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Girlfriend Gifts

How was your Thanksgiving?  Mine was quite enjoyable. I turned off my computer to take the time to hang out with my family.  I ate lots of turkey and still have some leftovers in the fridge. We went to the Christmas tree farm to get our tree. We found one we liked and actually chopped it down.  A first for us, since we usually buy one already cut.  We decorated, made cookies, went to the movies, and just hung out.  I enjoyed every minute. While relaxing I thought of some great ideas for girlfriend gifts this year.

With Thanksgiving over, I am now in full-swing holiday mode.

I know it is a tradition for many to go out shopping on Black Friday to start the season of giving. I never embraced this since I worked in retail where it was mandatory for all employees to work on Black Friday and be at the store at 4 AM.  It kind of ruins your holiday.  I do enjoy Christmas shopping though and buying gifts for my family and friends on any other day except Black Friday.


A few years ago I hosted a short and sweet get together that I called the “After Shopping Hot Chocolate party”.  I invited a few friends over after a day of shopping.  It was the perfect busy holiday season get-together since everyone is short on time at this time of year. A one hour get-together late in the afternoon for some hot cocoa gave us a chance to catch up and be merry without a big time commitment.


This year I held it for my sisters and daughters.

To start the giving season off right, I had notepads from TinyPrints personalized to give as a gift to each of them. It wasn’t until I started setting up small TV style tray tables in my family room that I realized the personalized note pads make perfect place cards, too!


To make the notepads festive for the occasion, I tied a red ribbon bow around each one and placed it on a dessert size plate.  I made place mats from gift wrap called Festively Striped and placed them on the tray tables so we could sit and gaze at the tree, listen to Christmas music, and enjoy each others’ company.


I chose the designs:  Swirling Spring in Begonia, Thoughtful Bubbles in Pearl & Noted Cheer in Margarita


No time to host a little get together for your girlfriends?

With over 100 notepad designs to choose from, the personalized notepads make great teacher gifts and under $20 stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.

Would you like to buy some personalized girlfriend gifts, or do you need holiday cards or gift wrap? Tiny Prints has all of them and will have them delivered right to your front door.

Giveaway is Over:

The winner:  Congratulations Irene Woodworth

I will email you.


I am a Tiny Prints Home Décor Brand Ambassador and have been compensated for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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  1. I would love to give my daughter the Modish Montage pillow with her and her brothers on it.

  2. Adorable! Love your personalized note pads! Such a great idea for a place card, but also a clever take away for guests. If I won the drawing I think I would do the personalized pads as well. Thanks for sharing tiny prints with me!


  4. I had never seen Tinyprints…How do I choose. I love the glass prints! They have embossers which would be nice as I make all my own cards, Desk calendars…playing cards 9 you get the idea! They have great ideas & selection…so hard to choose!

  5. I love the idea of the personalized note cards. I needed another idea for my daughter and daughter in law and these would be the perfect thing!

    1. What a great idea to give personalized note pads. Very clever and wonderful designs. I think I would still like the Holiday personalized photo ornaments if I won your drawing. Those are definite keepsakes and would be very meaningful to my family members for sure! Thanks for inspiring all of us!

      1. Congratulations Irene! You are the winner of the Tiny Prints $100 credit. I will email you to make sure I have the correct email address to send the credit to.

  6. Oh gosh, I don’t know…. maybe a planner or personalized note pads (I just love paper). Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize. Happy Holidays to you!

  7. I would choose swirling spring. I’m sure I would also find a few other things that I just must have as well.

    Kathy B

  8. I like the self-inking address stamps, too! They’re not only great for return addressing Christmas Cards, but cool for gift cards and personal notes! I’d like to get one for my daughter, as well.

  9. I would love to get the self-inking address stamps and personalized note cards – so many great designs to choose from!!

  10. Oh, I like the Krafty Dots and Stuff Happens notepads! Plus the magnet possibilities look very interesting.

  11. It was tough to choose but I’m really liking the Wonderful Joy holiday card! They just have such amazing products — I want everything! ;-)

  12. They are all so cute! I would have a hard time deciding what to get!!! Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks! In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie

  13. I like the custom stamps and embossers. I also liked the variety of notepad designs Tinyprints has.

  14. I would choose the Cupcake Candle invite and turn it into a holiday card or the Frosty Birthday invite and do the same!

  15. I love the Embelished Emblem notepads – I have a thing for chevron, however I love a good planner so I might have to get one of those for myself!!!

  16. I love how beautiful you make everything! Your holiday decorations are beautiful and inspiring. I love all the tinyprint things but I think the stationary and thank you cards would be great to start the new year! Merry Christmas!

  17. I’m terrible at making these decisions. But I do love a good throw blanket or even a custom print of my daughter’s photography.

  18. Great looking photo ornaments. The many styles of notepads are all great. For myself, staying honest, I’d have to get the “Stuff I didn’t do yesterday”.


