How to Paint Upholstered Furniture


Writing a blog about affordable home decor has never been more fun for me than writing this post. Not only do I love how my latest furniture makeover turned out, but I learned how to add some fun action to a few of my before and after images using Photoshop Elements.

This is such an affordable way to update upholstery you don't like or is outdated. Before and after furniture makeover where fabric upholstery was painted. It looks amazing and feels and looks like a leather chair now. Paint recipe and tutorial | In My Own Style

If you have been following my bedroom makeover posts, you know I have one more side of the room to complete. I am sharing the details today with you on how I painted the upholstery on my favorite chair. Well, it is actually how I painted a slipcover.


Painting furniture fabric

This chair is my favorite spot in my house. A friend who didn’t want it anymore gave it to me.  That was 18 years ago.  I didn’t like the color, but knew it was perfect for my bedroom since it was the right scale to fit the space by the sunny window.  What I love even more about the chair though is that it rocks and swivels.  I place it so that I can swirl around to see any view I want.  I am writing this post from the chair.  Like I said…my favorite place in my house.

Watch the Before and After


I chose the cabbage rose fabric to make the slipcover coordinate with the color scheme of my bedroom at the time. I have changed the color scheme of the room a few times since then, but never this chair. Making the slipcover took me two days and was something I didn’t want to take on again…. 

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