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Easy Fall Flower Arrangement

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Fall decorating does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Creating a fall flower arrangement can be done in 10 minutes when you use flowers and branches from your yard or even fake florals from the craft store.

While I was overseeing  :-) Ed remove the holly in front of our house earlier this week, I got an idea on how to decoratively use some of the cut branches before turning them into mulch.

With the first day of fall only a week away, I wanted to add some fall color to my living room, especially now that I have a sofa. It was delivered on Wednesday and I could not be happier with it.

Fall flower arrangement idea that is easy and inexpensive to create

I bought the extended length Pottery Barn Comfort sofa with a White Twill slipcover. It is deeper and longer than the regular sized Comfort sofa.

Easy fall floral arrangement that can be made in minutes.

It is also deeper and bigger all around then my old sofa and feels more like you are sitting on a sectional and not a sofa. I like that I can sit on it and have plenty of room to tuck my legs and feet under me if I want.

I added the velvet and fur pillows and fur throw that I bought last fall. Behind the sofa is the sofa table from World Market. With the large wall clock centered above it, I needed to add something big to balance the space. This is where the cut branches from the overgrown holly came into use.

How to Create a Fall Flower Arrangement in 1o Minutes

To create the fall flower arrangement behind the sofa I used the holly branches and fake florals that I used in my fall decor last year, but in different ways. I used the leaves in a basket…

Fall mantel decorating idea using what you already own

…the persimmon branches on glass bottles on the mantel and the hydrangeas were out in an urn on my front porch.

They are all being reused. This year I am using them all together to create one large floral arrangement.

supplies needed:

All the fake fall florals are from Michaels

  • Ceramic crock or vase.  I recently saw these crocks… They are a bit pricy, but ooohh…la..la… I love them.
  • Styrofoam from packaging or florist oasis
  • 3 or 4 tall tree or shrub branches
  • 4 or 5 fake fall leave bouquets
  • 3 persimmon berry stems
  • 8 hydrangea stems with leaves removed

Easy autumn floral arrangement DIY

I went to my decorating stash up in my attic and found this crock. I have had it for years. For added height I placed it on two thrift store books that I had previously painted white.  I stuffed the crock with broken pieces of foam I save from packaging.

DIY autumn flower arrangement

I started to create the flower arrangement by placing a few cut holly branches into the foam, minus the leaves.  I simply pushed the ends of the branches into the foam until they were secure. They added the height I was looking for and the best part, they were free.

Fall flower arrangement ideas that you don't need to hire a florist

Next, I added a bouquet of faux fall leaves.  I spread the branches out before sticking the stem into the foam.

How to create a stunning fall flower arrangement on a dime

I added 4 more leaf bouquets around the base of the crock and secured each into the foam.

How to create a faux fall flower arrangement using branches from your yard and florals from the craft store.

Next I added 3 stems of fake persimmons. One on the left, one in the center and the third on the right. I bent the wire stems so they would gracefully fall just like real stems would.

Easy autumn floral arrangement DIY

The faux hydrangeas came next.

How to arrange fall flowers when you have no flower arranging skills.

I removed the leaves from each hydrangea stem and placed them evenly all around, even along the bottom so they would fall below the crock.  You can see one that I added and haven’t pushed the end of the stem into the foam blocks yet to secure.

Pottery Barn Comfort sofa with an Easy fall floral arrangement on sofa table behind it.

You may need to spread out a few of the branches, but no fussing needed. All done!

I have had a busy week and haven’t had any Netflix binges going on. This weekend the sofa will get it’s real test when I get all comfy cozy to watch a movie or two. Popcorn anyone?

I am still waiting on two recliner rockers to be delivered, but may have to wait a few more weeks for them to arrive.  I am not letting this delay stop me from adding a few more fall touches to the room and mantel.

I will share these with you on Monday.  Happy weekend, Y’all!  It’s almost FALL!


How to create a faux fall flower arrangement using branches from your yard and florals from the craft store. No flower arranging skills or florist needed.

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  1. Love the fall arrangement. I actually have a crock similar to that one that belonged to my grandmother. I see a project in my very near future…….

    1. Hi Kathy – I used to have 3 crocks like the one I used for the floral arrangement, but sadly over the years two got broken. :-( They were handed down to Ed from his grandparents. They are a classic and can be used in so many different ways! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Love the sofa! I just got velvet pillows in hot pink and love the look of velvet. Your fall arrangement is fab!

    1. Thanks – I love the velvet, it adds just the right textural contrast and perfect for fall. Hot pink sounds fun. I have a deep pink one and used it on my sofa last year, but now it’s home is in one of the guest rooms. Hope you get lots of enjoyment from yours. Visual as well as comfort.

  3. The sofa looks fabulous!! You can’t go wrong with PB!!!
    I love the Fall arrangement! Thank you for a great idea!!

    1. Hi Nancy – Thanks. I have always wanted this PB sofa and am so happy that I finally got it crossed off my wish list and into my life. :-) Hope you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy!

    1. Hi – I am soooo eager to see the temps go down and no humidity. We had a little tease of it right before Hurricane Irma came through, but now it is hot and humid again, although not 90, but still summer like. I am looking forward to waking up to find a little chill in the air, too. Hope you have a fab weekend.