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In my post last week, I asked you for feedback about what you would like to see, learn and read more about here on In My Own Style.

Most of you commented to just keep doing what I have been doing. A few of you mentioned that you like when I write a post every once in awhile about my favorite things. Well – that’s easy. No prep, supply list or tutorial to write needed. :-)

So as we head into the holiday weekend, I thought I would do just that… write about my favorite things… the things I use or wear every single day! The items I would miss if they ever stopped making or selling them.

In My Own Style blog's favorite things  to wear and use every day.

I have used most of the items on this favorite thing list for years. There are two items that I have to go in search of when I need to replace as they are discontinued or no longer sold in stores.

This is one reason I love shopping online, especially on Amazon or Etsy where many discontinued products are sold. If they ever go out of stock on these sites, this blogger is going to be very sad. When buying discontinued items I always search around for the best price as many resellers up the price quite a bit knowing that it is someone’s favorite thing that they never want to be without. More on this below.


You know I am a skin care junkie and can’t pass by an Ulta or Sephora without going in for a spin. On one such trip to Ulta last year I came across Julep Love your Bare Face Facial Cleansing Oil.

I love, love, love this! I had tried other cleansing oils in the past, but they were too thick and greasy and left oily residue on my skin. This cleansing oil is lightweight and has a slight scent of lemon. It removes sunscreen (I wear tons on my face) and makeup with ease. I have even bought the smaller size for when I travel.


I started using Herbamare Herbed Sea Salt and Herbamare Zesty over 12 years ago. These are my go-to seasonings for just about everything. The zesty version had a different name. It was called Trocomare and was only sold in Australia.

I have been finding it on Amazon and when I do, I buy a few at a time as I never want to be without. The green container is the regular Herbamare and is easy to find at most large grocery and health food stores. I have tried other seasonings, but they taste too salty and fake – not Herbamare… it has a fresh clean taste of herbs.


If you use a MacBook and carry it everywhere you go, this Fuse Reel – Side Winder is the best invention ever!!! I wonder why Apple didn’t come up with the idea!

Once you place your power cord in the reel, you can easily wind up the long cord and battery block into a nice, neat easy to manage package. No more long cord to trip over. It is also great when traveling.


I have this Asymmetric Wrap Poncho in many colors. I take one with me when I go out and about. It is thin and lightweight and is perfect even in the summer to carry with me to put on when I start to get cold when out at a restaurant or movie theater.


I follow the WW Freestyle plan and every afternoon I make myself some oil-free popcorn in this Presto PowerPop Microwave Popcorn Popper. Over the summer when we traveled, I took it with me as most places we stayed had a microwave. It does need to be paired with these Concentrator Cups that I make sure to stock in my pantry.


I don’t bake a lot, but when I do I use a KitchenAid mixer. I mentioned to Ed one time when I was whipping something up, that I found it hard to scrap the bowl as it went round and round with a normal length spatula.

A few days later this 14″ long Silicone Spatula showed up on our doorstep. Ed silently went in search for a longer spatula and ordered one to surprise me. The silicon spatula is 14″ long. It really is “baking” life changing! It makes it so easy to scrap the bowl without my hand or the mixer getting in the way. There are even longer lengths available, but 14″ is perfect for my needs.


Dansko Britney clogs in black Nubuck

3 years ago I went to a Podiatrist with painful Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot. The doctor told me I could become pain-free if I stopped wearing flip-flops and flat shoes and instead wear shoes with a hard sole and a 1″ – 2″ heel.

I took his advice and bought a pair of Dansko MaryJane style clogs. He was right. For the past 3 years, I no longer have any pain in my foot. The only other shoes I wear are sneakers that have very hard soles.

For the fall, I just bought a new style – Dansko Britney MaryJane Style clogs. They are Nuback and have new styling to the strap – it is doubled on one side. These Maryjane style clogs ( in many styles and colors) have become my go-to footwear choice. I even have them in a sandal that sadly they no longer make. They are more comfy than slippers – in fact I even wear them as slippers with socks in the winter.


I still organize my day and to-do list on a paper planner. I have tried online planners, but I find I need the visual stimulus of paper and pencil to keep me on track.

I am very picky about the pens and pencils I use as many make my handwriting look awful. A few years ago I found Papermate Precision Mechanical Pencils and loved the way my handwriting and printing looked when I used them. They are very hard to find anymore so I guard the ones I have with my life.

One thing about finding discontinued items on Amazon and online reselling sites like Etsy is the price often triples.

When I went searching for a link to these pencils, I found one seller selling the pencils for $28. That is nuts!!!

When buying things on Amazon, always scroll down the item page to see the section – What Others Bought and you may find another seller selling the exact same thing for a lot less. That is what happened for these pencils.

That’s my list of Favorite Things for now, but I will schedule to create another post in a few months sharing more of the the things I love and use every day and highly recommend.

I have many other items that I use and love every day that you can find over on my:

In My Own Style Amazon Shop

Since I live in a semi-rural area where the closest shopping is 30 mins away. Online shopping is becoming my go-to shopping resource.

Do you shop online? What is your favorite site? I wish HomeGoods could be online :-)

Hope you have a very enjoyable Labor Day weekend. If you live in Florida – I hope the wrath of Dorian does not upset your life too much.

I will be thinking about you.

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  1. Hello Diane. The link for the rest of your favorites did not work. I’d love to see what else is on it.

  2. You’ll need to look for a Kitchenaid Flex Edge Beater. It has a spatula like edge on the beater which scrapes the side of the bowl as it goes around.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love reading about what people love and can’t live without! I once had the beginnings of Plantar Fascistic, and someone recommended Haflinger cork bottom slippers/shoes. I love them and wear them in the house every day-life changing! Have a nice holiday weekend.

  4. I love to shop on line. Saves time and gas. Sometimes saves money too. Unfortunately I’ve read about a lot of brick and mortar stores closing now.

  5. I just ordered a pair of the Dansko shoes. Such a hard time with my feet, sometimes I could pull my hair out. I’ve worn Clark’s for years but they no longer seem to make them like they used to and my original pair (2008) are falling apart as are my sandals. With vacation coming up I spent part of today looking for ankle boots since some come with the perfect pitched heel but then the back of my heel is sore because of the foot being enclosed. No fun getting old or having foot problems to be sure. Thanks for sharing this idea , I’m hoping it works out for me.

    1. This post is informative, refreshing & useful. Get’s the mind ready for changes we didn’t know we needed. Not to mention, a breath of fresh air from all the usual posts seen everywhere! I see a few things I will definitely take a look. Thank you!