Bloggers’ Favorite Room Tours


Before I shut down my computer to head into the Labor Day weekend, I am taking part in the Favorite Room Edition of the Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours that has been going on all week.favorite-room-edition-graphic

If you are coming from Eleven Gables -Welcome to my blog.

If you are a long time reader then you know what this blogger’s favorite room is.  It is my Studioffice.  I gave it the name since it is half office and half creative studio where I make many of the projects I post about.


I love this room the most because it is a “room of my own”.  As a child, I never had my own room. I shared one with my sisters. In college I always had a roommate and then when Ed and I got married we shared our bedroom. My studioffice is the only room I have ever had which is my very own. It is my personal domain that I can organize and decorate exactly the way I want.

When we moved into our house  20+ years ago, the room on the builder’s plan was labeled “Living Room”. We did not need a formal living room since there was a Family Room right next to it…. so I claimed it!  It has gone through many changes in 20 years, but I love the way it has transformed along with my needs.

The room has been featured in a few magazines – most recently in Working Mother Magazine.

Desk-drawer-organizing-ideas using a type face book

One of my absolute favorite parts of the room is my desk drawer. I took out all of the organizers I made to show you how I lined it.


I lined the drawer with book pages from a typesetting book I found at my local thrift store.  I made the drawer organizers with small boxes, scrapbook paper, and a label maker.

How to make desk organizers

You can find the tutorial on how I made them in this post.


I found the desk on the side of the road – really I did, a block away from my house. I painted it with a super high gloss white paint.

Before I brought this desk home,  the room had a partners desk we made. It was fine for many years, but when I started blogging, I had to rethink how to organize the room…. 

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