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I am headed off to the Haven blog conference in Atlanta today. I have been busy preparing for a session at which I will be speaking and have gotten a little behind in getting a post photographed for today.  Instead of posting a project on the blog while I am away, I thought it would be fun for you to get to know me a bit better.  I am sharing 5 things that you may not know about me.  Just little things you would know if you knew me in person.


While I am at it, if you have any questions you wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask, go ahead and ask it in the comments. I will try to get them answered when I log onto my computer when I get back to my hotel room every night.

Here it goes…


Photo: Design Elements

1. I am seriously claustrophobic.   As I have gotten older, it has gotten worse. I can’t be in my basement for long periods of time or any room without windows. When I stay in hotels, I always sleep in the bed by the window with the drapes open even at night.   I take the stairs instead of elevators unless my destination is a very high floor, then I just focus, grin, and bare it.   I can’t even put my head under water in the pool anymore.  This is one of the reasons why I like minimal window treatments and my windows wide open.  My dream house would have walls that were windows and doors like the one in the photo above.

Identical Twins

2. I am an identical twin.  Sorry I don’t have a recent photo of us together. Next time I am with her I will get one. My twin sister’s name is Carol. Last week we turned 55.  YIKES!!!!  She was born 5 minutes before me, so she is actually older than me.  :-)    We are used to being stopped and asked all kinds of questions like:  What’s it like to be a twin?  Did you ever switch classes in school, or switch boyfriends?  Who is smarter, skinnier, fatter, etc?  Our friends can tell us apart easily, but when you first meet us when we are together – you will think we look exactly alike.  She is a Nurse Practitioner who heads a nursing school.

We still have the same baby tooth that has never fallen out. We got our first “period” on the same day 12 hours apart when we were young teens. It amazed our parents that our biological clocks were precisely the same.   We know that in the womb, I was on the left side and she was on the right since we feel off when walking , sitting, or standing next to each other if we are reversed. We dressed alike until the 6th grade, but do have very similar tastes in clothes even now. We do share a sixth sense that has come in handy a few times in our lives.  To answer the question...What’s it like to be a twin?  It is all I have ever known. It had many perks growing up – like being popular just because… we were twins.


3. I am addicted to sugar and trying to break the addiction. Being addicted to anything is not fun, but when you say you are addicted to sugar, others will laugh and say, “ha ha…me, too.” Addiction and  a “sweet tooth ” are two different things.   A sweet tooth is when you want something sweet after dinner. Addiction is having to have it all day long – a fix that you have to keep giving into that takes over your life.   I have never been able to go for a few days without chocolate or something sweet in my entire life, except when I was in the hospital with appendicitis.

Over the past year, my addiction to sugar had gotten so out of control that I had to find something to help or I was going to become diabetic or worse. I found something after lots of research and plan to write a whole post on the topic since I am truly amazed!   It is simple and inexpensive. No doctors or drugs, only a little bottle of…  Dill Oil!   You read that right, dill oil.   I have been into essential oils for a few years and over the past year have been reading everything I could about how to use different oils besides diffusing them so my house smells good. I bought a book on Amazon called the Reference Guide for Essential Oils and looked up “sugar addiction”  Sure enough it was listed and the first item under the heading was to rub dill oil mixed with some carrier oil ( almond, olive, grapeseed) on your wrists.  “Say what?” … I had to read it a few times until it sunk in.  It can’t be that easy. All these years of struggling with the addiction and never winning… I figured I had nothing to lose and bought a bottle of dill oil.  You can buy it anywhere they sell essential oils.  I started putting it on my wrists the day after Mother’s Day.  8 weeks. Life changing!  I want to get on my hands and knees and say thank you God for putting the book on my radar.  Once I pass another month or two, I will post all about it in more detail. So far – a TOTAL success.

