5 Things For Friday

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Yay it is Friday! – Fridays are consistently the day most of us look forward to each week and that’s even more true during the summer months. I am taking the day off from projects and am sharing five things with you today about myself that you may not know. I call them my Friday Musings.  A few things that go beyond blogging and DIY projects, although No. 2 is sort of a DIY project in a new way for me. :-)

Grace and Frankie

No. 1

My newest obsession…I can’t get enough of Grace and Frankie.

My extended family was in Denver over the Memorial Day weekend for my niece’s wedding. We stayed at my brother’s house. While there, my youngest daughter told my sisters and I that we had to watch Grace and Frankie…that we would love it. We watched the first two episodes on her laptop.

My daughter was right, we loved it! As soon as I got home on Monday night, I signed up for a free 30-day Netflix subscription so I could watch the rest of Season One. If you haven’t seen it, it is a new Netflix show. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin still have it and are so funny.

The show is about two women in their 70’s who are forced to start over after their husbands tell them they are gay and leave them for each other.  Grace and Frankie move out of their homes and into a beach house together.  Jane Fonda is Grace, who is high maintenance while Lily Tomlin’s character, Frankie is a yoga loving hippie.  The acting, the plot, the decor in the beach house… I loved it all. Season Two…  please hurry!

magnifying glass

No. 2

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that while I was cutting tulips last week to put in a vase, my pinky finger got in the way of the scissors’ path. When I realized that I nearly chopped off the end of my pinky and saw blood spurting from it, I knew a Band-Aid was not going to be enough.  I tried to stay calm and play it cool, but a trip to the ER and stitches were in order.

The stitches were to come out this week. When I called my doctor to make an appointment to have them removed, the office was closed for the day. I couldn’t wait another day since the stitches were becoming very uncomfortable, so I did a little DIY stitch removal myself. It was not as hard as I thought thanks to a few of my at the ready DIY tools… tiny scissors, a pair of pliers and a magnifying glass.  I will spare you a photo of my pinky, but it will be back to normal soon. :-)

walking path in nature

No. 3

I love to be outdoors whenever possible. In the warmer months of the year you will find me walking for an hour every morning before it gets too hot. I like to start my day this way. Some of my best ideas come to me when I am out walking by myself. I like the solitude. This path is on one of the routes I take.


No. 4

About 8 years ago when I was working in retail display and running around a store all day, I found my body would get out-of-line. My sister told me to get orthotic inserts for my shoes. I looked into them and bought them at Walmart. I had a few pairs and placed them in all my shoes.  They helped tremendously and I have never been without a pair since then except if I am wearing sandals.

Fast forward to a foot injury I received when bike riding last fall that sent me to a podiatrist.  My foot is fine now, but as I was chatting with the doctor I told him I wanted to do everything possible to keep my feet happy and my body in line as I get older so I don’t wear out my knees and hips.  What could I do now to prevent that from happening?  He told me to stay active and Orthotics.

What I was already using was fine, but custom-made for my feet would be even better.  I am so glad my insurance paid for one custom pair. All I can say is….WOW!

I feel like I walk in a whole different way now… a better way. Every part of my body feels in line all the way up to my neck. I have a spring in my step that I never had before. If you find your body alignment feels off, I highly recommend getting a pair, even the basic store-bought ones can do wonders.


No. 5

I get many questions about blogging, decorating, painting, and chalk paint, but the most asked question I have gotten in my life is…“What’s it like to be a twin?”.  It is all I have ever known, but it is pretty special having a built-in buddy. We are identical down to still having the same baby tooth that never fell out.

This is a recent photo of us that one of my daughters took about a month ago. I am on the right with the pink shoes. People who know us have learned to tell us apart by my sister’s cowlick in her bangs.  My bangs fall straight down.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me beyond the projects I post.

Happy Friday…Happy Weekend!

