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A Weekend Spent Junking at Lucketts Spring Market

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Now that it is May  – the “junking” season has begun. I had read a lot about Lucketts Antique Market in Virginia from reading the blog, Miss Mustard Seed and have always wanted to go. Ed was going away for the weekend, so I thought I would take the opportunity to get away from the computer and take a trip myself.  It was a 3 hour drive south into Maryland and then a few miles over the border into Virginia.  I left late Saturday afternoon, so I could meet up for dinner with a bunch of bloggers who were going to the Hometalk meetup on Sunday.


HomeTalk.com had arranged a meetup all day on Sunday with Funky Junk Interiors and The Graphics Fairy. They had their space  set up for all to hang out.


Donna of Funky Junk Interiors was there to answer questions, discuss all things junk, and do…


hands-on demonstrations while helping her many fans make signs and decorative stuff all made out of – junk!


Each went away with their own creation following Donna’s tips and tricks – she had many!


When I was not hanging out at the Hometalk area, I went out browsing. It was not the best day weather wise, misty in the morning, but luckily it never poured.  I leisurely strolled around the fair and found lots of inspiration.


Loved these chairs.


and this table  – does it look familiar?  It is almost exactly like mine. My base is still black and I have been on the fence about what color to paint it.  This is all the inspiration I need to get it done.   Will be posting about it soon.


All through the day, bloggers came and met up in front of the HomeTalk tent.   Miriam from HomeTalk, Breida, from Breida With a B, and Karen, from The Graphics Fairy are just a few of the bloggers that I met.

I didn’t get a photo of her, but one of the people I was most excited to meet was, Sharon from Elizabeth and Co.  Long story, but the first time I landed on her blog over a year ago, I saw that she lived in the Maryland town my husband grew up in.  (My husband has not been back since he graduated from high school.)  I asked her if she grew up there. She told me she didn’t, but her husband did. She told me his name and when I asked my husband if he knew him, he smiled big time and answered ,Yes as he looked at me in a questioning way.  Then I told him, “I just met his wife online, she is a DIY home blogger, too!”  They were best buddies with a third friend through childhood and into high school.  Small world and all made possible through blogging.


These two creative gals were fun, fun, fun, but since they had their own space where they were selling their lines of jewelry they could not hang out at the hometalk tent.  Loved them.  Jeanne from junxtaposition and Lucy from bel monili.

Jeanne -Junxtapostions makes typewriter key jewelry.


Necklaces and Bracelets.  I bought a bracelet and a keychain.


Lucy -bel monili is all about taking vintage jewels and making them modern. So much delicious eye candy.


I had no plans to buy anything big, but if I did, I would have loved to take this home with me.


I like to study painted finishes to see how colors are combined, layered, distressed, etc. and now have a few new images to add to my painted finishes “reference file”.


Lucketts is the name of the antique store and seasonal market that are held, but also the name of the town. The local Lucketts community fireman (in pink t-shirts) were on hand all day to help buyers carry their purchases to their cars.


How sweet is this pitcher and glass set?    It has SUMMER written all over it!  I can picture it in a County Living photo spread – each glass filled with freshly squeezed lemonade.


I am not a fan of decorating with antlers, but there were plenty.


Classic planters – slate and zinc.


Colorful distressed and mottled letters to hang on a wall or place on a shelf.


Marian, Miss Mustard Seed’s tent was right next to HomeTalk. She was very busy and sold most of the furniture and items she brought to sell.


Marian and her mom.


What you can’t experience only seeing these photos, was the beautiful scent of  lavender that filled the air around her space. I had to buy some to bring home with me.


The merchandise in her tent was styled just like her home -beautiful.


One of the benefits of being a blogger – your office is anywhere there is an internet connection.  Karen, The Graphics Fairy.


When lunchtime came, it was hard trying to decide what to eat.  It all looked and smelled delish.  I went for a Crabcake sandwich.


Even the picnic area was filled with old stuff.


After grabbing a bite to eat, I went into the Design House. It is like a decorators show house that is only open at certain times of the year. It was open for this event and I was told by everyone, I had to go see it.  It was crowded, but I did get a glimpse into some of the rooms.


Even the exterior of Design House was a visual treat.


It was getting late and I wanted to get home before dark, so I left around 3:30.  Everyone who came received a hometalk tote bag.  I bought a few little things –  4 glass door knobs, a key chain and typewriter key bracelet that says “Junker” from Junxtaposition.


I also brought home a white pitcher and soup tureen to put in my newly stripped cabinet.  Both were end of the market deals!  Now I just have to get the inside of the cabinet painted where the stripper dripped.


I had a great time at Lucketts. The best part was meeting and getting to know so many others who are passionate about the same things. If you ever get the chance to go – I would highly recommend it.

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  1. What a great day! Junking and getting to meet up with some fellow bloggers sounds like so much fun. I am a huge fun of Miss Mustard Seed’s artful transformations, and I have used quite a few of The Graphic Fairy’s illustrations. Hoping to get a group together up here in the Boston area sometime in the future.

  2. Hi Diane, Thanks for sharing Lucketts with us! I’m going next year, for sure. So glad you got to go and have such fun.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am a designer who lives in Oregon, so it’s fun to see the places in the East that I read about. As for your hutch…I think you should distress the bead board backing MORE, not repaint it. It looks cool old and distressed. I love your blog, Diane, it’s the best. You are incredibly creative and your tutorials are excellent.

    1. Thanks Pati – I know what you mean that it is fun to see places that you read about that you know you can’t get to. I enjoy when I see photos of west coast events and shops online :) Another reader also wrote that she thought I should distress the cabinet more. I like just a little bit of distressing – not too much. I like the mix of old and new. I may end up distressing it a bit after painting, but with no orange stripper drips showing :)

  4. Some day I plan to visit Lucketts, but in the mean time, thanks for such a detailed post. Loved looking at all the goodies and seeing a few familiar bloggers, too. (And I’m crushing on that bracelet you brought home!)

  5. Thanks so much for the tour for those of us not lucky enough to attend.
    Great Pix and comments. Thanks for sharing your great time there.