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How can it be Friday already?   This week flew by… I guess it was because I returned home from a trip last Sunday and have been trying to play catch-up all week. I am just about caught up.

I have a dentist appointment this morning, but when I return, I have one more item to cross off my week’s to-do list and that is to get all my Christmas decorating bins out from the attic, then I will call it a week. :-)

Over the weekend, I will be getting the pantry makeover closer to completion. So far we have the new door installed and I have bought all the supplies I will need to transform the small closet into a highly organized pantry.

For now though… to close the work week, I thought I would share a few things that interested me, I bought, or inspired me lately plus the last item on the list is a giveaway that is just in time for the upcoming hosting and toasting season.

It’s a casual Friday kind of post. Here it goes…

2018 Planner review

If you are a daily planner lover like me and are looking for a new planner for 2018, check out the 2018 planner reviews Amber is posting over at Damask Love. She is reviewing 8 popular planners with photos and videos so you can see the planners up close and personal.

I always enjoy when I find creative and money saving decorating ideas. This tile hack is pretty ingenious. 

I caved… and bought this when I told myself I was simply going to “just take a look”.   :-)  It smells just the way I want my house to smell over the holidays.


If you are not 6 feet tall and a size 6, but want your jeans to look fitted, in style, and under $40, I think I have a pair for you. I really, really like these jeans. 2 weeks ago I bought a pair in the color, Starry. They fit so well, my curves and all! I ordered another pair in a lighter color called, Calico.

Blue Willow Place setting idea

I love this Thanksgiving table setting idea using a piece of ribbon and mini pumpkin for each place setting.  Jennifer over at Celebrating Everyday Life created it for a blue and white table setting.  To create it yourself… gently fold a wide ribbon back and forth on the plate and snip the ends in a “V” shape, then place a mini pumpkin on top. Easy and it looks fabulous! The best kind of DIY. If you are looking for table setting ideas, she has many great entertaining and inspiring ideas on her blog that are worth checking out.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, as we enter the season of hosting & toasting…

Ladies Who Drink book

…this little gem of a book entitled, Ladies Who Drink will help you entertain in style over the holidays and beyond.

Ladies-Who-Drink-recipe for Five Minute Chocolate Cake

It is filled with light-bite food pairing recipes and entertaining ideas perfect for just about any occasion.  I want to try this Five Minute Chocolate Cake recipe. Did you notice it serves only 1 and only takes 5 minutes?  Perfect for when you need a little something sweet and don’t want to make a whole cake.

I have one copy of the book to give away!

Congratulations to the Book Winner:  Suzanne Sullivan

Happy weekend… It’ s going to be a chilly one here…


YAY!  It finally feels like fall in every way. 

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  1. Love a good dirty vodka martini and best of all I found the perfect brine (olive brine is what makes the martini dirty) at Aldi! The name brand is Milner’s which is an Aldi brand. Who knew? But they only carry the mix between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I highly recommend it. My neighbors love my dirty martinis!

  2. Nothing beats a good gin and tonic! And it tastes even better when the hubs makes it for me!

  3. Always enjoy your writings and creative ideas. Your matchbook collection is fun. I’m 73 years old now as as far back as I can remember my dad had a dark room and took, developed and printed photos of my brother and I and our extended family. And he always made our family Christmas card. Then one year he cut most of the covers off of generic matchbooks and stapled on photos of my brother and I with a holiday greeting..he also did the same with photos of our cousins or with Just holiday greetings and gave boxes of them to my aunts and uncles as gifts. By the time I was 10 or eleven I was out in the dark room too helping to make these. Seeing all your matchbooks brought back these memories of all the fun I had helping him make these. Thank you for the memories.

    1. Hi Peggy – What a creative way to spread some Christmas cheer… very clever. I bet they were a cherished gift by all who received them. Do you still have any of them?

  4. I know you’re probably asking for cocktails or wine, but this time of year I really really just crave hot chocolate with a splash of Bailey’s!!

  5. At work events one of my peers always looked so sophisticated as she drank champagne and I thought mmmm geez that’s quite interesting as wine gave me headaches. Now I am that work peer sipping Prosecco…Pop! Fizz! Clink! Love to give mini bottles as gifts now too as everyone deserves to cheers!!

  6. I usually drink beer or wine, but when I’m lucky enough to visit New Orleans I drink a cosmopolitan – lime and cranberry and not sure what else but it is delicious.

  7. I only drink beer, and this time of year, it is Breckinridge Brewery Vanilla Porter, sipping just one is delectable!

  8. Just discovered a Manhattan, in a toast to an older brother who passed in March. (his favorite)
    Don’t usually drink, some of the other comments sounds like a must try for me.
    Love the book covers.

  9. Moscow Mules this time of the year – but with Bulleit Bourbon, instead of vodka. Cheers!

  10. I wish I could fix me an adult beverage but I am allergic to the ingrediants but I have friends that do drink … I think if I could it would be pinucalada

  11. Cranberry and vodka with a basil leaf! Cheers. Happy weekend. Beautiful eye catching post.

  12. My favorite drink is a chocolate martini! They have a place here in Lubbock that makes the BEST Chocolate Martini’s and it starts with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur! Oh my. . .just the drink to have while entertaining guest! ;- )

  13. Oooh – Rye and Ginger, hands down.

    Canadian whisky mixed with ginger ale (preferable Canada Dry)

  14. Hmm, it’s hard to say, but I would say my go-to favorite is Lambrusco. It’s not too sweet and not too dry.

    Thanks for the fall ideas, especially the candle.

