Progress…but slow going


I have an update to show you. I am going to spill the beans early and not wait for a final reveal post. Don't get too excited though, the room is still a mess, this is not a pretty post - but my vision for it is becoming clear. I know I kept you hanging a few weeks ago when I told you I was making over my daughter's bedroom since we no longer need to keep it a bedroom. I have seen many empty nesters turn unused bedrooms into glamorous closets - which would be fun, but it would only be for me.  I wanted to turn the room into something Ed and I could both use and enjoy. The room is … [Read More...]

What’s In My Carry On Tote

Travel tote bags

Today I am sharing  something with you that fits perfectly in my life.  It is pretty new to me and I had no idea how much it was going to become part of my day-to-day comings and goings. From the market, to the beach, to the airport.  I am now the very happy owner of… 

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How to Build a Fieldstone Garden Wall


Happy Friday – are you ready for the weekend? Do you have any plans to work on the landscaping around your home?   If so, I have a project that can be done in a day or weekend with a little planning ahead. I have gotten so many emails asking about the low fieldstone garden… 

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Summer Tour Of Homes 2014

Bloggers Summer-Tour-of-Homes-2014

If you just arrived from Finding Home - Welcome to my blog, In My Own Style If you are a long time reader   – hello again.  Today I am taking part in the Summer Tour of Homes that Gina from a Shabby Creek Cottage is hosting all week long.  5 bloggers  x  5 days = 25… 

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The House In My Head


Do you have a house in your head?  You know the one that is perfect for the way you want to live right now down to the smallest detail – I know I do and I have been thinking about it a lot lately.  It would be different from all the other houses I have… 

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I Can See Clearly: Stylish Sunglass Case


Summer’s here… the sun is shining  - which means you have an excuse to update your shades. I have another reason why I want to update my sunglasses this year- one that I am pretty excited about. I got reader contacts 2 weeks ago and no longer need my cheap-o bought at a flea market… 

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Perfect Picnic Dessert: Apple Crisp Recipe


I’m back… back to reality after a wonderfully relaxing and fun four day vacation that I will share with you next week. I was surprised when I heard someone at the airport say… “Have a nice holiday”…I thought, “What holiday?” and then it dawned on me – Memorial Day weekend – that’s what holiday they… 

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Trav’lin In Style: Monogrammed Luggage Tags


Today is the day I have been eagerly waiting for…it is the day I start packing…packing up the winter blues and heading to the land of sunshine and warm gulf waters. Back in February I got a ticket to paradise along with 5 other bloggers.   Tomorrow we leave for Anna Maria Island for fun… 

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How to Turn Hydrangeas Pink or Blue


I love hydrangeas! They are my favorite flower. I have them planted in my front and back yard. When I first planted them many years ago they were a brilliant purple pink. Not quite blue, not quite purple, not quite pink – they were just right. Imagine how disappointed I was last summer when they… 

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How to Make Stackable Floor Pillows


I have been craving color…  I thought it might be a Spring thing, but right after the holidays when I took the colorful Christmas stockings down that hung on the mantel, that area around the mantel was looking a bit bland. I have been wanting to add color in some form or another, but with… 

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My Little Indulgences

Today I want to share a few of my little indulgences with you … We all like to buy ourselves something little every now and then – like fresh flowers or a chocolate bar. As much as I love these – they don’t hang around for long. With Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought it… 

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Colorize Your Life: DIY Artwork


I need therapy!!! Lots of it…but not with a doctor.   I need lots of COLOR therapy! Seeing colors, especially my favorite colors everywhere I look gets me through the day.  It is one antidote to the ordinary. Colors are infectious  - in a happy, good way. When I see lots of it my brain… 

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Dress Up Your Doors


Do you remember what American “brand logo” first made an impact on you when you were a child?  One that will always make you smile and bring back fond memories whenever you see it? I do… It is a common household name, but not Kleenex or Band-Aid.  It is… Whenever I see a Schlage key, the… 

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Friday Finds: Stylish & Free Artwork


If you are anything like most humans when Friday rolls around, you want to start the shift into weekend mode as early as possible. With this in mind, I have a quick Friday Finds post for you… I want to show you two things that I added to my studioffice this week. No tutorial needed…. 

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BHG Makeover Madness Link Party Winner


 Last Wednesday I showed you how I made over an IKEA dresser into a desk. That post also had a 5 site link party with Better Homes & Gardens. Today I am honored to announce the winners of the very first BHG MAKEOVER MADNESS Link Party. These 5 blogger’s projects will be on featured… 

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Polywood Furniture for Outdoor Living


If you have read my blog for a few years you know that I love to be outdoors. As soon as the weather turns warm and sunny – I celebrate!  I break out the champagne when I can open the windows in the house and take the outdoor furniture back outside for the season. This… 

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Silhouette Portrait Giveaway


I  hope you had a nice Easter weekend. Mine was glorious…truly…beautiful and sunny, but the best part was having my family around.  My girls were both home the past 4 days, which is always nice. We hung out, watched a movie, shopped, ate, played games outside, and just enjoyed our short time together.  They each… 

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