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How-to Make a Partner’s Desk

Do you have a home office that serves as you and your spouses work area but can’t figure out how to share the space? Sounds like you need a Partner’s Desk.

How to make a Partners-Desk-Home office

My husband I made the partner’s desk pictured here, so two people could work at the same time.  I designed it using a wooden file cabinet that was handed down to us from my husband’s family.  It used to be dark brown and was pretty beat up.  We built the desk around the file cabinet.  Once the desk was constructed, I painted the whole thing a light taupe and added new brass label holders for the file drawers.  It has served us well.  Over the years I kind of took over both sides, one side for the computer, the other for creative work.  Now that my husband is working from home, he needs his side back and I am still trying to find out the best arrangement for both of us.  Stay tuned…

How to make a Partner's desk for a home office

I made this desk long before I started blogging. Recently I gave my studioffice a makeover and took photos of taking the desk apart. Seeing it may help you to figure out how to design one yourself.  Here is the link: Studioffice Switcheroo

Home Office and Craft Room Decorating Ideas

Many readers ask me about the wood file drawers that are a part of this partner’s desk. They are a vintage.  We built this desk around them.  If you follow this link, you can learn all about them: Painting a Wood File Cabinet with Chalk Paint

My studioffice has been updated. To read more about it, check out this post: Studioffice Tour

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  1. Coming over from funky junk….. wow… that is amazing that you built that. I am love, love, loving it! All those markers and pencils get me going since I am a painter. Stop over to my blog sometime!

  2. Are you kidding?? That is amazing!! What a fantastic project and it is AWESOME!! I am so jealous of that desk!! You’ve got my mind spinning with ideas now. Thanks so much for the link!

    Poppies at Play

  3. Hi Sherilan- Yes, I made the chair covers. I am going to post how I made them, probably next week as I show a few more parts of my craft space. Thanks for the nice comments.

  4. Hi Diane,
    I just found your blog and really love it. I was going through some of your older post and found your “Getting Organized” post and love it, especially the chairs. Did you do that and have you put on your blog how you did it? Can’t wait to keep reading.

    Sherilan Young

  5. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I wish I had some before pictures to show you and some while the desk was in the construction phase, but we made it a few years ago. Lynn- I cleaned out my basement this summer and threw out tons of stuff. Of course now I wished I saved some of the items. I have come to the conclusion -as soon as you throw something out- you need it or find a use for it.

  6. Very nice! I just got rid of my desk because I tended to just fill all the drawers up with random junk – but now that I see yours, it kind of makes me want one again :)

  7. Your space looks amazing! I love how you have it organized…very cute! Thanks for sharing your ‘job well done’. Happy Holidays!

  8. Hi Pk, Lisa, and Sue-

    This side of my office looks neat- you should see the other side. With my husband’s stuff now taking up residence, it needs some re-organization. I will post more soon. As for the colored pencil holder-I found instructions for it in an Artist’s magazine a few years ago. My dad made it for me. It is really quite handy.
    Thanks for the comments, they really made my day.


  9. I can’t believe you made that desk (I mean – I DO believe it, but it’s awesome!). :-) Love the storage on the end too and the way you organized it. Did you make the colored pencil organizer too? That’s pretty clever.

    Thanks for joining the party and welcome to blogland!

  10. Wow, what wonderful organization going on in your space. I love the “partners” desk but I must admit I wouldn’t want to share that beauty with anyone. I’d want it all to myself-lol.

    I love all the little compartments.

    Great looking space and photos.

    Happy holidays!

  11. Diane, this partners desk is just the best thing since sliced bread! You and your husband did a fantastic job designing this gem. I love how you incorporated the old files and then gave them new tag holders. Your workspace looks so neat and tidy! Congratulations on a job well done!