  15. A Gin and Tonic with Bombay Sapphire gin or a margarita is my summer choice and of course sangria white or red. Fall winter I love a cup of tea and a good book or a glass of Malbec ?. Speaking of good reads I’m reading “the woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware it’s a hard to put down read if you like mystery’s. Happy Fall.

  16. My favorite drink is a red table wine made by Post Familie Vineyards from Arkansas. I live in Louisiana and make frequent trips to purchase it, as they do not sell this particular one anywhere but Arkansas. I know this is unbelievable but it is a very inexpensive wine (under $10 a bottle) and doesn’t even have a cork! Lol! I have served it in many occasions (even weddings) and it’s always the first bottle to empty! Everyone always asks what it is and where they can get it. They think it’s a very expensive wine. They can’t believe that I get this from a grocery store!

  17. I like a tall scotch and water. Preferably Jonny Walker Black. I really enjoy your blog. I check it out every morning as it gets my creative juices flowing. Keep up the good work!

  18. I always look forward to a good Manhattan! My mother has been gone for over ten years, but each time I take my first sip, I think of her and how we always celebrated Christmas with a Manhattan toast (of course this was after spending hours preparing Christmas dinner and finally feeling we could relax)! Cheers to your best holiday ever!

  19. I love a classic Rum and Coke! I especially enjoy Cruzan Rum, which is produced on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Hope it wasn’t devastated by the recent hurricanes! Hey, and toss in a paper umbrella or a cute swizzle stick…it’s all about the presentation, right?

  20. My favorite drink is water, haha, but for a mixed drink, I like a pina colada with high quality ingredients.

  21. Bailey’s Irish cream in hot chocolate was a fave when I lived in Michigan. Now I am in Florida and a top shelf Margarita is always yum!

  22. V & T is the usual for me here in the desert, but a Lemon Drop is a special occasion drink.

  23. G&T is my summer drink, but as fall and winter start to knock on the door, I switch to red wine (room temperature).

  24. In the winter, I enjoy a classic Old-Fashion, made with Maker’s Mark bourbon. In the summer, I like rosé wine. And a nice glass of red is good any time in between!

  25. Personally, since my mother used to go to great lengths to make a huge batch of egg nog every year, it is one of my favorite ways of enjoying the holidays – starting now – 11/10/2017… now that I am old and feeble I skip some of the work, but throw in some rum, brandy, cognac, or whiskey…and stand back! That’s a good drink!

  26. I love me a margarita but my real passion is coffee. I use Victor Allen Donut Shop for my Keurig……sooo good!

  27. I have to say I’m a wine-o over all, but a friend recently introduced me to Sleepytime Herbal tea. After a day caring for my husband who has Alzheimer’s I have a hard time relaxing, so she suggested before I go to bed I try a cup of this hot tea as I tune out the day and count my blessings…it does the job. I know everyone probably already knows about this, but I’ve not been a hot tea lover and had not heard of it.

    I’ve made the mug cake and it’s great when you don’t need to make a normal size for several people.

  28. I love a glass of red wine in the evening. With cooler weather coming, I may occasionally switch to a glass of port with a decadent bite or two of dark chocolate. Cheers!

  29. Since my body won’t tolerate alcohol, those types of drinks are off the menu for me. But I would love to have a rich hot coffee with some Amaretto, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkling of nutmeg in it….if I could drink it ;-)

    I’d love this book since we hold a Holiday Open House every year and the ideas in it would be so helpful.

  30. Bailey’s and coffee will surely keep me warm on those cold nights by the fireplace!

  31. One of my all time favorite drinks is a “Peach Bellini.” Have a great weekend, Diane! Cannot wait to see the finished pantry!!!

  32. hmmm….what don’t I like to drink… I have a problem? LOL My favorite red wine right now is Predator. It is a spicy smokey zin.

  33. Can’t beat a well made margarita! Our local Mexican restaurant makes THE best. I’m not sure what magic they do…but they’re perfect margarita.

  34. I love a good Bloody Mary but winter calls for a Hot Toddy or Coffee with Kahlua!

  35. My “go to” drink used to be “white Russian” but with so many other yummies out I now prefer Rum Chata with a little fireball and when push comes to shove when a place doesn’t have this and also no half and half or milk I will just have either baileys or kahula on the rocks!

  36. Still loving a cosmopolitan, but Fireball whisky straight from the freezer is a good second choice.
    Thanks for the give a way!

  37. Here in Florida its usually cold drinks ,so I like a Malibu Bay Breeze made with coconut rum made here in our town and non alcoholic would be a egg cream .

  38. My favorite drink depends on my mood. Today I’m already fantasizing about curling up by the fire tonight with a glass of cabernet.

  39. My favorite drink is a beer but my favorite mixed drink would be a Margarita….with salt! That book looks so cute!

  40. I love a Negroni before a meal. It would be so much fun to read this book as I sip my drink.