredible to own one and put it to endless uses!!! Thanks for the chance.

  263. Tracy says

    I have just started an organizing and decorating frenzy in my house. This would be awesome to have. Not to mention all of the great gifts I could make for my friends and their kiddos!

  264. Natalie says

    I just saw the fabric needle they came out with. Eek! I may have to take on a second job to make all the fun things going through my head! I’d probably use it mostly to make fun things for my classroom.

  265. Melissa says

    I would love to win this giveaway!!! I craft as a side business so this would boost the creativity!!

  266. Belinda says

    I would love to win the silhouette portrait! I enjoy making pretty custom labels and tags for homemade goodies I give year- round , and especially for the holidays.

  267. MichelleL says

    I could pimp out my daughters room with all sorts of new embellishments! Ahh I love the silhouette!

  268. Kelly Ledford says

    It seems that fall is the new wedding / housewarming season around my parts. For those types of events, my favorite gifts to give are etched glass baking dishes. Useful and personal! I would love to win the Silhouette! It will make my favorite gift a whole lot easier!

  269. says

    As a student, I can’t affort half of the stuff I want to have for Project Life. I use free printables which is fine, but a silhouette is my greatest dream! I work a lot with photos and journaling on them. But having some words out of paper on them, that would be so great! I already thought about asking someone to make me some, but as most of you live on the other side of the ocean…

  270. LeAnn says

    OH The things I would make! I would make a ton of things for my school!
    I am the manager for the lunchroom, and we need to put up a lot of things about the new regulations of fruits and veggies and all of the fun new rules that they must have some on their trays.
    And I love that they sell kits to start you out so you are not lost! (Well, not in my case ! I am always lost!)
    Thanks for the chance!!

  271. Jen says

    My daughter is becoming very creative! I think this would just bump her up to a whole new level of craftiness!
    I can think of a million labels I could make: toys, papers, rooms, storage, kitchen pantry, movies, organizing!
    Thank you for doing this! This is so kind of you! And I love your blog!

  272. Agnes Obert says

    I’m about to start my small business. I sew and embroider things, example tablecloths, bags etc. I would use this machine to pint my logo on different materials which I could add to my projects as a gift or give them a nice design.

  273. Lisa Foster says

    I have a beautiful granddaughter and stacks of her pictures. I would love to create a keepsake photo ablum.

  274. Taramarie says

    1st thing I’d try my hand at would be a Est. sign for my parents 50th wedding anniversary!

  275. says

    OMGoodness, this one has been on my wish list for a long while-thank you ever so very much! It would be a nice addition to embellishing my
    new business:-)).

  276. Shari L says

    I don’t know where to start but the 1st thing would be some cute appliques for my granddaughter. I’ve been following all the clever ideas on Pinterest using the Silhouette…just wish I owned one :(

  277. Krista Falcone says

    I have always wanted one of these! I would love to print vinyl letters to make wall art.

  278. Kim says

    If I had the silhouette I would make personalized return address labels for the 100 reception response cards I have to mail out for my son’s wedding. I could coordinate with the bride’s choices of colors and with the style of invitation she has selected. That would be very nice!!

  279. CarolW says

    I would decorate party favors for my daughters upcoming birthday party. That would just be the beginning!

  280. Mary S. says

    I would make labels! I want to redo my spice situation and this would be the perfect motivation.

  281. Tamara says

    My daughter wants to redo her room in a forest theme. We’re planning to paint the walls green and then add a painted tree with long branches in the corner. I would use the Silhouette to create vinyl birds, squirrels and other wildlife to life in and around the tree.

  282. Mary Ann Abrahamson says

    I would love the silhouette portrait I am an avid crafter,seamstress,painter and all things home decor it would be a great addition to my tool box

  283. Mandy says

    I enjoy making special gift tags for that extra personal touch. This looks like such a great tool for that!

  284. Mikki says

    I would use it to make labels for everything in my house so my organized spaces would be pretty!

  285. Jen F says

    Oh my goodness this is a great machine! I would love to make personalized items for the students in my class. I just graduated college and was blessed to receive a 3rd grade classroom in Tennessee! It just needs a little livening up, and this would be perfect!!!!

  286. Jackie B says

    I would like to make vinyl letters for signs, and also stencils for signs and other crafts. Thank you for this giveaway!

  287. Lisa Kubin says

    I would love a Silhouette to make one of everything. There are soooo many awesome projects I would like to try but with the glass etching I would definately try to monogram our drinking glasses.
    Lisa K.

  288. says

    Thanks for the chance to win…
    I would love to use the Silhouette to make labels for our homeschool room.
    I love to make crafts, so I’m sure it will come in handy for my crafting adventures.

    I love your blog! <3

  289. Sharon H says

    Oh my gosh, don’t know where to start with everything I’d LIKE to do with the Silhouette! But the first thing that came to my mind was using it to make stencils for painting, etching, frosting, etc.

    Then the next thing was making typography for the walls….or mirrors… or….or….sigh…so many things to do with a Silhouette….and then there’s the fabric….oh dear!

  290. Jill says

    Hi! Thank you for the opportunity to win such an amazing, versatile machine!
    If I got my hands on a Silhouette Portrait, my first goal would be to create “Future Mrs. (last name)” shirts and totes for my little sister to use before her wedding next summer. :) I would love to create and she would love to wear/use!
    Jill Murphy

  291. Kathy P. says

    Oh, wouldn’t that be fun! Custom stencils for glass etching would be one of the first things on my list. I have seen some wonderful personalized baking dishes that make great gifts.

  292. Frani W says

    I have wanted a Silhouette forever! Would like to personalize some pillows and a rug for our freshly painted living room. I want to make some signs, monograms, storage and pantry labels for starters and with Christmas coming fast, I can think of a jillion great projects.

