DIY Wall Calendar + The Business Side of Blogging

How to make a Large memo board for wall

I enjoy every aspect of blogging, but the business side of the job and keeping it all organized is the most time consuming part for me. I find this is also the hardest part as technology is constantly changing and you have to be on top of all of it so it all runs smoothly  … 

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Printable Monograms For Decorating and Giving

Easy to make monogram stool

I have a serious case of Spring fever. Spring and warm weather cannot arrive fast enough as far as I am concerned. Do you feel the same way?    To help coax its arrival, I have been adding pops of fresh cheery color all over my house. I have been working on many projects – the… 

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How To Make a Pillow Cover Without Using a Sewing Pattern

Pillow cover tutorial

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you may remember this photo that I posted a few weeks ago showing how to make a pillow cover for a big day bed pillow. I actually made four. Two using this turquoise fabric from JoAnn’s Fabrics and two using woven rugs.  (Yes, woven rugs can… 

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DIY: How To Make a Decorative Folding Screen

How to make a decorative folding screen out of old doors

I have an obsession with DIY decorating, but one decorating item in particular truly excites me when I choose items for a room.  It is an item that is so useful and versatile when decorating a home that no home should be without one.    It can be easily found at furniture stores as well as… 

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Painting Furniture: Black Stain vs Black Paint

Why you should use Black stain on furniture makeovers instead of black paint

Remember my client’s house that I have been working on?  The one with the blue trimmed windows?  Well, I have been busy helping make it over step by step.  This week I updated two pine tables the homeowner had. When I was assessing what to keep – these two tables made the cut. They are… 

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Thrifty Find–Making a Wicker Tray Usable

Keep glasses from tipping when you place a decorative fabric insert in it

Last week I found not one, but several wicker pieces that I like to collect and use to decorate with.  I spent $3.25 on the lot. I love the round wicker tray, but also found a rectangular one, too. When I first saw it I passed it over as it had a hole in the… 

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Bloggers Home Tours InMyOwnStyle 2011

Bloggers Home Tours – Parade of Homes 2011 If you are new to my blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Diane I love all things creative, colorful and DIY.  My background is in display – which led me into the wonderful world of DIY decorating and design when my husband and I bought… 

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Fall Mantel Decorating: Mirror…Mirror On The Wall


3 more days until Thanksgiving and my Decorating Marathon is complete.  Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo!  I made my deadline. I used to have an old Victorian mirror over my mantel in my dining room.  It was something I picked up at a garage sale years ago, but I wanted change.  I wanted something above my mantel that… 

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Dining Room Brass Chandelier Makeover

How to transform a brass chandelier

This is the second project of my decorating marathon that I have finished!!!  Yeah - I think I may make my T-Day deadline.  Of all the projects I have been working on this brass chandelier makeover excites me the most.  I created exactly what I envisioned. I want this room to be neutral, casual, yet elegant.  I mixed old and rusty with… 

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Furniture Makeover: Goodbye Knotty Pine

Book Page Hutch

I FINISHED one of the DIY furniture makeover painting projects that I have been working on the past two weeks!   It is the oak hutch in my dining room.  I am thrilled how it turned out and also thrilled to have my garage back.   I originally was going to paint the hutch a sisal color and the walls white,… 

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Prest-O Change-O! DIY Lamp Makeovers

Lamp Makeovers

A basket,  a table runner, or a metal flower pot are some of the easiest ways to quickly change the personality of a lamp in an instant.  Before A white ceramic base   Prest-o  Change-o   –  a rustic look.    I placed the white ceramic lamp into a basket so it would blend in with a rustic decor…. 

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Home Lighting Tips: Light Up Your Life – Literally

Home Lighting Tips

Some of us may have a problem with having too many shoes – we just can’t say no to those cute Manolo’s or the pair we find on sale that would go perfectly with a certain outfit in our closet.   I do not suffer from this problem as I have size 10 feet and only buy shoes that don’t… 

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How-to Make a No Sew Cushion Cover

How to make a no sew cushion cover

I have been trying to get all my overdue outdoor projects done this past week.  I have been pretty successful.  I wish I could tell you that I just love to do these projects, but that would be lying.  The biggest reason this project is complete in a timely manner is because friends are coming to stay with us for a few… 

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Trash to Treasure Furniture Makeover

Trash to treasure furniture makeover using items from the dollar store

I am one of those people who is not afraid to stop my car on the side of the road to pick up other peoples cast-offs.  I enjoy the process of a good trash to treasure furniture makeover.   I find the hunt very adventuresome and love transforming my finds into functional pieces.  Best of… 

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Recycled Cardboard Window Valance


I thoroughly enjoy finding new uses for things that would normally end up in the trash. The window valance on my studioffice window in the above photo is made from cardboard from a large appliance box. Re-cycle, Re-Use, Re-Purpose = Re-Decorate is my favorite equation. When I think of all the decorating projects I have… 

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How To Paint a Rug on Your Floor

How to paint a rug on a floor

  I painted this rug on my mudroom floor about 14 years ago.  I call it my antique rug nowadays as as it is getting a little shabby.  The hardwood floor in this room is going to be re -done soon and the rug will have to be sanded off  for refinishing.  I will miss it, but I am… 

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