  19. Would love to make a new address stamp. Baby#5 is due soon and I would love to do a birth announcement.

  20. All of their items look adorable- its hard to pick just a few! My favorites are the glowing winter ornament- what a nice way to commemorate the holiday with family. The shimmering dots gift wrap- what a great way to brand all of your presents! I might have to get the modern grain iphone 6 case as a gift to myself for my new phone. What a fun site!

  21. I love the ones with the picture in the background. Also like the one that you chose. Like the planners. Like the …….

  22. I am still in love with the tree ornaments and want to get some done with my grandchildrens pictures. Gonna hop on that today! I also like the personalized throw! Great idea about the party goods too! I may get some for my co workers.

  23. I think I’d get the Spirited Seal 1.51×1.51″ Embosser Rubber Stamps
    I like putting my “mark” on things and this would be a great way to do it with class!

  24. I would love to get the Laurel Letter Stamp, that’s a cute house warming gift :)


  25. I love to get the Playful Pencils notepad for my son’s teacher and the Solid Monogram notepad for myself!

  26. I would love to put my 20 month old granddaughter on the Christmas ornament! Everyone would enjoy for years to come. Next year, after he is born, I’d put my grandson on one also. As grandparents, it’s great being called Gigi and Big Daddy!!!!

  27. I love your idea of the place settings! Sounds like a truly fun time of getting together and catching up with the girls. I would choose the Memo Arrow notepads. So many pretties to choose fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  28. I love the notepads too, and I think my favorite was Noted Cheer, one that you chose.

  29. I love these. They are very beautiful. Your photo’s are gorgeous. I am trying to improve my photo’s for my blog. What is your secret? Have you done a course.

    1. Hi Julie – Thanks :-) I have worked hard at learning all that I could about photography since I started blogging. There really is no secret, but it is all about the quality of the light and a good lens. I have tried out many cameras and lenses. All my equipment I bought used to save money. I took all the Shoot Fly Shoot classes – that is when I had my aaaaHaaa! moment. I highly recommend the classes. They are easy to follow and affordable. There is a link to the course in my sidebar.

  30. I would love to buy some of the cute notepads for coworkers! my favorite is the Lush Bouquet :)

  31. I love Tiny Prints and have been eyeing their glass and metal ornaments for sometime now. I’d love an assortment on my tree. What an amazing giveaway for the holidays.

  32. Happy Holidays…cutting down your own tree has to be the best, so jealous!! So perusing Tiny Prints had me giddy!! I am a paper fiend and I loved everything they had to offer!! The personalized pads and stationary were my favorite! I am definitely going to order a few sets. Thanks for sharing! Hugs

  33. I would love to have some personalized postage. Very frivolous! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  34. What a great idea for a get together! I’d order the personalized notepads to give to my daughters, mother, and friends. Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  35. Tiny Prints offers so many cute items that its hard to choose but I love the embossers especially Refined Remark.

  36. I’d order the adorable notepads. I always get people what I’d like/use that way I know it’s sure to be a hit!

  37. I love the idea of the hot chocolate party. The Tiny Prints website had the most amazing paper products. I love the personalized note pads, the great address labels that wrap around the envelopes and the fantastic stationary. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  38. I love Tiny Prints! Their stationery is so fun and would be the perfect personalized gift for just about anyone I know!

  39. Hi, if I were selected to receive gift card to TinyPrints, I would pick the Enticing Emblem and give one to each of my two daughters and my daughter-in-law. I like that there are three color choices with a monogram and first name.

  40. I have three daughters and they each have a daughter. Think it would be cute to get matching mother/daughter notepads for their stockings.

    Love Tiny Prints… thanks so much for the opportunity!

  41. Would love to get an ornament for my expecting daughter and son-in-law and maybe some peronalized notepads for friends, sister, daughter-in-law, etc.

  42. Wow!! Love the post as I never shop on Black Friday either. I did look at Tinyprints and found many things I would love. My favorites would be the Dotted Destinations stamp for my family mail and the Cutie Pop Dots to use at school ( I teach middle school). I did love the Colorful Notes notepad as well as the Stylish Shades cards. As you can see, there would be no shortage of items to choose if I win. Thanks for offering the prize.

  43. I’d get the personalized notepads for my daughters, daughter in law, hairdresser, etc etc. What a great idea!

  44. I am torn between Memo Arrow and Noted Cheer (in lemon) so I would definitely have to purchase both! Thank you!

  45. Diane: I would get an assortment of note pads and the Heartfelt White Mug…just had a new Great Grand baby! I need a permanent picture of her!
    Thanks for the opportunity…I hope I win!
    Loved your idea of the “after shopping get-together.”
    Happy Holidays
    Joy Schumann,

  46. I spent so much time searching the site I almost forgot to come back to you to leave a note. I love the personalized note pads. So many fun designs to choose from. Great gift ideas!! :)

  47. The Pressed Petals embosser is so classy. It would be such a nice gift for my daughter. She is married with a five year old and a newborn. Doesn’t an embosser speak of family and permanence?

