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How to Gift Wrap a Plant or Flowers in a Pot

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Poinsettias are a classic part of the Christmas season in decor and for giving. Red, pink, or white. I love them, but not the ugly plastic and foil pot covers that come with them. I learned a trick using fabric to wrap a Christmas plant that makes it easy to cover the pot or any ugly flower pot for that matter.

How to wrap a Christmas poinsettia plant to hide the plastic and foil covers they come in when you buy them.

It is a fast and easy tweak that you can make to coordinate with your decor. It is also a nice way to gift wrap a Christmas plant if you are taking it to someone as a hostess gift.

How to Cover a Plastic Christmas Poinsettia Pot with Fabric

How to wrap a flower pot with fabric to give as a gift or to coordinate with decor

supplies needed:

  • Poinsettia plant in pot
  • Scissors
  • Rubber band – medium size
  • Fabric – 21- inch square for a 1.68 size pot.  If your pot is bigger, you will need a slightly larger square.
    Plastic Flower pot hacks

1.  You want to keep the foil since it does serve a purpose to keep water from running out the bottom when the plant is watered.

Christmas flowering plant gift ideas
Flower pot hacks to coordinate with your decor or for giving as gifts

2. Remove foil cover and cut it down so it is the same height as the pot

Flower pot hacks

3. Place foil back onto pot. Lay fabric face down on work surface and place poinsettia on the center of fabric.

How to hide and wrap the ugly pot a Poinsettia comes in

4. Bring up the sides of the fabric and then take a rubber band up and over the bottom of the pot to cinch the fabric around the pot.

Creative idea to wrap a Christmas plant or flower pot

5. Using your hands, arrange the folds in fabric around the pot by pulling the fabric up and pushing it evenly around the pot.

Creative way to hide an ugly plastic flower pot

6. It should look like this. 

7. Use scissors to cut away the excess fabric so it ends up looking like this. You want an even amount of fabric all around.  It does not have to be measured or perfect.

How to wrap a flower pot to give as a gift

8. Starting at one section, pull the rubber band away from the pot with one hand…

How to wrap a Christmas plant
Plastic flower pot hacks

… and with your other hand, roll the fabric loosely and then tuck it under the rubber band. 

9. Continue doing this all around the pot…. loosely roll the fabric and tuck under the rubber band section by section all around the pot.

Fabric cover hack for plastic flower pots

When you are done it should look something like this.

Decorative and creative way to cover or wrap a Christmas plant.

No more ugly plastic pot or ugly foil cover. Since the foil cover is still intact, you can water the plant without water getting the bottom fabric wet.

how to wrap flowers to give as a gift.

I make these covers for plants and most plastic planter pots when I don’t have a pretty pot to transfer a plant into.

Instead of using fabric and a rubber band, I cut up gift wrap and pages from a book. I used Mod Podge to attach and seal the paper.

Creative way to wrap a plant or flower pot to give as a gift or to simply hide the ugly plastic and foil it came with.

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  1. I do this in burlap for outside pots. Looks more organic, and if the burlap gets wet/soiled, I can toss it later. Looks cute with a red Christmas bow added, too!
    Merry Christmas, Diane!

    1. Hi Janet – Yes, you do end up cutting some fabric off, but since I use leftover fabric, getting to use it is a bonus. If you like the idea, but don’t want to cut your fabric. Instead of cutting the excess, roll all it tightly and secure it under the rubber band. I have done it this way, the roll just looks a larger.