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  1. Power Steps are a great brand of athletic shoe inserts. I used to DIY all the time and made the mistake of trying to stand on a ladder with flip flops (ugh – I know!) or barefoot or with just socks and my back and legs would just ACHE!!! I been wearing my Asics with the PowerSteps in them for the last 10 years and I feel like I could ALmost DIY forEVer!!! It’s an awesome thing just for ‘standing’!!!!!

  2. Diane,

    What a FUN blog post! :) I enjoyed reading every word. I forgot that you were a twin, but I spotted you right off….

    ps are you going to Haven?

  3. Diane, I’m a long time reader a I’m a huge fan of your talent and creativity. I have to voice my opinion about your recommending a tv show starring Jane Fonda however. As the daughter of a Vietnam vet, there is no way I would watch ANYTHING with Ms Fonda attached to it. I know that your husband is an Annapolis graduate so I’m frankly shocked that you inluded this show on your list and describe it as a latest obsession. This is just my opinion but I feel the need to voice it on behalf of all Vietnam vets and their families.

  4. You are too precious! I’ve heard good things about that show! And it’s news to me that you’re an identical twin so nice to know that now! ~ Kate

    1. Hi Kate – I bring up my twin sister, Carol from time to time since I know that many readers do not know that I am a twin. My sis is the head of a nursing school and hundreds of people know her. When I am out and about I always hear, Hi Mrs. Duell or “Is that you Carol, why didn’t you say hello”. I have learned to smile and say hello to everyone that looks at me odd figuring they are friends, colleagues, or past students of my sister and wondering why she is not acknowledging them. :-)

  5. Removed your own stitches! You GO GIRL! The next time you need to stem/slow blood flow, from a cut, pour on black pepper-I kid you not. Hubs and I have used black pepper (basic, common, ground, ‘table pepper’) on cuts for years. Sounds like black pepper probably wouldn’t be enough for your cut, but for a less serious incident it’d be appropriate. Surprisingly, it does not sting, burn, or hurt when put on a cut. Loving Grace and Frankie, esp like seeing roles for senior actors.

    1. Hi Mick – Thanks for sharing the tip. I will have to remember that about using black pepper. I think I will write it on the Band-Aid box so I don’t forget.

  6. cold rainy Sunday in Upstate NY, but that’s OK! I am watching Grace and Frankie. THAnKS for the tip!

  7. I am enjoying your posts! It is inspiring to read about all the creative things that you are doing. I have worn orthotics since my last child was born and I will say that they are truly wonderful for supporting an aged body! ha! My podiatrist made this pair for me after I had heel spurs (plantar fasciitis ). If they are worn most of the time, the heel spurs go away without surgery.
    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with all of us!
    P.S. Have you tried Zappos.com for shoe deals?

  8. Uh oh, you’re a gonna now. Netflix is addicting! If you have time watch “House of Cards.” One of the best serials I have ever watched. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are superb in this.

    It’s like being given permission to eat a whole box of Krispy Kreme donuts!

  9. I knew you were a twin, but great to see you together. I bet you two together are a bunch of fun to be around. I don’t like Jane Fonda, but I have to give her credit for being a good actress. I guess I need to check into Netflix.

    Okay, I have to say this, because I can’t get it out of my head. Please do not go walking alone on that isolated path. I am afraid for you. This world has become a bit too frighening for me to be comfortable about you doing such.

  10. I love that show, too! I binged watched it as soon as I saw it was available on Netflix. And orthotics! The best thing ever for aging feet and knees and lower backs! I discovered them about 3 months ago. My knees and back feel fabulous. Perhaps I should investigate whether my insurance compay offers a pair made specifically for my feet.

  11. Diane! I really enjoy reading your posts!
    They are always very informative!! I’m going to buy orthotics!!!!
    Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Nancy – I know that most larger Walmart stores have a machine that you stand on to determine the type best suited for your feet. These are the ones I used up until I got the custom ones made.

  12. Diane, that is so cool! I didn’t know you were a twin! :) I could spot you of the two, but yes, spitting image! :) Lucky you to have a twin! :) And love the personal post. I think I’m ready to do one, too. Sometimes you just need a day off from DIY, right??

