Progress…but slow going

I have an update to show you. I am going to spill the beans early and not wait for a final reveal post. Don’t get too excited though, the room is still a mess, this is not a pretty post – but my vision for it is becoming clear.

I know I kept you hanging a few weeks ago when I told you I was making over my daughter’s bedroom since we no longer need to keep it a bedroom.

I have seen many empty nesters turn unused bedrooms into glamorous closets – which would be fun, but it would only be for me.  I wanted to turn the room into something Ed and I could both use and enjoy.

The room is going to be very simple  – not a lot in the way of decor since I am turning it into…..


….for lack of a better term -a fitness exercise room. I don’t want to call it a gym since I want it to be more of a Zen-like space.  The total opposite of my Studioffice where there is lots going on. I would like it to be a retreat for body and mind.

Right now Ed and I work-out in the basement.  Our basement is nice, but there is little natural light and no fresh air.  This bedroom is perfect – lots of space for my Pilates Reformer, Ed’s Nordic Track and weights and maybe a Stairclimber or Eliptical if I can find an affordable one – plus two nice size windows that bring in lots of light and fresh air.


I am at the not-so-fun part of DIYing the room this week. It is work, and I am sporting a few new blisters on my hands from pulling up carpet tacks.  I just keep at it because I know in a few days, I will be rewarded with seeing my vision for the floor come to life.

The carpet had to go, but the entire upstairs carpet needs to be replaced. If we move, I will replace everything with new carpet. If we stay, I will get wood or vinyl that looks exactly like wood.  For now, I ripped the carpet up in the room and am just going to paint the subfloor in a refreshing color.   When the time comes to cover it – it will be easy, nothing to take apart. Carpet, wood or vinyl will be able to go right over the paint.


One project I had fun doing was spray painting the HVAC vents white.  I didn’t have to go outside to do it since the sub floor has spray paint all over it from when the builders painted the room 20 years ago.

I was hoping to find a photo on Pinterest of a home gym to show you what I have in mind, but there were not any that inspired me.   I do know that the room will be light and airy, will have mirrors, music, and maybe a flat screen TV, but only to plug in fitness DVD’s that we use in the cold months when we can’t get outside to exercise.

Now it is time to get  back to pulling up the rest of the carpet strips and staples…stay tuned.


    • says

      I am not used to having extra space, but with both of my daughter’s grown and living out of state, I have to rethink how Ed and I live in the house. It is kind of fun… one nice thing about being an empty nester. XO

  1. says

    Spray painting the vent covers is such a great way to update for pennies. I did this for my parent’s spare bedroom- turned-laundry room. What a difference it made. I’m so excited to see how your room turns out…especially the painted subfloor because I’m at a point where I’d love to do that for our living room. Three dogs + light colored carpet = lots of frequent cleanings. Do you have inspirations for your painted subfloor? So many great ideas out there. Yours will be one I’ll save for sure :-)

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I think it looks great already.

    Exercise? Oh I am so bad, I only want to exercise by playing outside and pulling weeds and mowing and cutting down trees……. I am so lazy since I retired.

    And pulling up carpet nails…….. ugh…… I am still doing that. Every time I mop the floors, I find one I missed. I really need to get busy and get my floors finished. I really am so lazy now. You have inspired me to get to work.

  3. Shirley says

    Can’t wait to see the finished floor. I want to do that in my craftroom, that way I might be able to find the needles and pins that I will probably drop! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda Weeks says

    a good time to get something big underway! Plus, you’ll be doing your workout while painting and pulling out nails… that’s how I look at it! Mow the grass, paint the wall, clean under the bed, great ways to work out and get stuff done at the same time! Good luck, and pace yourself! :-)

  5. Lore says

    What an absolutely fabulous idea. We are empty nesters too, with children in the area, but empty rooms we are not using. Can’t wait to see it! You’ve inspired me yet again.

  6. Jill says

    I love when you post a during picture! Does appliance paint work better on vents and grates? Does it drip less? Have you ever tried it on aluminum? We have a HUGE return vent in the center of our wall at our lake house that is aluminum. Do you think appliance paint could be the answer?

    Looking forward to your next installment!

    • says

      Hi Jill – When I went down to my basement to get white spray paint, I saw that I had the white appliance paint. I thought it might work better on the metal and hold up to the heat and air that comes out of the vent better, so I used it. It went on beautifully. I think it work great on your aluminum vent. I went over the surface with 100 grit sandpaper first to rough up the finish a little, then sprayed the paint on.

  7. Janet says

    Wow, I’m envious of your Pilates Reformer! I can’t wait to see how the room turns out.

    • says

      Hi Janet – I used to have a different Refomer, but after 10 years of hard use, one of the metal fittings broke and could not be fixed. I bought this one on QVC. It is the best exercise for my body type. I am very muscular and need to keep my muscles limber or they get stiff, even when I was younger. I use it 3 times a week and times that I feel tight or stiff, I jump on and do a few moves on it and I am good to go again.

  8. Joyce says


    I too would like to see how your floors turn out. I am thinking of telling my carpet goodbye, but am on a tight budget. Your ideas are always inspiring!

  9. says

    It’s to remove the carpet when you convert a part of you home into an exercise room. It’s cleaner that way, though . Otherwise you’d have to get the carpet cleaned like every few months or less.

  10. Joy says

    I’d never heard of a Pilates Reformer until today, from reading your posts! After digging around online, measuring my floor space and weighing the options, I signed up for 12 Reformer classes at a nearby Pilates gym! (HUGE Groupon discount!) If all goes well and it’s a suitable match, I will be ordering one for myself. Working the core is my number one fitness ‘need’… but putting together my own program on the floor just wasn’t working. The Reformer seems ideal, and truly, I never would’ve considered it if I hadn’t stumbled here while blog-surfing DIY projects! THANK YOU!!

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