Paint and Age Furniture Without Chalk Paint

Long before Annie Sloan Chalk Paint came on the decorating scene as well as DIY versions of it, I used to age furniture with any brand of latex paint I had on hand and some glazing liquid.

It was quite easy and I still think the method is a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want the expense of buying Chalk Paint or the time to make their own DIY version of it.

Paint and Age Furniture without Chalk Paint

I painted the pale green pieces in my bedroom using the technique. All you need is latex paint mixed with glaze, a stiff bristle paint brush, and some sandpaper.

Bedroom Before

Bedroom-Furniture before painting

My bedroom Circa 1993.   See the desk over in the left corner?


I painted and aged it and all of the dark wood pieces in the room 18 years ago without any chalk paint.

Painting and Aging Furniture Without Using Chalk Paint


supplies needed:

  • Primer
  • Latex paint
  • Clear Glazing Liquid – sold at most paint and home improvement stores in the paint aisle or at the craft store. You do not need a lot for furniture.
  • Paint brush for applying paint
  • Stiff paint brush for removing paint
  • Rag
  • Sandpaper
  • Mixing container

1. Sand the surface with 60 grit sandpaper.

2. Prime with Kilz Original Primer and let it dry. (Have primer tinted to the color you want to expose underneath)

3. Mix satin finish paint and clear glazing mixture (75% paint, 25% glazing mix).   You can also add a few tablespoons of water to thin the mixture, if needed.  Brush it over the dry primer.

4. Wait about 5 minutes – then using a dry stiff bristle brush – brush it over the paint and glaze coat to reveal the primer.  You want to create a striated look.  Let dry.

5.  Use sandpaper to distress the edges to age the finish.  Clean off sanding grit with a tack cloth.


You can seal it with water based polyurethane if you want, but since it is an aged finish, I did not seal it.


Adding glaze to the paint takes some of the rubbery feeling away from the latex paint. The finish is smooth even without wax.  It has held up beautifully.


I do love painting with DIY chalk paint and wax, but this furniture aging technique is tried and true.  If you want easy and inexpensive, you may want to give it a try.

I used this furniture aging technique many years before Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was on the market to use to paint furniture. The method is trie and true, plus easy and inexpensive | In My Own Style


  1. says

    The before and after pictures look great. I have a piece of furniture in my home that I have been wanting to do this to but didn’t know how. This really helps, especially if I don’t have to use chalk paint.

  2. says

    Thank you for all the time you take to share your years of experience and wealth of knowledge on all refinishing techniques without being biased to one certain method. I shared this post on my Facebook page Two Dogs Decor. May be an older post but honestly, it’s more relevant now than ever. Thanks again,
    Kristie Ball
    Two Dogs Decor :-)

  3. Catherine Brasset says

    Hello ,thank you for Your Beautiful Style and showing us ! I have a few questions if you could help me !
    Would we be able to paint/age ( paint /glazing mixture ) the same way again over a color if we did not like it , since it’s not protected by wax ,would it need a primer again ?
    Could primer by itself ( gesso ) be used to make homemade chalk paint ? (Have lots left ! ) For the 1st and next coats ?…maybe only as the 2nd coat ?
    I had seen recipes for homemade glazing liquid ,one oil and one water based ,have lost them ,would you have one ?
    Thank you so much for any help .

    • says

      Hi Catherine – As long as there is no wax or oil over the finish, you can repaint as much as you like. I have not used Gesso to make chalk paint, but I know it can be used. I am not sure of the ratio to water and paint, but it will work. I do not have a recipe to make glazing liquid. I alway buy the water based kind at the paint, craft or home improvement store.

      • Catherine Brasset says

        Thank you for your kind reply ,it feels good to empty the head of so many uncertainties !
        In making chalk paint have you found out when adding the necessary ” chalk ” if it lightens the color of the paint a lot or not so much ?

        • says

          If you are making navy blue, black or red chalk paint, the chalk ingredient may lighten the color. One way to lessen it from happening is to make sure the powder is mixed with water first so it dissolves well. Then mix into the paint and stir the mixture very well before painting. It may look lighter in the can, but will dry darker. If your color looks lighter, add a tablespoon or two more paint to get the color deepened again.

          • Catherine Brasset says

            Thank you Diane !
            Just got the “about right color ” -without the chalk- and running out of pigments …might have to go “the glazing medium way ” ! (Color is “a green/blue “) . Oh … glazing medium is transparent right ?
            Have tried to take pictures of my mixes ,cannot capture it ,( not catching the green tones) no matter where the focus ! So i guess all the colors of the furniture we see on the web are not the way they look in real …but even more Beautiful !!!

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