Demolition + Paint Colors

Happy Friday…

I have been busy this past week doing some demolition and thought I would show you my progress.

Bedroom-Makeover-Paint colors Before-photos

This was my oldest daughter’s room.  Last week I told you I had planned to make it an office for Ed, but he would rather stay downstairs, so I came up with an even better idea. I am not going to tell you what it is going to become yet, but you will see it come to life over the next few weeks.

When my daughter was in high school she wanted to choose the paint colors for the walls. She chose acid green. When she was in junior high it was painted a color called Warm Oats – you can see where we didn’t even bother to move her furniture when we painted over the Warm Oats since we thought the acid green would only be up for a short stint since it’s an intense color.


Fast forward to next week when I will paint over it – that short stint will have lasted 10 years!  I am ready to see it gone!  I have the color blocking primer and paint all ready to go.

This is not the only room I have been taking apart.  I am also updating my bedroom.

A few Sunday mornings ago


Ed was already up and cooking breakfast downstairs. I was still in bed. I could hear smooth jazz coming up the stairs, our Sunday morning music choice.  There was a nice breeze coming in the window and all was good until I looked up. Up at the ceiling and the bed hanging and cornice above me. It has been hanging above the bed forever.  When I looked up at it, it looked tired, it wasn’t giving off good vibes. The white fabric had yellowed and even after washing, I could not get it out. I wrote about the bed hanging when I first started blogging. You can also see more photos of how it looked in this post I did about having no decorative pillows on the bed.


It was one of those impulse moments and I sprung into action. Still in my pj’s I went downstairs and grabbed a Phillips head screwdriver and began to take the bed hanging and molding down.  It was not hard. It was attached with screws into wood strips that were attached to the wall and ceiling. I had it down in about 10 minutes.  When Ed heard demolition noises coming from upstairs he called up…“What are you doing?”

…uhmmm…“Taking the bed hanging and cornice above our bed down”….  “Oh – well breakfast is ready”.  Just an ordinary start to a Sunday with a DIY’er wife. Not wondering – why are you taking it down?  or even … right now?  Just OK.  :-)

Where the peach color paint is was where the fabric used to hang. It was stapled to the top of the cornice and hung down. I didn’t remove it when I painted the room blue a long time ago.  The paint color is: Sherwin Williams Rhythmic Blue SW6806


When my youngest daughter was home last week and  saw the bedroom she was surprised to see how the room looked without the cornice and bed hanging.  It was always a part of the room. Her comment… “it looks like you are living like kids just out of college”.

My response – “I know, isn’t it wonderful?”  


…it is kind of like a fresh new start.  That is why I love to DIY, plus I can do it when I want and not have to wait for a contractor.

This is as far as I have gotten.  Wall repainted pale blue, but it is going to need another coat.  I am going to be reusing the crown molding from the cornice for a new treatment for the bed.    I bought all the supplies and will show you my progress next week.  It is still going to be a white, lavender, and blue room, just updated.

Speaking of color…

I wrote all about my love for blues in a brand new series over at My Colortopia called  – Color 101. 


See me in the middle blue rectangle?  Each one of the MyColortopia team chose a color and wrote about it. Lots of color facts, tips, and tricks and ideas on how to choose a shade you will love. To read about each color, click on over to the Color 101 page.

Color adds energy…just like Fridays feel.  So much energy is in the air, my inbox stays quiet and the anticipation of a fun weekend ahead gets me excited.

I hope you have a good one.


  1. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Isn’t great to redo a room? I have trouble waiting for the surprises though…… grin. I too love all blues. Blue has always been my favorite color and for walls, I do not do much in the way of colors, but for my bedroom I love pale blues. I like the very dramatic bright colors, but they are not for me to live with every day. When I pick a color, I ask myself how long it will take for me to want it gone, so I just stick to pale or whites. I also prefer the cool tones, but I have this light red brick fireplace and it is bugging me so much lately.