Lancome and Dr Denese Skincare Products

4. I am also addicted to skincare products. This is a fun, but expensive addiction to have.    I can’t pass a Sephora or a department store cosmetic counter without testing the potions and lotions that promise perfect skin.  Sometimes the obsession wanes and I only have 2 serums, 3 day creams and two night creams in my bathroom cabinet.  Right now is not one of those times. The nice ladies at the Lancome counter yesterday gave me lots of travel sizes freebies to take on my trip to Atlanta.  They know that I will be back to buy the full size of one of them soon.  I have seen good results using a variety of products, but my skin responds best to Lancome and Dr. Denese products.  I mix the day cream with the sunscreen I mentioned in this post.


5. And last but not least…I can’t get enough of Beachfront Bargain Hunt! Have you seen the show? If one of your dreams in life is to have a house on the water then you will love this show.  The premise of the show is that you can get a waterfront home for under $350,000.  I hope I can find one!  It is on Sunday nights – I  DVR all the episodes.

I will be back on Monday with a teeny peek at what I am doing in my bedroom.

If you have any questions you would like to know about me, the blog, or anything – ask away.  XO



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  1. I am extremely claustrophobic as well which keeps me off airplanes. How do u do it? As an airplane has to be one of the worst situations for a claustrophobic and I’d like to fly again. Please share your solution. Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan –

      I don’t have a solid solution, but as long as the window shades are open and I have a window seat so that I can see outside, I am OK. Even when the sun comes shining in and everyone starts to close them, I leave mine open. Earlier this year when I walked into a plane all the shades were closed since that is what the cleaning crews do. I had a hard time walking down that aisle. I was one of the first people on the plane and once I got to my seat, I went to all the seats around me and opened all the shades. :-) I also try to sleep as long as I can to make the flight go faster.

  2. I turned 55 last week too! Alas, I am not a twin, but that would gave been really fun. Love your Blog!

  3. It’s me again. Forgot to mention that my latest BH&G magazine has the photo of you with your winning table. I’m sure you knew about it. It’s a very cute pic. Congrats!

  4. Diane-This is a blog question, so not too personal. How do you create your graphics and type vignettes using your photos? Like the one in the side bar that says “Paint Colors In My Own Style”. I love how you do that. You must use a design software of some type.

    1. Hi Beth – Thanks for the congrats about the BHG mention. XO I create the photos with the graphics on them using the program Photoshop Elements. It is not the expensive full blown Photoshop, but a paired down version. It costs around $89. Adobe makes it.

      If you want to try your hand at creating the images for free. Go to PicMonkey.com. Upload a photo and then you will be able to choose a font from their font library in the size and color you want. You can even change the lighting and color of the photo, too. Save it and then you can use it wherever you like. If you click around the site – along the bottom you will see a link for tutorials on how to use the program. If you like it, I would highly recommend getting Photoshop Elements. I have version 11, but I think it is up to Version 12 now. It does a whole lot more than PicMonkey, but PicMonkey is a great place to start.
      You can buy the software anywhere they sell computers and at the Adobe.com website. I would check out the tutorials on You Tube ,too. Just type in Photoshop Elements. I found them very helpful.

  5. First, since you just told us your age, I will tell you that I will turn 55 in August so we are essentially the same age. Secondly, I have enjoyed your various posts about different methods for making homemade chalk paint. I am wondering if you have tried the new “Chalky Paint” by Home Depot? They even make the wax for it which is particularly appealing to me b/c I bought a solvent-based paste wax at Lowe’s that was hard as a brick and almost made me unable to breathe, and I just did not get good results with it. You know so much about chalk paint, and you are heading to Atlanta where Home Depot is based, so maybe the Haven conference will give y’all some samples of Home Depot’s chalk paint if you haven’t already tried it. I don’t have a HD in my town, but I bought the paint and wax yesterday while taking a roadtrip but, of course, haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I am very curious about how you compare the new HD chalky paint and wax to the ASPC version and also to your homemade chalk paints!!!!

    1. Have a great time at the #Haven conference! Really wanted to go this time, especially knowing that you will be presenting. But summer vacation is calling…
      PS: MK- I have been using the chalky paint from Home Depot for about a month now, and I love it!