  293. Sheri T says

    I am sooo wanting to do some vinyl wall art, we just moved & I think this would be fantastic to try. I also could see this baby getting put to good use making class Christmas gifts and tags for both of my kiddos. So many ideas I could try…..

  294. Jen w says

    Would love to make some gifts, stencils, shirts, anything and everything! Thanks for the chance!

  295. Dawn W. says

    I have been wanting one of these soooo much for making embellishments and designs for scrapbooking! Thanks for the chance!

  296. Gloria says

    OMG!! I would luv to win the Silhouette!! My almost 15-year old daughter is due for a bedroom makeover (I’ve been promising for the past year) and I would absolutely use this to embellish EVERYTHING!!!

  297. jeanne says

    How fun to win the Silhouette!! It would be such a big help in decorating at my daughter’s upcoming wedding!!

  298. Kirstin Drum says

    I would love this! I am to to diy crafts for my home. But this would make things a breeze. I would really like to make some vinyl decal for my house with this. But make some great personalized gifts.

  299. Donna Cregger says

    You can bet
    If I had a Silhouette
    Some pretty sweeeeeet gifts
    My friends would get.
    Photo albums with letters adorned
    Bookends A to Z would be formed.
    No one loves letters more than me
    I don’t even have a name, just DC

  300. Michelle Curran says

    I think I want to try my hand at the glass etching kit – it looks like a great way to personalize all those frappuccino bottles I save for impromptu flower – gifts!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  301. Rebecca Brewer says

    We’ve birthdays and of course Christmas coming up. I have a cousin getting married. But the first thing is fun back to school supplies for my 1st grader.

  302. barbara says

    I have wanted a silhouette for a long time but couldn’t justify the cost because we bought a new house (over 100 yrs old) with a lot of projects! cha ching! If I won this silhouette portrait, I could make all kinds of cute things for nieces and grandchildren! I love monograms on everything!

  303. Annie says

    I am retired and trying to update my little house on a budget. So I would love to be able to create some wall art, jar labels, mats for frames, and so many more things. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas.

  304. April says

    Hi. Wonderful giveaway. I am dreaming of organizing my entire house by making labels. Also, I dream of all the AWESOME work gifts I could create with this little gem. Thank you for the opportunity!

  305. Laurie says

    I want to jump up and down and yell, “PICK ME!” because my hands are itching to try this. I have so many plans it’s not funny – glass etching for my niece’s graduation, vinyl cutouts for my kitchen pantry…it’s endless!
    There’s no way I can afford to buy it for myself and this would be such a God-given treat to have. Thank you for the chance!

  306. Sheryll & Critters. says

    The very first thing I would do would be to make a stencil to make house numbers for my house. (I have none now). Then second I would make a stencil for my bathroom wall. I want just a slight color difference, maybe just a sheen difference. Well, the list goes on, I have been dreaming of owning a Silhouette for a long time now.

    I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win! (grin)

  307. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Oh is it legal to comment twice? I also want very much to make a beautiful name tag for my high school class luncheons every month. Those sticky ones never stick on me for some reason.

  308. Tiffani says

    I always like making my own birthday, shower, Christmas, etc. gift cards and tags to give them a personal touch. This would be the perfect way to make that so much easier!

  309. Lynn B says

    Wow, what would I make? Cut vinyl for monograms and etching for sure! Most of it would be to cut fabric for machine embroidery applique!

  310. Tammi Harrison says

    I would love to have a silhouette to decorate foru mom’s “plenty-ninth” birthday ! How else can I create the decorations I need without one???? There are no decorations for that birthday and mom would kill me if I revealed her real birthday! When I was about 10 years old, plenty ninth was invented to protect the innocent !! Thanks for your consideration. Love your blog. It’s my fav !!

  311. Olga says

    Hi Diane,
    Would love to win the Silhouette and I think I would create some cards or invitations. Thanks for the opportunity!

  312. Megan J says

    I would use this to monogram items, make labels and artwork to spice up my new place. Super cute and I’m sure that my fiance will love all of the new projects I would do. ;)

  313. Amanda Hirning says

    I am helping my sister make favor tags, menu cards, etc. for her wedding. I would love this machine to make our designs even cooler.

  314. DianeB says

    I would love to try some glass etching or the new clear stamp set! I actually have a list of projects in a file . . . and it just keeps growing and growing. I am going to need to break down and get one pretty darn soon! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  315. Wendy says

    Just stumbled across your blog and I think I’m hooked! There are so many things I would love to make, but I think I would start with something on the wall over our bed since we don’t have room for a headboard.

  316. Rae C says

    I want to do everything but most of all I want to do glass etching..I have been wanting to do this as long as I can remember…

  317. Kim says

    I’ve no idea what I’d make with it but sure would have fun playing with another new craft toy!

  318. Lynn Dix says

    I would make Silhouette cutouts of my daughters’ profiles. Thanks for putting together this drawing.

  319. Jill says

    I would love to use the Portrait to make cutesy “Future Mrs. (last name)” shirts and totes for my little sister who is getting married in a few months. She would love it!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  320. Donna says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’m an elementary teacher, crafter, and mom so I would use it all the time. So many awesome ideas floating around in my head….gifts, birthday parties, organization at home and school, bulletin boards…wow!!

  321. Allison Gregory says

    I love your blog and find your home projects so inspiring! I’m a mother of two curious and fun toddler girls – as well as a crafter/cake pop maker in my spare time – and I always need more tools to help me with fun projects with them and ways to make my cakepops even more inspired.

  322. Susan S. says

    I think the temporary tattoos look like a lot of fun. Thanks for offering a great giveaway.

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