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Table Place Cards Made with Paper Bags

This week is going to be busy, busy, busy… shopping for food, cleaning the house, decorating, making place cards, and cooking to get ready for family that will be arriving at my house on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I am trying to be as organized as I can to get it all done, so that come Thursday – I can relax and enjoy the holiday.

Last week you saw the place mats I made for my table with the doily punch.  Today – I want to show you how I made not one, but  two different place cards for my Thanksgiving table. I could not decide which one I liked better or to post, so I figure , why not both.   The lunch bag one is also perfect to use on a buffet table to mark the names of what is in each dish.    They both are easy to make and only require brown paper or a paper lunch bag,  a dollar store silk fall leaf, a pair of scissors, and your computer.  To make things even easier – skip the computer and use your own handwriting.

Place Card #1:  Lunch Bag Bottom


Place Card #2:  Dollar Store Silk Leaves and Raffia


To Make #1: Lunch Bag Bottom Place Card

Paper-Bag-Placecard- Tutorial

1. Cut the bottom portion of the lunch bag off.

2. Turn bottom face up -the tab section is going to be the pocket that holds a guest’s name.


3. Cut bottom portion in half horizontally.   Every bag’s tab is going to be a bit different, so just make sure the tab is above where you are cutting.

4. Cut one vertical side off. Cut to remove the diagonal fold above the tab on each side.

5.  Cut other vertical side.

How to make a Paper-bag-place-card

I used the font – Edwardian Script in my word processing program on my computer to create and print out all my guest’s names on paper.  You could also print out all the names of the food you are going to set up on a buffet.  Place the cards in front of each serving dish so your guests will know what type of food is in each.

6. Set on table like a tent.  Place cut out name in the pocket.  Add leaf behind name for extra color and style.

Lunch-bag-placecard idea

To Make #2: Dollar Store Leaf Place Card

Dollar-Store-Leaf-and-Raffia Place card tutorial

1. If you don’t have brown paper, cut Kraft paper to fit into your printer, by tracing a piece of printer paper.  Cut out. Make sure to keep lines very straight so it fits perfectly into the printer.

2. In your word processing program write the names of all your dinner guests.  Space them out on the page as shown.  I used the font:  Altast Greeting in 48 pt size.

3. Place brown paper into printer and print out your names.

4. Trace leaf pattern below onto an acetate sheet.  (You can get a piece from packaging – box top from greeting cards, etc. or a copy shop.)  Cut out.

5. Center clear cut-out leaf over name and trace and cut out the leaf. Repeat for all the other names.

6. Use a hole puncher to make a hole in the leaf. Tie on to a section of a silk leaf with raffia.

leaf pattern for fall place card

Free printable pdf. file of leaf

Thanksgiving Tablesetting Ideas

Before I received the doily cutter last week, I took photos for a post I did for Momtastic.com using the woven place mats you see above. I only have a few of them, but I do love how they look on the table.  I use them for smaller gatherings.


The brown paper doily place mats are perfect as I could make as many as I needed so every place setting has a mat. 

Fall Table place setting ideas


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  1. Seriously , your dishes are from Big Lots? I LOVE your dishes ! I’m going to stop by tomorrow and see if they still have them . Your placecard ideas are so creative. I like both of them.

  2. They are both very sweet. I am sure I will copy your idea of printing on Kraft paper and cutting out shapes, if not for place cards, for gift name tags.

    Maybe Thanksgiving will be such a relaxing day for you that you’ll be able to take photos of your table to share with us. Hope so!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I think my favorite is the Dollar Store Silk Leaves and Raffia, but I would not turn either down if I had the opportunity.

    I love all of your table settings that I have seen. And I really love your white dinner dishes. White is my favorite of any I have ever had. Believe it or not, the white set I have currently (unbroken) is from Big Lots by Gibson and I think I paid $9.95 (maybe $14.95). I forget exactly since it has been a while now. Sure beats paying 5 times as much like I once did and went to pick them up and they had none & then the ones they replaced and delivered were not decent. Were not oven or microwave proof like they stated they were. UGH.

    I hope you post more pictures of your table setting you do this time. The one you decide to use Thanksgiving.

    Thanks again for all the clever tutorials you give us all.

  4. Now how smart is that!?! Creative & affordable. I have 17 coming for Thanksgiving! Thanks for the great idea.