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Alt Summit NYC at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

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Happy Friday and first day of Summer!  It has been beautiful here the past few days – the perfect weather perfectly timed for a 2 day trip for me to New York City.  I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Alt Summit NYC blog conference that is held at the offices of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.


alt summit

The conference was held in the open space that separates the business from the creative side of the MSLO offices.  I had a fabulous time – learned a few new things, met new people, and enjoyed catching up with some blogging friends.


Martha even came out to say hello before one of the conference sessions.  The day went by fast and ended with a party sponsored by JCP.

I took a bunch of photos to share the day with you from my iPhone.


Long white tables with turquoise spotted cloths are where we had the opportunity to do some crafting and ate breakfast and lunch.


My blogging buddies – Shannon from MadiganMade, Kelly from EclecticallyVintage, me, and Jamie from C.R.A.F.T.


There was a pinboard for the attendees to put their business cards – so much creativity.


The night before the conference the sponsors of the conference hosted dinners at NYC restaurants. The dinner I attended was hosted by Bing.com and held at a unique catering studio for private parties in Brooklyn called Sunday Suppers.  It was a wide open lofty space with wood tables – simple and beautiful. The food was divine!

The long white  tables were at the conference with plates and chargers sold on Hayneedle.


We ate breakfast and lunch at the conference – both meals – delish.


All attendees got a tin of swag, the newest edition of Living magazine and the new book – Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids.


When the days sessions were over, we moved over into another open space for a party that was sponsored by JCP.


The space had the most amazing view of the Hudson River looking towards New Jersey.


Looking south -just stunning!


In the center of the room there was a Candy Bar set up.  You could fill up as many cellophane bags as you wanted. I brought home some blue and red licorice.


…and some of these.  You know I love the color.


Jamie from C.R.A.F.T.  me, and Shannon from MadiganMade


The bar with a view looking north. Delish hors d’oeuvres were served by good looking waiters during the entire party. We found out they are all models and aspiring actors.

We did not go home hungry!


Cupcakes, cookies, nuts, cheese and crackers were also in abundance.


My favorite part of the day was getting to go out on the roof of the building to enjoy the view and a glass of wine and more food served by good looking waiters.


In the background you can see the Freedom Tower being built where the Twin Towers used to stand.


We stayed on the roof for quite a while, but the event was winding down and it was time to head home.


We were some of the last attendees to leave and were lucky to get a peek at Martha’s office.   Full windows with a stellar view on two sides, and a glass wall along the front.  Open and airy – just my kind of space.


It was hard to leave – it was a perfect day with a glorious ending.

I got home at 11:30PM. It was a jam packed day – not enough time to do a few other things I wanted to do while in the city.

They will have to wait until my next trip.

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  1. Wow, What a wonderful event! I am only a couple hours away in So. Jersey. Maybe I’ll attend sometime! Glad you had fun and got inspired! Happy Summer! Linda

  2. How wonderful for you…. and I know you have tons more to tell, share and teach us now…. I should be jealous……. but you do all the work and teach us……. I should be jealous, but you always share with us….. yeah, I am a tadge jealous…. and I have to tell you something I got that I have wanted for MANY years……. everyone will laugh at me… so i will email you.

  3. that looks like SUCH a great time! i’ll admit i’ve never heard of this event before – i really want to learn more about it! sounds great! – and you were not very far from me.
    Great post, Diane!

    1. Hi Breida –
      Alt Summit has been around for a few years. Gabi Blair of DesignMom started it. It has become quite a popular conference. The main conference is held in January in Salt Lake, UT. This is the second year I think for the NYC day conference. There is also a day conference in San Fransisco. To find out more go to: http://www.altitudesummit.com They have a blog and online courses, too.

  4. Glad you had the opportunity to get away and enjoy the company of fellow bloggers and crafters. Looks like a great time was had by all. Vikki in VA