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Life at my house has been going through many changes this week.  You know that expression – “When it rains, it pours”.  Well in my case, I should say – “When the sun comes out –it shines” since everything that has been happening this week is good.


The most exciting change is that Ed has landed a temporary consulting job in Boston. Nice thing about it – he can also work from home. He has been consulting with many start-up companies without pay over the last few years to keep his feet in the game, but it is nice that he finally landed with an established company.   He will have to travel quite a bit, but not live in Boston. Also on the horizon is a permanent job – that would require us to move – which we are OK with.  We should know about that soon.  I like and need this kind of change – no more living in limbo. I have been doing it for so long, I forget what life is like without the “in-transition” cloud hanging over us.


Another exciting change – I finally finished stenciling the walls in my foyer last weekend.  I started a year ago, yes – I will admit it – a year ago.  The foyer is two stories and I would have to hire someone to paint it. I decided to accent the short walls with an all-over stencil design to add some interest to the space.  I wrote about how I did it on my latest post over at

There are also some changes going on with my blog design. You may notice small changes over the next week or two.  After blogging for 3 1/2 years I have a lot of posts. I am having new navigation put in so that whatever it is you are looking for, it will be much easier to find.  Project galleries by category, drop down menus, and easier search.

Now on to some FAQ’s:

Many of you leave me comments asking, “How I get so much done”, “Do I ever sleep?”, and “What my day is like being a blogger?”  I wanted to answer these so you realize that I truly don’t do it all.

The number one reason I am able to get a lot accomplished is that I can focus on my own pursuits and can choose exactly how I am going to fill each day.  Since both my daughters are grown and living far away, I don’t have any kid activities to fill my daily schedule or to work around anymore.  As much as I loved raising them and being around for them, it is kind of nice being able to put the focus back on my interests.  I still have to juggle many things, but they are mostly focused on my own interests, passion, and activities.

Since leaving my retail display job over a year and a half ago, I have also become the “boss of me”. This is the best role to have.   Blogging has brought me so many wonderful opportunities, but being able to run my own business the way I want – is the best part.

I look at blogging and creating projects every week as my job.  It is no different from what I did when I worked in display, only now I get paid more, can work whenever I want, and don’t have to follow a corporate playbook. I get to do it all in my own style.


Currently, I am working on 7 projects – some big, others small.  Each one I have to do in steps or it requires paint that takes time to dry – so I keep moving from project to project.  I have paint supplies set up in one room, new window treatments going up in another, supplies that need to go back to the basement until needed again.  I literally have a creative mess going on in every room, it is just the way a DIY blogger’s house looks when the creating is being done.  It is how my workshop in the store where I worked always looked.

Even back before I was blogging, when friends and family would come over to visit, they would always ask “What are you working on now? Can I see?   My house would not be my home without a creative mess going on somewhere. What you see on the blog is my 9-5.  If you have a 9-5 job, then you get a lot done there, you just don’t write up posts about it for all to read about on a blog.

When I worked in display, I woke up 5 days a week at 5:30 to get to the store by 7. I worked until 4.  On an average day, I had to be on the computer to get my visual directives.  I had to shop for supplies, create, paint, design, and photograph the displays I did.  I went to JoAnn’s for fabric, the craft store for supplies, and the hardware store for paint and tools.  I had a store budget that I could not exceed and a big workspace to execute what I needed to create.

Now, I do basically the same thing, but I can work at midnight if I want and in my pajamas or yoga pants.  I still have to shop for supplies and need to watch my budget. I create on a daily basis, the only difference is that I am doing it for myself and you my reader and not for a retail store anymore.  I do have to edit photos and write up posts now, but I enjoy the process.  It is by far the best job I have ever had because I followed my passion. Making my dream a reality is the hardest work I’ve ever done and I wouldn’t trade it for any other job I’ve had.

pretty peonies

Photo: Etsy

Working from home does allow flexibility which is an extremely nice option to have.   At some point today, I have to stop work to get the guest room livable – clean sheets and towels.  We have a friend coming to stay with us this weekend.  Which means I have to remove all the postponed decisions that I pile up in the room, until I know what to do with them. If the peonies growing outside in the garden decide to bloom in the next two days – I will add a vase of them to brighten the room. They just might – it is going to be in the 90’s here until Monday!

DIY decorating blogger

Now, if I want to have a project post for you tomorrow, I have to get back to my 9-5.  Today that means painting.




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  1. We have also been in limbo and I am tired of limbo. I have been trying to make the best of it meanwhile. Congrads to Ed & you for the new ops! You inspire me with your site. I hope my site becomes my job someday. I would love to make extra $ with it at least for now I do earn free products to review which is a blessing & fun to do. I have only been blogging a year and learning so much but have far more to learn. Your on of my biggest inspirations in the field.

  2. Diane,
    SO happy for all the good things coming your way! With fingers crossed hoping that move for you brings you to Boston (selfish of me)! Wherever you land, much luck.