  48. I would love to order a photo iPhone case for my husband and personalized notepads for my nieces.

  49. I would love a custom self-inking stamper, and some of the personalized note pads. It’s had to choose only ONE item when they all look fun!

  50. If I were fortunate enough to win, I would order the Cherry Showers stationary and a custom stamp, they look great!
    I love your idea of a quick stop by and catch up, so clever! I also forgo the Black Friday, after serving a 14-year “sentence” in retail, there is no way you will catch me in a store !

  51. Exceptionally great stuff! I would love to buy unique, round address labels and notebooks as gifts. Love these ideas!!
    Thank you!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  52. Let’s see……I would order the Vibrant Impressions Notepad, the Butterfly Thicket thank-you’s, the Anchor Monogram flat cards (for my husband’s to use)….I could keep going :)

  53. Ah, yea! Would love to win this shopping spree! Love your idea of ladies get-together this time of year. I do this with a group of 6 friends who have bonded over the years. We always look forward to our gathering.

  54. I would definitely get personalized notepads for my co-workers. I love the monogrammed notepads too!

  55. Ooh, I’d get that awesome gift wrap, (LOVE the stripes!) and probably some note pads. But I really like their pillows and cards as well! It’d be a tough choice!

  56. This was my first visit to the Tiny Prints website and it was tough to tear myself away from it! My wish list for this great site includes the fabulous Erin Condren Island Fleu life planner (love the cover!) and the hysterical notepad “Stuff Happens” for my best girlfriends!

  57. Tiny Prints has great gift ideas! I love the blankets, the cell phone covers and the notepads.

  58. I would order thank you notes. My parents instilled in me the importance of a hand written thank you note and I’m trying to pass that on to my three daughters. Especially at Christmas time when it would be so easy to be overcome by the events of the season, it is especially important to remember to be grateful for the gifts we are given and people who thought to give them to us.

  59. Well, I think I would have to get some of the personalized note pads for the ladies I work with! Scratch pads are always a welcome gift. Thanks!

  60. I so enjoy your blog!! I love having small social events. I like the “light bulb moment” and “Krafty dots”. Tiny Prints has a wonderful assortment of goodies!!

    1. I would like the Christmas ornaments to see how much my grandkids grow in a year.

  61. I love this idea Diane. We all need a little break for some girl time now and then. I would love to do ornaments with special pictures for each guest.

  62. Tiny Prints is a wonderful site. I love all their note cards and papers. In a day where rarely anyone writes letter/notes to one another, I still do, and anyone one of their note cards would be a welcomed surprise to a friend receiving it. :)

  63. Happy Holidays!!! I would love to purchase a personalized planner! I need to get organized in 2015!!!!

  64. I am so glad you are doing this giveaway and found the perfect postcard to announce my move (when my house here sells). I love the one that says “Same girl, New town”. Love it and saved it and several more. Blessings

  65. I’d order some holiday cards. If only I could get everyone to look in the same direction. While smiling. :)

  66. I’d order ornaments with pictures of my kids for all the grandparents, who aren’t local and would appreciate the thoughtfulness!

  67. The picture ornaments or the notepads, or both! Great website. Getting ready to paint my subfloor!


  68. Great giveaway! I love that site, and I would have a hard time choosing, but I love Light Bulb Moment. Swirling Spring is fun, too! Glad you had such a fun, relaxing Thanksgiving. :)

  69. Diane,

    Love your ideas and wonderful blog.

    Tiny Prints goodies are all so wonderful … with a save the date, bridal shower and wedding all in the near future for my son and his fiance’ I cannot think of a better surprise than to give them the gift certificate if I were to win. They are hard working and limited on their budget with him being in graduate school and her medical school. This would be a great help…we were just talking about “save the date” announcements this past weekend.

    Love the white cake pedestal…


  70. I just loved all the notepads! So many to choose from!
    The hot chocolate party after shopping is a great idea, low key, and not too much preparation.
    I love your blog and look forward to all your tips. I also have a twin sister!
    Happy Holidays and Healthy New Year!

    Mary Jane

  71. So many cute notepads to choose from! I love the brilliant lanterns – I can use some color this time of year. The idea of a hot chocolate party is wonderful – may do this with my girlfriends for a winter get together! Happy Holidays!

  72. I think the cityscape and Bright Bouquet are my favorites. I also loved the black and white picture ornaments from a previous post.

  73. I especially like the “stuff I didn’t do yesterday” So cute! I can totally relate. If I won, I would give a nice gift to my friend Eva, she’s a wonderful person.

  74. I love the thoughtful bubbles! I’d love to win – they have such great things on their website.

  75. What a great idea for a get together during this busy season! Just an hour of good chat about the day’s shopping adventures. Your idea of personalized notepads used as place cards is so clever. I would definitely order notepads if I won… they are all so cute! Just found your blog a month ago and am a devoted follower now.