How to Paint a Vinyl Floor + Linen Closet

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This week I passed a huge milestone in my life.  I was able to cross off the last space in my house on my declutter/purge list.  If you have been following my blog, you know this has been an ongoing project… decluttering every room. It started with my attic a few years ago. I have been going slowly from room to room since then so the job would not be too overwhelming.  The basement purge took a few weeks; this linen closet only a few hours.

Opening drawers and doors and seeing fresh, tidy and organized instead of postponed decisions of what to do with all the un-needed items has energized me. It is a great feeling.

I started my total house declutter/purge when I thought we might be moving.  Who knows if we ever will, living with long-term unemployment has become our way of life, but I know now that if we do move, getting the house ready to sell will be easier.

Decluttering a linen closet before and after budget makeover

When we first moved into the house 20+ years ago, I was so happy to have a big closet for linens and bathroom supplies.  Over the years I kept it semi-organized, but since my daughters moved out on their own, the closet became a dumping ground of old towels, sheets, rugs, and bedding.

I started the purge by removing everything. I bagged up what we didn’t need and cleaned each shelf and then only put back what we use. Everything else went to the trash, thrift store, and thanks to Lynn, a blog reader…I have a bag going to our veterinarian’s office. She told me that vets and animal shelters often are in need of towels and blankets when taking care of animals.

Decluttering tips

Since this bathroom is used only for guests, I wanted to make it feel hotel-like. I bought fluffy new white towels at HomeGoods and only kept one extra set of sheets for each bed in the house.

It was really hard to get a good photo of the entire closet. I tried many different angles. I took this one standing on a stool.

I didn’t want this to be a major project and opted not to paint the walls and shelves. I only painted the floor.


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