Instagram Photos in My Bedroom


I started updating my bedroom earlier this summer – no major changes – just some tweaks to freshen the vibe a little and make it more open and airy.  I showed you how I took down the bed hanging, bought a new quilt, and updated the shiny brass lamps so far.  I usually do room makeovers in a “proper order” – painting walls first and then adding accessories, but for this room, summer travel kind of got in the way of my get-it-done timetable.

I plan to repaint the walls in a slightly lighter blue and the trim white. The color on the wall now is Rhythmic Blue by Sherwin Williams.

There used to be a desk between the windows. It fit nicely but I never used it…it just collected dust.  You know my mantra….

“Life is too short to be the caretaker of the wrong details” so I decided to remove it and replace it with a movable window seat I had under my upstairs hallway window.


Moving furniture and accessories is the most affordable way to get a new look in minutes.  I need to do more of it… it is fun to see furnishings get a new life simply by moving them to a different room.

The wall above the window seat needed something though…I wanted something that I would love and that had meaning, not just something new and pretty to fill the space. I love gallery walls when I see them on the walls in my friends’ homes, on blogs, and Pinterest – especially photos of smiling faces of family and friends.  The up close and personal, the cherub cheeks, and fun family vacation photos spread out on a wall for all to enjoy.

Sadly my home did not have any of these… until now.


I have a lot of photos of when my daughters were little, but they are all on film, not digital. When photo gallery walls started getting popular a few years ago I was so sad that I did not have negatives of some of my favorite photos of them to enlarge to create a gallery wall. When I scanned them, they just looked grainy so I just kept them in traditional frames.

If you remember…the lack of photos did not stop me though from creating gallery walls – I just created them with no photos. Remember the 3D Mirror Gallery Wall? or the Empty Frame Gallery Wall I made at the top of my staircase?


Fast forward to last month when I was looking through my Instagram feed and an email from Tiny Prints  popped up on my phone.  I can be a little slow sometimes, but after reading the email about the new Metal Prints they carry, I immediately put  2 + 2 together (which doesn’t happen much – you know I dislike anything with math). I thought…”I wonder if I could use some of my fave Instagram photos to create a Metal Prints gallery wall?”  It would be clean-lined and personal….exactly what I am trying to achieve for my bedroom.

Metal Prints are like canvas prints, but instead of canvas your fave photos are printed on sheet metal with bumper blocks on the back that raise them off the wall. When a few of different shapes and sizes are hung together you can create a hip and modern looking gallery wall.

I went through my Instagram photos and picked 3 of my daughters, and 1 ocean shot that I love and would want to see enlarged.  I knew I wanted to hang the prints in my bedroom, my favorite things… first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before I go to sleep each night.

Uploading my photos on the Tiny Prints site was easy. There are lots of options to choose from but simple to follow. I checked the “Designer” box to have a photo pro make sure my photos would be vivid and clear.


When the prints arrived on my doorstep last week, I got all excited and decided even though I have not painted the walls and trim yet, I wanted to see how they would look – kind of as a preview of what is to come and inspire me to get the walls painted.   I used my handy-dandy picture hanging tool and had them up in minutes.

I will have to take them down to paint, but I know now that I will love the space even more when it is freshly painted  – airy and spacious with my favorite Instagram images front and center.



Congrats to Janine Prevatt!




I am a Tiny Prints Home Décor Brand Ambassador and have been compensated for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.


  1. Judy S says

    I would choose Design Your Own because I love creating interesting pictures! The online editing makes things turn out like a professional took the picture!

  2. Linda says

    What fun! I would choose the
    for some of my favorite photos!

    Thanks for sharing this site! I will have fun exploring more styles!

  3. Ann S says

    I like the DIY ones, too… It looks like they have colored borders though, and yours don’t… Which kind do you have?

  4. Elisa says

    The Artfully Dotted is a fun look. I’d love to give that a try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Sara S says

    I would choose the design your own. I have a wonderful picture of my husband, just begging to be on one of these. Thank you for letting me know about this product.

  6. Maggie Warner says

    I really cannot decide what I would do…This Photo Project is way too cool and way too permanent to decide on a whim! I would have to put a lot of thought as to who or what I would want to put in the picture, and where I would want to hang it, and also if I would want it for my home (which I do!) but I also want to give! So the real question is…How many prints do I want to have made and for which rooms, and how many of them to give! I think the design your own is the way to go though! Win or Not…I will be ordering on this site a lot before Christmas! Thanks!