  13. Hey Diane, can you comment on your Tone-Up shoes? How long have you had them, do they have good arch support, etc. Aren’t they made by Skechers?

    1. Hi TeddyMom – Funny you should ask abut my sneakers. Yes they are Skechers and I LOVE THEM!!!! I have had them for 4-5 years. They do not make them anymore and I scour Ebay to find new or slightly used pairs. I had a pair when they first came out. They are called Tone-Ups. I don’t know if they tone anything, but they just feel great. After my initial pair got worn out, I couldn’t find them again and bought a new kind of sneaker. I didn’t like them and I kept buying new pairs of sneakers hoping to find a style that I liked how they felt and looked. I gave up. I started searching on ebay for the Tone-Ups and over a few months time I found 3 pairs. I bought all of them. I paid $19-$29 each. One pair was brand new, the other two like new. If you do a search, white ones from the UK show up for over $100. I skip by these and wait for a pair to show up in a fun color and for an affordable price.

  14. I have been following you, specifically for all of your chalk paint ideas, but I did not realize you were a twin. What a fun little fact! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Ditto for Frankie and Grace, love Jane and Lily, the decor, the guys do a great job also. Laugh out loud funny.

  16. Once again your blog has brightened my day! I enjoy reading your posts very much! Happy Friday!

  17. …I always enjoy your posts, but I feel now like we should have been triplets, you, your sister and I! I loved the series “Grace and Frankie” too, and one time took out my own stitches… I love peonies and orthotics… we are just too much! Hugs; Linda

  18. Thanks Diane for all the neat info. I also have watched “Grace and Frankie” and laughed right through it. I have started my 2nd time on the episodes now. They were great! Enjoyed #5 on your list. February 1st brought identical twin granddaughters into our lives. How my…..I believe I grew another heart in the process. They are beautiful, cute, precious, etc. You get the idea. We are all enjoying them so much and how tricky it is to tell them apart. What fun! We are blessed! Thanks, as always, for such a great site!!

    1. Hi Barb – I am going to start watching the series again for a second time, too. It will keep me satisfied until Season Two starts. Congratulations on your granddaughters. Once their personalities start showing it will be easier to tell them apart. Family and friends can tell my sister and I apart, but when we meet new people they are floored by how much we look alike.

  19. Great post. Saw hilarious clips of this shown during an interview with Jane. Is that path part of the Perkiomen Trail?

    1. Hi Debbie – You will love the show. It is so funny and Jane/Lily are perfect for the roles. You are going to laugh when I tell you where the path is….it is the fire road that leads down to Hopwood. :-)

  20. Diane, Loved reading this post.
    Several years ago I did the same thing to my pinky finger on my right hand. I cut off a piece of the tip of the finger. I was not wearing gloves when I was trimming a vine and I knew when it happened it was a big deal. I immediately grabbed the fingers on my right hand and ran to the house. I was afraid to look so I asked my hubby to examine and see what I had done. I thought I could doctor it at home but when it would not stop bleeding and hurting like crazy I wen to an Urgent Care near the house. They had me soak my pinky in a concoction of Mercurochrome (remember that stuff?) and other painful liquids for what seemed like hours. I got a tetanus shot (something all gardeners should have every 7 years) and they bandaged the finger. No stiches because the cut was not a deep cut but a slicing sort of cut. Lesson learned for me was to always wear gloves when using cutting tools in the garden.
    The picture of you and your sister is adorable! Vikki in Va

    1. Hi Vikki – I just bought new gardening gloves that will hopefully keep me from chopping off my finger tip again. I was rushing to get the flowers cut and wasn’t giving the task my full attention. I learned the hard way that haste is not a good thing. Focus on the task and then move on to the next thing. I will keep my fingers this way :-)

    1. Hi Jann – You will love the show and the decor in the beach house. Make sure when you start watching it that you don’t have anything to do for a few hours since you are not going to want to stop at only one or two episodes.

  21. Hi Diane- I’m loving “Grace & Frankie” too- especially their beach house. Enjoy the weekend!