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I started updating my bedroom earlier this summer – no major changes – just some tweaks to freshen the vibe a little and make it more open and airy.  I showed you how I took down the bed hanging, bought a new quilt, and updated the shiny brass lamps so far.  I usually do room makeovers in a “proper order” – painting walls first and then adding accessories, but for this room, summer travel kind of got in the way of my get-it-done timetable.

I plan to repaint the walls in a slightly lighter blue and the trim white. The color on the wall now is Rhythmic Blue by Sherwin Williams.

There used to be a desk between the windows. It fit nicely but I never used it…it just collected dust.  You know my mantra….

“Life is too short to be the caretaker of the wrong details” so I decided to remove it and replace it with a movable window seat I had under my upstairs hallway window.


Moving furniture and accessories is the most affordable way to get a new look in minutes.  I need to do more of it… it is fun to see furnishings get a new life simply by moving them to a different room.

The wall above the window seat needed something though…I wanted something that I would love and that had meaning, not just something new and pretty to fill the space. I love gallery walls when I see them on the walls in my friends’ homes, on blogs, and Pinterest – especially photos of smiling faces of family and friends.  The up close and personal, the cherub cheeks, and fun family vacation photos spread out on a wall for all to enjoy.

Sadly my home did not have any of these… until now.


I have a lot of photos of when my daughters were little, but they are all on film, not digital. When photo gallery walls started getting popular a few years ago I was so sad that I did not have negatives of some of my favorite photos of them to enlarge to create a gallery wall. When I scanned them, they just looked grainy so I just kept them in traditional frames.

If you remember…the lack of photos did not stop me though from creating gallery walls – I just created them with no photos. Remember the 3D Mirror Gallery Wall? or the Empty Frame Gallery Wall I made at the top of my staircase?


Fast forward to last month when I was looking through my Instagram feed and an email from Tiny Prints  popped up on my phone.  I can be a little slow sometimes, but after reading the email about the new Metal Prints they carry, I immediately put  2 + 2 together (which doesn’t happen much – you know I dislike anything with math). I thought…”I wonder if I could use some of my fave Instagram photos to create a Metal Prints gallery wall?”  It would be clean-lined and personal….exactly what I am trying to achieve for my bedroom.

Metal Prints are like canvas prints, but instead of canvas your fave photos are printed on sheet metal with bumper blocks on the back that raise them off the wall. When a few of different shapes and sizes are hung together you can create a hip and modern looking gallery wall.

I went through my Instagram photos and picked 3 of my daughters, and 1 ocean shot that I love and would want to see enlarged.  I knew I wanted to hang the prints in my bedroom, my favorite things… first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before I go to sleep each night.

Uploading my photos on the Tiny Prints site was easy. There are lots of options to choose from but simple to follow. I checked the “Designer” box to have a photo pro make sure my photos would be vivid and clear.


When the prints arrived on my doorstep last week, I got all excited and decided even though I have not painted the walls and trim yet, I wanted to see how they would look – kind of as a preview of what is to come and inspire me to get the walls painted.   I used my handy-dandy picture hanging tool and had them up in minutes.

I will have to take them down to paint, but I know now that I will love the space even more when it is freshly painted  – airy and spacious with my favorite Instagram images front and center.



Congrats to Janine Prevatt!




I am a Tiny Prints Home Décor Brand Ambassador and have been compensated for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    What a wonderful and unique idea Tiny Prints has come up with! FAVORITE MEMORY is my choice. Now off to my stash of family photos to try and choose my “favorite” one!

  2. Jimmy says

    How would you compare Tiny prints to Pixtly? I’m happy with them but I appreciate your opinion.

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