  7. Diane Maxwell says

    I’ve never seen these, but they are so COOL! I’d pick one of the Radiant Glow ones, I like the look of them.

  8. AmyS says

    As a lover of photographs, in any form, I’m so pleased to be introduced to TINY PRNINTS! After perusing, I’d go the route you went, Design Your Own.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win, it’d be a great gift to give to my family! =^_^*=

  9. Patricia Trevino says

    Amazing! I love this site. I sat and played for a bit trying all the different boarders and finishes! So hard to choose don’t think I really decided yet, the possibilities are endless! I kept going back to Radiant Flow but Honestly loved them all! Thanks for sharing this and for the giveaway..this could become addicting! Your photo wall is lovely! Hugs

  10. Mitzi says

    I would choose radiant glow. I don’t have a metal print but have seen them. They are nice. An Instagram print would be fun and unique. Thank you!

  11. Christy Falkoff says

    I would choose black and whites in Design Your Own and display in my bedroom which is also light blue but with black furniture that I painted a few years back when my 80’s decor had to go.

  12. Susan M. says

    What a great idea! Think I’d give the Radiant Glow one a try. Thanks so much for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  13. Kathy H says

    I love this! The prints look awesome on your wall. I’d choose Design Your Own as well. I would love to have get all of my grandchildren together and have one done for my entryway. Have an especially blessed day!

  14. Christina in Cleveland says

    Diane, these are GREAT ideas! Thank you for always putting links to previous posts, it really does help and remind me of ideas. Plus, the printing on metal would be a WONDERFUL gift idea!!!
    Always enjoying your posts,
    Christina in Cleveland

  15. says

    So fun! I’m actually wanting to hang a photo I took of some cows on a farm in our kitchen, and these metal prints would be perfect!!

  16. Nancy Carr says

    I would get My Favorite Memory to start. I had never heard of these before and am so glad you shared this with us. Hoping I win. Thank you for a great blog and inspiration. Blessings

  17. Terry Pino says

    I would choose Design Your Own and use favorite photos of my boys with their grandparents on special occasions; their births, First Communion, birthdays, etc. This is such a wonderful keepsake that I can see it being passed down to them when they have their own families.

  18. Sue says

    I love this idea, perfect for the blank wall in my bedroom. I would choose design you own and use pictures of kids and grand kids. Thanks for the chance to win and great ideas.

  19. Sue says

    I love this idea, perfect for the blank wall in my bedroom. I would choose design your own and use pictures of kids and grand kids. Thanks for the chance to win and great ideas.

  20. Lisa says

    I would choose Design Your Own. I’m in the process of choosing pics for my own gallery wall on our staircase wall.

  21. Gaye McNair says

    I’ve never seen these…love them! Thanks so much. I’ve needed to do something with my daughter’s wedding photos. I would choose the clean lines of the Favorite Memory, I like the look of yours!

  22. Kathy says

    I would prefer the design your own also. I’ve never seen these either. We just re-painted my son’s room and were working on some artwork. This would be perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Brenda says

    Definitely design your own! Daughter moving to new house and this would be perfect house warming gift.

  24. says

    I would choose Design Your Own and print a lovely picture of the Gateway Arch I took while in St. Louis. It would look so appropriate in metal.

  25. says

    Perfect timing! I was just out looking for frames for a family photo gallery wall I’m starting (inspired by our first grandchild) and couldn’t find anything I liked. Design Your Own sounds like the perfect solution!

  26. Tracey Garcia says

    They are all really cool, but I would probably do Design your own or Favorite Memory. I have so many great photos that it would be tough to choose which ones to use! Great idea for art-thanks!

  27. Kim says

    The metal photos are new to me. I like the way they come out from the wall. LIke you, I would select the design your own and leave off any words. I prefer a photo wall of just photos!

  28. Christa says

    I would pick “Design your Own” with no border in a matte finish. Let the photos speak for themselves:) I think these are really stunning.

  29. Jean E says

    I love the “Design your own” and I would feature prints of my grandchildren at the lake. Those are the best memories and they love seeing themselves in print!

  30. Margaret says

    I think I would choose something that could have added text – not sure what I would add, though.

