Christmas Garland: Paper Holly Leaves



The countdown to Christmas continues. If you missed last Friday’s post - here is the holiday scoop. 5 other bloggers and I are counting down to Christmas by posting a holiday project or idea each Friday until December 25th.


There are 9 Fridays left.

We hope that by starting early you will have time to get inspired and to get your house ready in time.  That way you can relax and enjoy the season.

Christmas-Decorating in Kitchens

Have you thought about how you are going to decorate this year?  I am going to keep it pretty simple since Ed and I are going to be traveling around the holidays.


When I think about how I am going to decorate each year, the biggest factor is that whatever I do, it has to be a bit old-fashioned. I prefer the vintage look – it brings back fond Christmas memories from my childhood.

I always pick out a color scheme each year. Last year I used lots of turquoise and pink.  This year I am going to use black, white, and my favorite color of green.


Holly is a universally appealing symbol of the holidays, but I gave it a vintage twist.   Since I don’t use red in my decor, I chose to make a holly garland out of vintage looking paper that I made in Photoshop and then added lots of glitter.


l love glitter at the holidays and not just any glitter, but white that has opalescent tints…. 

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