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Small Bathroom Before and After Makeover

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Small bathroom makeover ideas with bathroom remodel pictures to inspire you with budget-friendly and doable bathroom updating.

I have a few before and after bathroom makeovers under my belt from one where I Make $8 Decorative Feet to update a Boring Vanity Cabinet to only spending $265 Budget on a full Bathroom Makeover in my previous house.

The most recent Bathroom Makeover is where I transformed a piece of hand-me-down furniture into a sink vanity to save on costs.

Today I have a small, but pretty bathroom makeover to share with you.

Color-scheme-idea-for-a-bathroomSmall Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Here was my inspiration board to makeover the small bathroom that I use for guests.

Bathroom Makeover BEFORE


This second floor bathroom was a little bit 1980’s…

how to begin a DIY home improvement project

…with a few 1970’s touches underneath?


We were hoping after ripping the vanity out that the tile floor would be under it, but as you can see it was not, so we needed to put in new flooring.

Small Bathroom Makeover AFTER

Blue and white DIY bathroom makeover

Now the bathroom is cheery blue and white with a few pink touches. :-)   The biggest change came by adding this vanity. It is from Lowes and called Andover. It fit perfectly along the wall in the small bath.

How I Made Over A Small Bathroom

Small bathroom decorating ideas

What I loved most about the vanity?  It required no DIY skills to make it. I enjoy DIY’ing, but when something is so perfect and doesn’t require it, what a treat!

It was delivered in a big crate. Luckily when it arrived, my youngest was visiting along with her boyfriend.  His muscle and Ed’s made it possible to get it up the steps to the second floor of the house. It came intact with the marble top and sink, so it was heavy.

The vanity also came with a matching wood framed mirror, but it did not fit above the vanity since the ceiling is slanted. I gave it to my oldest daughter to use in her new house. I replaced it with this mirror framed mirror.

Marble topped vanity in small bathroom

All we had to do for the vanity was slide it into the space with disc sliders and add a faucet.

Adding Glass Knobs to the Sink Vanity

Bathroom makeover using a blue and white color scheme

I did do one small style change on the vanity. It came with pewter style knobs that were not my style. I changed them out with glass knobs.

Blue and white floral stenciled walls in bathroom

The Flooring

The next big change was the floor. We had planned to keep the original tile, but when we removed the old vanity we found no tile under it so we had to add a new floor.

I used the same NuCore Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring that I used in my Studioffice, Hallway of Darkness, and Powder Room.

I receive many questions about this flooring.  I LOVE it. It is easy to care for and doesn’t wear. It has a texture to it that adds a rustic quality.

It is very easy to install. It can go over sub-flooring or even existing flooring, so we didn’t have to demo the tile.  We did have to buy a new white marble door threshold and then added new baseboards all around the room.

Budget Decorating a small bathroom using a blue and white color scheme.

The Walls Are Stenciled

On the walls, I added horizontal planks on the bottom half.

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in the color, Liberty Blue to stencil the pattern called Floral Fireworks from Royal Design Studio Stencils on the top half of the walls.

It was the affordable answer to the expensive wallpaper I liked and showed you on my inspiration board.

Royal Design Stencils Floral Fireworks

It is just the look I was after.

Plank wall in a small bathroom

The overall design camouflages the rough walls very well.

Waffle Hotel shower curtain in small bathroom

I wanted to make the small room to be light and bright to give guests a pampered hotel spa experience. I chose a white hotel shower curtain.  I had the rings from my previous house.  They look silver in the photo, but they are clear glass balls.

How to store and display towels in a bathroom

After the big changes were made, I had fun adding a few decorative accessories to the room…

How to hang bath towels in a pretty way

…from Birch Lane.

Decorating ideas for a small bathroom

As well as items I already had.

Peek into a blue and white small bathroom with pink flowers on vanity.

The room is complete except for the entry door hardware. I was hoping to get the shiny chrome door hardware I ordered in time for this post, but will add it to the door and door jam when it arrives.

This room is the first room you see when you head up the staircase to the second floor. Seeing it is a welcoming sight now.

To see the guest bedroom that goes with this bathroom:  Color Lovers Guest Bedroom Makeover


Below are the links to the items I used in my bedroom makeover:

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  1. Love the stenciled “wallpaper”…..wow. Both rooms are so bright and welcoming. One question, is the bed a full or queen? Thinking it is a full, but was just wondering.

  2. I love your stencil wall even more than the wallpaper! and I love love love the colors in your guest room – the pink spread, the wall art, the stamps. Swoon. Pretty sure we are all secretly hoping for an invite :)

  3. I love your makeovers! I live in a pastel home and want to be surrounded by neutrals and soft colors when at home. I did not think that I was going to embrace any of these “colorful” projects that you guys are doing. Boy was I surprised. I adore the colors you used in your guest bedroom. I could live in that room, easily. And the stencil on the bathroom wall is a stunner. I thought it was expensive wallpaper until I read your storyboard. Amazing job. Such good taste.

  4. Diane, this is just gorgeous!! I love that you are so brave with color and you do it so well! Love the bathroom and that stencil has me swooning. I was just looking at wallpaper this really fooled me, it’s beautiful in blue and white. Great job on the whole room and bathroom. You are making that lake house shine!

  5. I am so in awe of your talent. Love everything about your two makeover rooms. That bathroom, like everyone I thought it was wallpaper. What a beautiful and dramatic difference it made to use a stencil. And the bedroom with the colored canvas panels behind the bed, can’t wait to see the how-to’s on that. Love everything. Wish I were a guest in your home.