  31. Patty says

    I would “copy” you and choose the Design Your Own. You are so awesome with your ideas and I adore this one. Makes we want to start going thru my pictures right now!

  32. Sandy says

    I love this idea. My son was just married and we have beautiful photographs I would love to see on my walls. I would choose the same large one that you did if I were to chose only one. I love the layout you chose, was that each individual purchase? I love your room. It’s so summery and bright.

  33. Lore says

    Defintely Design Your Own! What a GREAT idea! I have so much wall space to begin adding lovely hangings, and like you, I want them to mean something!

    Also really looking at the chest you moved to the spot in-between your windows. I’ve been looking at a a cedar chest my grandpa made in the 30’s after my dad was born. It’s not real “pretty” so have been trying to figure out a way to make it into an attractive bench for the end of our bed. I’d like to add the cushion as well as a back and armrests somehow that match, and still be able to lift the lid and use the storage. I’ve seen chests like that on Houzz and other places but of course they’re pre-made. I don’t know if that makes sense whatsoever, but at least please know that I think your chest is very lovely and it inspired me!

    • says

      Hi Lore – Thanks. It is really not a chest – just a fake out bench that I made when we first moved into the house to add some interest to a hallway. Happy to know that it inspired you.

  34. Shoham says

    Oh yes, Favorite Memories. I have a friend getting married the end of Sept. What a great wedding gift, heir own favorite pic! And we both loved your motto. “Life is too short to be the caretaker of the wrong details. I am so guilty of that!

  35. Janice says

    Would do the Design-Your-Own with the 5 photo layout. I have some vintage Florida photos that would look great in this format!

  36. Melanie C. says

    I too would like the Design Your Own style. My daughter is a photographer and has some lovely pictures I could use!

  37. Tamara says

    I didn’t even know you could have photos printed onto metal. How fun is that? I’d definitely choose my own design and probably go with black-and-white photos to give a vintage feel.

    • says

      Hi Janine – Congratulations!!! You won the $100 credit to Tiny Prints. Please respond to this email so that I can get the gift card # to you.

      My best – Diane

  38. Elizabeth says

    I like how the colors stay true on the “Favorite Memory” metal, and the personalization would be a nice gift for newlyweds or to celebrate a significant anniversary. Fantastic!

  39. Erin says

    i would do the design your own – i don’t want any text – although the gold love is pretty cool too

  40. Carol rushby says

    The 12″x16″ “Design Your Own” would look great in my kitchen (a picture of fruit I have taken).

  41. Donna R. says

    I would love to try a metal print gallery … not something I’d ever heard of before I read your blog post. Thinking about it, there’s a place in my sunroom screaming for a gallery just like this!

  42. Marilyn says

    I would probably choose Design your Own, Favorite Memoriy, or the Stylish Montage. Thanks for the giveaway, Diane!

  43. Robin W. says

    I love the 12 X 12 design your own!!! I have a precious picture that is going to go on this!!! Great giveaway!!! Thanks much!!!

  44. Susan Krauss says

    I’m really liking the “Game of Love” mounted print and the “Radiant Glow-Peppermint”, as well!

  45. Joy says

    I like the favorite memory and would like to place them in the hallway from the kitchen to the back door. I would love to use a favorite memory of each of my children growing up.

  46. Ashley H says

    Oh I adore the gilded love! Thanks for this post, even if I dont win I’m sure I will be ordering some of these :)

  47. e michelle says

    its between radiant glow and diy metal print! have some great pics that need to get off the computer and have a life in my home!

  48. Deanna says

    Wonderful idea! My daughter is getting married and i would love a picture of the two of them!

  49. Thea says

    My father recently went to be with the Lord and I acquired pictures of him as a child that I had never seen before. ARTFULLY DOTTED would be a great way to combine the old and new.

  50. Angie says

    I like the 20 x 16 DIY Metal Print – would love to win one and create a mini collage for my son’s college football pics!

  51. says

    I’ve been dying to do a gallery wall, too, and these metal prints are so unique and beautiful! I’d definitely choose these.

  52. says

    What a wonderful and unique idea Tiny Prints has come up with! FAVORITE MEMORY is my choice. Now off to my stash of family photos to try and choose my “favorite” one!

  53. Jimmy says

    How would you compare Tiny prints to Pixtly? I’m happy with them but I appreciate your opinion.

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