31 in 31 Challenge

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If you have spent any time reading January issues of women’s and decorating magazines over the past few weeks or have been online reading blogs and social media then you know January is not only about resolutions, but also all about getting our houses in order by cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of clutter and unused STUFF! I decided to get a jumpstart and do the 31 in 31 Challenge.

Taking the Glad 31 in 31 challenge

This January, the process has even more meaning for me to rid the clutter… a new house.

As you know I have thrown away and donated a lot of stuff over the past 6 months and you know what, I don’t miss any of it!

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Unwanted stuff and clutter weighs you down not just physically, but mentally as well.

When we decided to move, I donated and threw out a lot. Moving, like a new year has given me a reason to start fresh and edit even more as I am still purging. Not so much throwing items out, but donating stuff we thought we may need, but that doesn’t fit into our new home.

Glad 31 in 31 Days Challenge

I want our new home to be free and clear of unnecessary stuff.  The motto I live by when deciding what to keep…

” Life is too short to be the caretaker of the wrong details”

If I don’t want to take care of something… as in dust it, maintain it, or if it no longer makes me smile… out it goes into a plastic bag which makes it easy to place in my car to take to one of the thrift stores in my new town.

Clean out and donate

Over the last few weeks, we filled our garage with so many items we no longer wanted or needed…

How to clean out a garage

…with so much STUFF that our cars couldn’t fit in. :-(

Glad garbage bags that make it easy to donate un needed household items and clothes

I couldn’t have asked for better timing when Glad asked me if I would like to take part in their 31 in 31 Challenge, I thought…of course… perfect timing since I was already in the process of donating unused items!

As you know, Glad is the maker of the plastic trash bag that most of use to place and haul our un-needed items to the thrift store. Seeing so many of us use their bags in this way inspired them to start the Glad 31 in 31 Challenge were they encourage us to clean out 31 items, one for each day of the month to fill a Glad to Give yellow bag for giving. You can get a yellow bag here.


I took on the challenge and filled more than one bag… in fact I have been filling a bag a day for the past 20 days. :-)   Your something old can be someone’s new, making your cleaning and organizing efforts around your house even more important.

We have donated quite a bit and even had the thrift store truck come pick up furniture and big items that didn’t fit into a bag or my car.

#31 in 31 challenge

I am still filling up bags and have a few more spaces to tackle before the end of the month, like what is on the shelves in the garage, but am happy to report that just this week our cars can can now park where they are supposed to be…in the garage. :-)

It took some time and effort to make this happen, but I could not be happier to have lessened our load and been able to give it all away to someone new to use and enjoy.

This year, why not shed some pounds…of unused items? Join the Glad to Give 31 in 31 Challenge and clear the clutter in your home by simply filling a Glad® yellow bag with a different item every day in January.

When you’re done, schedule a free pick up on the Glad to Give website.  You can also share a photo of what you’re giving with the hashtags #31in31Challenge and #GladToGive.

It will make you and your house feel sooooo good! :-)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The Glad Products Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I love getting rid of stuff! It feels so good to clean out the house. I try to organize the closets a few times a year. I always feel lighter afterwards.

  2. I have been a “purger” for a long time–ever since I was in high school probably. Every six months or so (depending on the seasonal changes) I go through my warm weather clothes and my cold weather clothes. What doesn’t fit (either by size or dislike) leaves the house and goes to a thrift store (usually the one that benefits special needs people in our area.)

    At various other times of the year I go through non-necessary accessories, etc. and find a new home for them too.

    Of course the biggest purge came when we moved 4 years ago. We found there were things we hadn’t looked at for 25 years!!! If we didn’t miss them in that time, we figured we’d probably never miss them ;-)

    Decluttering is a good habit to get in to :-D

  3. When I got divorced a few yeas ago, my children and I lost our 3800 sq foot home and moved into a 1800 sq foot home. I didn’t mind not cleaning the bigger home, but we had to purge a LOT of belongings. I would be lying if I said it was easy to purge 20 years of memories 6 bedrooms, a craftroom and a 3 car garage and shrink it to fit into a 3 bedroom home without even a carport or shed. But I don’t miss the Things! We feel so free, without so much “stuff” weighing us down. We held a lot of garage sales, took a lot of things to the thrift store, and now really think about what we buy before we buy it. We still have year end purges, and it still feels great! I don’t miss my old lifestyle…well, maybe a little, but to see my kids happy and healthy, it’s worth it!!

  4. Very liberating! I’ve been going thru closets, etc and have a huge pile in the garage, waiting for good weather for a garage sale. But the thought of just donating it sounds better! :)

  5. Hi Diane – It does feel so good to have less. The old saying still holds true, Less Is More. I have done the minimalists challenge where you get rid of one item for each date on the calendar. Example: January 1st 1 item, January 2nd 2 items and so on. At the end of the month I had donated, trashed or sold 496 items. There was only one item I missed then but now I can’t even remember the item.