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Bringing in the New While Packing Up the Old

I am the happy owner of something brand new. A shiny new desk chair… it is a first for me!

Trinidad Office Chair from World Market

Up until yesterday when my new chair arrived on my doorstep, every other desk chair I have owned has been a hand-me-down or a thrift store find that I made over to fit my style with fabric and paint.


With my new White Grant Office Chair from Cost Plus World Market, no DIY’ing was needed, all I had to do was open the box it came in and simply put the 3 sections of the chair together. It took less than a minute.


It was a good thing too, since I am taking apart the “studio” part of my studioffice where I keep all my tools so I can stage the room to look like a neat and tidy “office”. I’ll miss my creative space but know this will help as we put our house on the market in the very near future. I will be posting soon about what I have done to get every room ready.

I love to DIY. It is what makes me the happiest but it sure is nice to find something that perfectly suits me and my style without having to transform it in one way or another.

Cost Plus World Market NYC

NYC cost plus world market

You may remember when I posted that I was heading into NYC to attend the opening event of the Cost Plus World Market in NYC.


The event was fun and I enjoyed getting to hang out with other bloggers, but also to see the merchandise up close and personal. I even came home with a few things. Like this Green Velvet Throw Pillow.

Decorating ideas on a budget

It looks perfect on the banquette around my kitchen table.  In my next house, if there is no banquette, I may just be building one since it is the one thing I love about my house that we can’t take with us to the new one.

cat sleeping on decorative throw pillow

The pillow comes in quite handy not only for decorative purposes, but we and our pets have been known to use the banquette to take a little snooze on from time to time.

Affordable decorating ideas

Some of the items I loved like these Gray Kubu Grigo tote baskets are not sold online and can only be bought in the store.  If I had my car with me, I would have brought a few of them home with me, too. I love the distressed white-washed look and size.


If you live in NYC, you can order anything from one of the computers in the store and they will deliver it to you. Perfect for city – dwellers who rely on public transit to get around.


A nice buying perk since it would be a little hard to take a pretty chair or larger item on the subway or a taxi. :-)


I also came home with some new cloth napkins in one of my fave colors. They fit right in my tote bag.


When I got home, I went online to see more of the items Cost Plus World Market sells since not everything is in the NYC store. I found more new and shiny in the way of Hammered Flatware to pair with the napkins. I have been looking for nicely weighted flatware with a modern vibe. When I saw this hammered style, I knew immediately that I wanted a set to use for everyday as well as when we entertain. It is a little hip and a little modern that keeps my style ever evolving.


I loved this curio and made a note in case my new house could use one for storing some of my favorite things.


It is fun to travel and go to events like this, but now I am back to focusing on getting my house ready to sell. If you are in the process of moving or have done so in the past you know how time consuming and stressful it can be. I think we are on the home stretch, then we play the waiting game.  I will post soon with lots of updates.

Until then….XO

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  1. Diane, I LOVE your new seat! Is it agreeable? I took after the connection and the cost isn’t terrible in any way, particularly when you consider the amount you will utilize that seat. Keep us on the up and up as you house chase. I can hardly wait to see what you pick! Incidentally, here in Cali we cherish Cost Plus. They’ve been here since the 70’s and used to be extremely crazy! Despite everything they hold some of their awesomeness, which I believe is something worth being thankful for. Have an incredible day!

  2. Such a nice post.. Looking for more updates from your side for the same.. Thanks for sharing with us..!!

  3. That World Market looks great! We have a World Market where I live in Richmond, VA, but it is a mess.
    Cluttered disorganized. Junky stuff only is what I see. Nothing like that great basket you photoraphed. Our World Market looks nothing like the NYC one that just opened.
    Rarely do I ever buy anything.

  4. I love shopping at CPWM especially at Christmas time. I too live in California and there is one in every major and sometimes small city. Yay!

  5. I liked hearing what fun you had in the new store. I’m in CA also, and love World Market — although, I’m stubborn about still calling it Cost Plus, as it was before the name transition. In all the WM’s I’ve been in, NONE look like that new one. Wow! Way upscale and flashy! Lucky you and everyone in that area. Shop on!

  6. Diane, Love the photo for your cat ! Cost Plus is a BIG staple for us in the West Coast. Glad you are able to now enjoy it in the East.

  7. Ooooh, I pretty much like everything in every picture. However, I LOVE your new chair. I need a new home desk chair and this may just be what I need. Oh and the photo of your kitty warms my heart.


  8. Diane, I LOVE your new chair! Is it comfortable? I followed the link and the price isn’t bad at all, especially when you think about how much you will use that chair. Keep us in the loop as you house hunt. I can’t wait to see what you choose! By the way, here in Cali we love Cost Plus. They’ve been here since the 70’s and used to be very funky! They still retain some of their grooviness, which I think is a good thing. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Bettsi – That would be a big yes…the chair is comfortable. It is not pillow soft comfy, more structured soft comfort. It is very roomie which I like and the arm rests are placed just right. At the NYC event I got to chatting with a guy from Cost Plus corporate and he explained the origins just as you stated… 70’s funky groove. :-)

  9. What a coincident …just yesterday I shared with a friend that she could find the glasses I have, and she had been looking, for at Cost Plus World Market. I also warned her she would not come out of that store with just those glasses!

    1. Oh no! I can understand why you miss it. They are just starting to come to the northeast. One is scheduled to open right near me early next year. It is a fun place to shop, even for food!

      1. We live in North Florida. I loved the store. My guess would be its location. It was in one of those spots where it seems nothing stays for long. “At Home” is there now.