    • Joy says

      We had a brown brick fireplace that bugged me for years. Finally painted it white and I absolutely love it.

    • says

      Hi Julia – I am going to wait to reveal what the room is going to become after I get everything painted. :-) Enjoy your weekend – looks like it is going to be a nice one for us.

  2. Carol Frampton says

    My 22-year old daughter’s room is the same shade of green and has been for about 10 years. I am about ready to make it a normal color too. I’m curious to see how many coats it is going to take to cover up that color.

    • says

      Hi Carol – I bought a gallon of color blocking primer and 2 gallons of paint. Next week I will tell you if it was enough or if I had to run out to get more paint.

  3. says

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your daughters room. Love all your decorating ideas. Picturing you in your pj’s working on your cornice board while breakfast is cooking away. You put a big smile on my face.

  4. Carole H says

    You go girl!! That sounds so familiar…When I get tired of something it’s like I gotta do it now!!! I can’t wait to see your new room. I know it will be something awesome!!!

  5. says

    Hi sweetie – Thank God I am not the only impulsive person I know. You give me inspiration to do whatever I like( my husband generally likes it too)Have a great weekend. Betty from Ontario Canada.

    • says

      Hi Betty – When Ed and I first got married, he sometimes would question what I was doing – he didn’t have the vision or see the end result in his mind like I could. He always loved what I did when it was done and now he doesn’t even question my projects. As long as he has a comfy place to sit, read, eat, and entertain – and have time to play 18 holes – he is a happy guy. Enjoy your weekend. XO

  6. Tiffany says

    What color is that, Diane? I love blues but don’t love baby blues….that looks more grown up!

  7. Sue B. says

    Your husband was probably grateful that he wasn’t sleeping IN the bed when your moment of inspiration happened and you busted out the demolition hardware that Sunday morning!

  8. says

    Another thing you and I have in common: my hubby too doesn’t ask “why?” or “how come?” he just brings me the wonderful cup of coffee he’s made for me all decked out with whipped cream and caramel on top ;-) And yup, jazz is definitely one of my favs too! I cannot wait to see your redo! For years blues were not even on my personal radar but now that we’re in a different home, I find myself actually looking for blue room inspirations…especially light blues.

    When those hubbys realize we’re always creating, they then realize another upside to it is we’re saving money by DIYing :-)

    Your bedroom now looks fresh and ready for some fun new additions.

    • says

      Thanks Connie – The coffee with the whipped creme and carmel on top sounds divine! Ed is so used to not having to paint or do home improvement. I have been doing it since we were married. All his guy friends are envious. They seem to always have a “honey-do” list. :-)

      • says

        Well I must admit, there are certainly things on my hubby’s “honey do” list because I often think of the ideas and he’s the one who helps me implement them…especially if it involves power tools. Haha! We work really well as a team :-)

  9. Sharon V. says

    I love the new layout of your blog … so simple, clean and fresh. One of the most attractive I’ve seen!

    • says

      Thanks Sharon – I wanted the photos to be the focus. I loved the spiral notebook design I used to have, but it did take up precious space and when viewing my site on a phone or tablet, the spiral didn’t even show up. I have a few minor tweaks to make and then it will be complete. XO

  10. says

    Really, Diane ~ two teasers in one post?!? : ) I can’t wait to see what you do in both rooms. Maybe it will get me motivated to get some painting done in our condo. I have the master bath that has to be done and I’d like to do the master bedroom and living spaces. They may have to wait as they are all open to each other {and I will probably have to get pros in because of the vaulted ceilings}, but I think we can manage the bedroom and bathroom ourselves.

  11. says

    I can’t believe you didn’t move the furniture to paint! Hilarious!! Your husband’s reaction is exactly what my husband’s would be. Good luck with your painting projects. I just painted the back of some bookcases this weekend..the shelves fell in. So I have just spent the last hour reconfiguring what holds them up. You are certainly right about color. It makes me energetic!


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