Fave Five Friday

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I am not sure where the week went, but it did just that…it went by as I was busy doing an outdoor project that I will share soon. It has also been very hot which delayed its completion. Paint does not dry fast when the temps soar past 95 and the humidity is as thick as the paint I was using.  :-) The heat also zapped my energy, hence my lack of posts this week.

The project is done and I am enjoying being in the AC now. No more outdoor paint projects for me until September. :-)  When I wasn’t painting and sweating, these are some things that rocked my week.

ONEColorful silicone sleeve wine glasses in 2 sizes

For my birthday, my sister Laura gave me two sets/sizes of these colorful Lifefactory Indoor/Outdoor wine glasses with silicone protective sleeves.  I have been using them for more than just wine. They look so pretty in my dish rack that I don’t want to put them away in a cabinet where they won’t be seen.



Speaking of wine, this is the one I have been enjoying lately, La Cuvee Mystique. I find myself buying it again and again. It is a smooth and full-bodied red that is only $14.99



I love Brussel Sprouts. My favorite way to eat them is roasted in the oven or mashed with a soft boiled egg with some salt, pepper, and flax seed oil. This Shaved Brussel Sprout salad looks delish…. I can’t wait to try it.



I am thinking about adding a rug like this rug in my foyer.

My go-to summer dress


I live in painting clothes, but when I need to run out to the supermarket or an errand, I quickly change out of the paint clothes and grab this dress from my closet. It has become my go-to summer dress. The frayed hem and upper back keyhole give the classic chambray dress a modern take.

Happy Friday… enjoy your weekend!

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  1. will try the wine. Always welcome suggestions. I have one for you [ 14 Hands Hot to Trot ( a red blend ]
    Try it , you’ll like it !

    1. Hi – Love the name… My oldest has been a horse lover and equestrian since she was little. I will check it out the next time I am buying wine. :-)

    1. Hi Charlsie – Thanks for taking the time to tell me you own the rug, that you love it and it is vibrant. The rug isn’t too formal or modern looking which I like. I want to paint a piece of furniture in the room navy blue and have been thinking of a seagrass rug or a white and blue one. Once I have the piece painted I will make up my mind.

      1. I just finished painting a piece of furniture navy blue for my entry. Love it.
        Just as a suggestion I used General Finishes Milk Paint in Coastal Blue ( love this navy). I am finding that I am using General Finishes about 75% of the time my customer orders.

        1. Hi DiB – I have never used General Finishes paint, but have heard all good things about it. I will try it for my next makeover. Thanks for recommending.

  2. Hi! Love the rug , I think it will work well in the foyer. If those wine glasses are unbreakable, I need those!!

  3. Hi Diane, I like very much this kind of posts with random things of your week. I will order these wine savers for sure. Here in Barcelona (Spain) the weather is also very very very hot with high humidity levels as well. Waiting anxiously for summer holidays!!!

  4. Great post, Diane…something for everyone! Love Brussels sprouts too, and I thought this had bacon in it, but NO! Haha, I can add bacon to it! I think it would be great with sautéed or grilled chicken tenders too, to make more of a main dish. Also love that dress…just my style! Have a great weekend, and slow down a little. It’s too hot.

  5. Happy Friday! What a fun post : ) I love the wine glasses w/ silicone sleeves!! I may have to order and of course try the wine too LOL

    Have a great weekend

  6. Been “Africa” hot here also and you could slice the humidity with a butter knife! I’m sure you were melting as you tried to paint outside, however, you do have that GIANT pool in your back yard to cool off in! Such cute glasses your sis gave you and that rug will look wonderful in your foyer. I’ll be looking for the post on your latest project.(Front Doors (?)) Stay as cool as you can. Vikki in VA

  7. Love the rug…subtle, yet striking. Wish they made it smaller…I have a tiny entry way. Enjoy your weekend…stay out of here heat! ;)

  8. I like the rug, great color! and it has an already broken in look like it may be an antique. Thanks, Diane, stay outa the heat!

  9. I have a similar dress that is my go to! So cute. And . . I love that rug! Thanks for the link.