  3. Hi Diane,

    I have been following you for more than a year (don’t remember exactly) but I remember the first comment I left was about the girls’ headboards that you got out of the attic…lol. I enjoy reading you so much, and I am also one of the people who wonder “how DOES she do it?” It makes me feel so good for you to be following your dream. You go girl!!! 8-) And I am so excited for Ed, and I know how much it means to both of you, and how demoralizing it can be to be out of work for so long. A little bit of the weight of the world must be lifted off your shoulders now, and it’s about time!

    xo Linda

  4. Congratulations on the job!
    And thanks for the post, it was enjoyable to read. I’ve been following your blog quite a while (for over a year?) but have been slacking in reading the posts due to a busy time (2nd child born and the sleepless nights that follow). I started to read them again a few weeks ago, and I was indeed wondering how on earth you got all of it done!
    I always like reading your posts, but don’t know much interesting to say to them (other then: pretty! and ooooh and aaaah). I know I should still let you know though, positive things often stay unsaid. But after such a positive, personal post, I just have to let you know I enjoy reading your posts a lot!

    1. Hi Debbie – Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me how much you enjoy my blog. I truly appreciate it. I know it is hard to to get anything done with a second child. Congratulations! Hopefully those sleepless nights will not go on forever. My oldest slept through that night at 4 months. My youngest – was not a good sleeper. She didn’t sleep through the night until she was 2 years old! It was exhausting at the time, but now I fondly think back to all that one-on-one time I had with her trying to rock her to sleep. :)

  5. Congrats to your significant for keeping busy, keeping it going, and finding something!!! I wish I would have thought about the volunteering thing earlier.

  6. Love this project. I noticed it awhile back and was so curious. I think it’s amazing. Do one wall or more. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Good to know you have several projects going….I think the rest of us do too!

  7. Glad to hear your good news. I read your blog during my lunch at work and admire you, your home and your style. I am a “wanna be” decorator. I wish I had the home to do everything I see but I live in a small cottage type home so that presents a challenge to decorate and entertain. But it hasn’t stopped me from doing either, so I am always looking for new ideas so I can tweak them to fit my home. Good luck and thanks for sharing your little corner of the world.

    1. Hi Lisa – My husband and I think that our favorite house was a little 700 sq ft cottage we lived in when our girls were little. We had the best parties in the house – size never mattered. It is the house that was photographed in my book, Instant Decorating. I am looking forward to downsizing now and a cottage sounds delightful – maybe one with a water view :) I think when you have a small space, you edit more – which is a good thing. You end up putting in only the things that you truly love, no room for excess or things you are not sure about. I am glad that you don’t let the size stop you from decorating the way you want. Enjoy the tweaking and process of making the house your home.

  8. Congrats to Ed, this is the best news.
    Soooo happy for you and your lovely family.
    I wish you health, and to continue on this path through out.

  9. Congrats on hub’s new job! I know how hard it is to live in limbo–been there for the last year (or you could technically say the last 7 years since he’s been a student) and he is FINALLY on the brink of getting a new job. Funny thing is that he is deciding between three really good jobs “when it rains it pours’ right? I actually want to see that piece you were stripping to see how the plain wood looks–I want to do it soon to a desk I have.

    1. Hi Heidi – Best of luck to your husband. Getting 3 offers is a good place to be :) I will be posting more on the hutch on Monday. I love how it turned out. My oldest daughter was home last weekend and could not believe the change – she loved it and kept running her hands over it. It looks so much better now. I would highly recommend stripping your desk. If it doesn’t come out to your liking – you can always paint it.

  10. I wish you and your husband luck with all of your future endeavors! You are such an inspiration though so keep doing what your doing! And thank you for all of the wonderful ideas and tutorials.

  11. Diane, It’s so good to hear your good news! Kudos to Ed for hanging in there! This means you will probably end up in a new house to put your styling touches on. Yea! This is my first time to respond to a blog. I truly enjoy & look forward to your blog each day. Your site is the only one I subscribe to. I have learned so much and you have helped me so much in trying to decorate our new home. I just wish you were my neighbor! Thank you so much for sharing your immense knowledge and experience with us your faithful readers.

  12. Congrats to Ed! If you are coming North, we will be happy to see more of you! We love it up here…

  13. Going NORTH ya Know? Okay, okay, I am trying….. but I wish you could have come a little bit south…… okay…. I will stop now.

    I hope you understand that I have not a good sense of humor….. I try and fail most miserably a lot.

    I serioulsy need to start gambling on the lottery… cause I want your house…. I don’t want to live up north, I just want your house….. now does that make sense? (NO).

  14. Congratulations to Ed, he has worked so hard. I am praying so hard that all is good and the best for you all.

    I can’t help but cry….. you know how much I love your house (selfish aren’t I)…..

    I don’t want to talk about it right now. (not that you ask me)……

  15. I’m so pleased that life is going so well at the moment for you both, long may it continue. Congrats to Ed, my husband has just got a temp. job following 3 years post redundancy unemployment and his self esteem is sky high. While not wishing my (almost) grown-up children to leave too soon, it would be lovely to continue a project without having to clear up to make tea for five every day!!
    That stencilling looks fantastic by the way :)

  16. Huge congrats to Ed on the job opportunity! Sounds like there will be some exciting changes coming up for both of you. And change can be a very good thing!

  17. It sounds like everything is coming up roses ~ I mean peonies ~ for you and hubby recently, Diane! : ) Such great news that he got this temporary job and the possibility of a permanent one. I hope it all continues for you both, you deserve to have everything fall into place.

    Now that I am not working a “regular” full-time job, I find I am actually accomplishing more in my life and the days go by so much faster. If only the 9-5 job had gone by this quickly every day!