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This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read my Disclosure Policy.

I love connecting with each and every one of you. I read every one of your emails and comments, but due to the large volume of email I receive and time constraints, I may not be able to reply to every one.

  • If you have a painted furniture related question, you may want to check for the answer in my: FAQ Paint Guide.
  • If you have a spray paint question, check here first to see if the information or answer to your question is here:  Spray Paint FAQ’s
  • If you have a personal decorating question or need an idea for something – I try to answer every question I get, but it does take time to get to all of them in a timely manner.
  • Due to time constraints, I can no longer accept online decorating consults.
  • If you are writing to ask about guest posts or inserting links into my posts, please note I do not accept either of these.
  • If you are an ad network wanting to fill my ad spots, I am happy with my current ad providers and won’t be making any changes.

Please know your words are appreciated. I will try to answer as many inquiries as time allows.

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  1. Really enjoy your site. Halloween book is intriguing. Although I have dozens of ideas and photos in my iPhoto album, I am always searching for Halloween and other holiday projects as I enjoy decorating for them. Halloween is actually my favorite one of all! charisse

  2. LOVE your blogs and website. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the Apartment Guide Your Picks Your Style sweeps.

  3. Really loved your stairs makeover. I am planning on sanding and painting my stairs too–you have given me inspiration!!

  4. I love the idea box, but what has me obsessed is how you attached the label to the box! If you have the time would you let me know what you used and how you did it?
    Thank you for your blog!

    1. Hi Gretchen-

      I meant to add a link on how I made the labels. I just added it to the post. I attached the label with two brass fasteners that you buy at an office supply store. They come in many different sizes. I used small ones for this basket. I made small holes with the tip of pointy scissors in the basket so that the brass fasteners could go through it exactly where I wanted to place the label. Once the label was made I punched two holes in it on either side and then put the brass fasteners through. You can get a better idea here-https://inmyownstyle.com/2010/01/how-to-make-wipeoff-labels-for-organizing-your-stuff.html