After The Kitchen…

Happy Friday everyone.

This past week I have been in slooooow motion. I think the main reason is that it is January. The other reason is that the kitchen makeover is 97% done and I wanted to get it completed this week, but could not.  I am in a “hold-mode”.  I have to wait for the light for over the kitchen sink to be delivered. UPS Tracking says Monday. I also have to wait for the new oven to be installed. It won’t get installed until next Monday. I sort of lost my momentum.  It wasn’t a totally unproductive week though.

While I was doing the kitchen, Ed finished the construction in the foyer to enclose the space under the staircase and we started on the hallway of darkness. Under the foyer steps is pretty much done and turned out just as I imagined. All it needs is paint. I will show you a sneak peak on Monday.

After these projects are done, I plan to head into my studioffice.

Home office craft room

I have pretty much ignored it for the past few months and used it as a dumping ground for the kitchen makeover supplies. It does not look all neat and organized like this anymore. It is quite a mess!

I want to create a less cluttered feel. I really don’t need everything I have in the room so I will start by purging and then reorganize. The glass cabinet in the corner is empty. It was in my kitchen in my previous house. I like it so we kept it.  I think I am going to make it a table for one of the guest rooms. Moving it will open up that corner.

In My Own Style studioffice

When we moved into the house I set it up pretty much the way I had it in my previous house. Having worked in it for the past year, I want to tweak it a little.

Clutter free home offices

Studio M Interiors

I love the clean, bright and cheery vibe this room has, but what really caught my eye were the swing arm wall sconces above the table on the right.  I don’t have lights over my worktable and these would be perfect except for one thing…Studioffice lights

…it costs $400.  I will be searching for an affordable knock-off. :-)  This light is called the Hillsdale 1 Light Swing Arm Sconce from Hudson Valley Lighting available at Wayfair. If you know of any lights that look like this please let me know.

Home Office decorating ideas

Studio McGee

I love the open and airy feel of this workspace. It is a group space, but the streamlined look appeals to me

Pretty home offices

I love the white and pops of pink in this space. My desk is almost identical to the one in the photo.  I found mine for free in curbside trash. I wrote about it in this post: My Found Desk Gets a High Gloss Makeover

Small Home offices for creatives

 Artisan Signature Homes

What I do for a living pretty much requires me to have a dedicated space to create and call my own. I know everybody does not need such a space, but would like a little place to call your own. If I didn’t have a studioffice, I would try to make one part of a room or use a closet to carve out a little spot like this for myself.  I am not sure I would want that chair, though. Looks chic, but very uncomfortable. :-)

So while I physically paint the new wall under the foyer steps this weekend, my mind will be right down the hall, trying to figure out what I will do first in my studioffice and searching online for affordably priced swing arm wall sconces.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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  1. Look at Houzz for wall lamps. They show yours and many lower priced ones. So many to look at.

  2. I am currently designing my creative space as well and have been looking for task lighting for over my work table. I found some really cute accordian style wall lights on Ikea’s website – you may want to check them out for your situation.

    1. Hi Maria – Thanks for the tip. I used to live very close to an IKEA and went there often. Now the closest one is 2.5 hours away. I will check the website.

  3. Oh my, what a beautiful studio/office! Such an elegant table I have never seen in a work studio. It’s bad enough I stay in mine all day and it’s not half as nice as yours, but with something like this, I would be in there day and night! You do such wonderful work!

    1. Thank you Tegmapat – I grew up sharing a room with two sisters, in college I always had a roommate, so when I got married I was excited that I could carve out a space for myself. It took many years to get it to the level it is today.

    1. Hi Liz – Thanks for taking the time to list all the lights you found like the one I am looking for. I really appreciate it. If I find one I like that is not the right color, I would for sure whip out a can of spray paint. :-) I could contact Wayfair to see about getting the lights, but since I already wrote about it, I bet they wouldn’t go for it. I may try though. I like the price of the IKEA light.

  4. Love the idea for the wall lamps for your work table/area. Check online at Lowe’s Home Improvement because they do have some very affordable ones. In fact, I purchased 2 nickel swing arm lamps for either side of our master bed because I do love to read in bed and I love the look of the wall lamps instead of table lamps beside the bed. Of course, I did not like the shades that came with them, therefore, I ended up purchasing white, linen shades for them. Cannot wait to see what you did with the foyer area under the stairs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitchen!!!!

  5. Hey Diane — that light is available on Amazon for about $350 — still pricey, but less than the $400 you mentioned.

    I love to shop for lighting in the clearance and open box sections of sites like Lamps Plus and Bellacor. I did my entire house from those sources.

    I found these — not exactly the same, but worth a look: (not really similar, I just liked it!!)

    My office is also in need of a major re-do (well. I’ve never actually done it it, so I guess it needs a “do.”)

    Looking forward to seeing what you cook up . . . .

  6. Wow! I would like to borrow some of your energy!!! Also, if you could throw in some of your creativity that would help too!

    Love everything!

  7. while it’s not my job that requires a studioffice I do require it for my mental stability! Looking forward to what you do in yours as mine is also in need of tweaking.