How to Makeover Tall Candlestick Lamps

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How to makeover tall candlestick style lamps that are used on buffets and console tables using paint and wallpaper. It is an easy DIY lamp makeover project that can be done in 30 minutes or less.

Here are the candlestick lamps – Before


I liked the black opaque shades as they provide more dramatic light at night as the light only shines up and down – not through the shade. 

I think this foyer looks best at night because of that lighting effect.


But I was ready to brighten the space and decided to spray paint the outside of the shades a glossy white.


After spray painting the shades white – the candlestick shaft section on the lamp looked too yellowish-orange. 

I needed to change it somehow, but didn’t want to paint it.

Scrapbook paper to the rescue.  You can see the difference it makes in the photo above.

How to Use Decorative Paper To Update a Lamp

This is a very easy and fast lamp makeover that will be done in 20 minutes or less.

Lamp makeover ideas
  1. Cut wallpaper, scrapbook paper, maps or any decorative paper tall and wide enough to fit around the stem of the lamp.

2. Spread some tacky glue on one inside edge of the paper.


3. Then wrap it around the base  – the glued edge is overlapped on the paper so it will not damage the lamp if you decide to remove it some day.

That is all there is to giving my foyer, candlestick lamps a makeover.


The scrapbook paper is a soft taupe color that looks better with the white shades and the wall color.


Here is what the desk compartment on the sideboard works.


I keep stamps and stationery in here.  I also have a few letter writing books to use as inspiration to help me come up with the right words when none come to me.

This is the most formal space in my house – every other room is pretty casual.

I made the mirror when we first moved in and it has been hanging here ever since. I needed something tall since the space is open to the 2nd floor.


When I was working on the lamps the phone rang and I went to answer it.  When I got back a few minutes later this is what I found. 


My helper, Trax – he just had to check out this new empty surface.   He made himself quite comfortable – gotta love him.

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  1. WOW your home is just beautiful..the lamps look exquisite. I am so impressed. Sorry to hear about your husband, times are scary right now for our country and I cannot believe the stories I continue to hear, I know there is no magic bullet. But praying for our country to rebound and for people like your husband to secure a stable job. Sending you a hug….beautiful post.

  2. I do hope your husband finds something soon. Your home looks wonderful, you’d never guess that you were working on a minimal budget, just goes to show money can’t buy taste! Love the lamp make over, they look wonderful! Hope you have a lovely weekend

  3. I hope your husband finds something soon. Your home is beautiful and certainly doesn’t look like it is done on a budget! I think it is a lot more rewarding making a change with creativity and hard work than just going out and spending a whole lot of money. You can be very proud of what you’ve achieved. x Sharon

  4. I love your blog and your wonderful ideas! I would have never thought of scrapbook paper to put around the candlestick lamp. I have some lamps that I painted….I am going to do that to them.

  5. Wishing your hubby all the best as he continues to search for a new job. You’re an inspiration. I just love the beautiful, creative work you do to make your home reflect you. Love that old charming desk.