Powder Room Makeover Completed


I finally have the powder room makeover finished and could not be happier. It took some time to get it completed, but if I have learned anything about decorating  - that is the way it should be. If I rushed to “just get it done”, I would only like it for a short time and… 

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A Family Affair: DIY Chalk Painted Desk

DIY Chalk Painted Desk

I have been up to furniture painting again, but not for items in my home.  My youngest daughter moved into a bright and spacious apartment and I have been helping her get it decorated. 98% of the furnishings she has are family hand-me-downs. Some pieces are from my house and others are from both Ed… 

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How to Paint Recessed Lighting

How to paint recessed lights

While I was painting my kitchen cabinets a few weeks ago, my eyes kept going to the 5 recessed lights under the soffit that runs along both sides of my kitchen.  They were staring down at me saying “Paint Me, Paint Me”. I knew it was time to learn how to paint recessed lighting! I… 

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Do You Have a Treasured Heirloom?

How to paint hand me down furniture

You know how much I enjoy transforming furniture to make it my own. I can’t say it was something I ever set out to do in life, but you never know how life is going to be influenced by the people you meet, places you go, and if you believe in it – fate. My… 

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Instant Color Swap: Open Shelving Ideas

Open Kitchen Shelf Decorating Ideas

After I repainted my kitchen cabinets and started to put the room back together again, I realized I needed to come up with some open shelving ideas so I could find a place for this… A large ceramic mixing bowl with a handle and spout. I could not pass it up when I saw it… 

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Before & After Mirror Makeover Using Glaze

How to use glaze to makeover furniture

I am going to be a speaker on all things paint at the Snap Conference this April. I am super excited to be going and able to share in a hands-on environment all that I know about Paint and how you can paint anything. That is what the session will be called – How To… 

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