How I Made My Monogrammed iPhone Cover

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How to Make a DIY iphone cover.

The question – Where did you get your cell phone cover ?– or – How did you make your cell phone cover?  I am going to show you and I even made a free chevron iPhone cover printable for you to download so that you can easily make one yourself.

Free printable Chevron iPhone cover

It seems when I show it in a photograph – I always get a flood of emails asking about it.  It was on my desk in a photo from my last post. I showed how to add a piece of jewelry to it in another, and in a photo on dorm room décor.   I also get asked where I got it when I am out and about.  Hmmm… this post is long overdue.

Free iphone cover printable

I am no expert in Photoshop and I am sure there is a better way to make this, but with my limited skills this post will show you what worked for me.

This is what the free printable looks like. Don’t cut and paste it from the page– it will be the wrong size.   Use the download link for the pdf.  Print it out on white cardstock and make sure your printer ink is full.

Click this link – Chevron iPhone Pdf – to download the free printable. You have to download it and then print it out from your computer so it will print out to the correct size.

 If you want to cut and paste and size it yourself – here is a copy. Click on it and a new window will open with the image.

Free Chevron I phone cover printable


Click this link to download the font – Cursif – so that you can add your own initial or monogram.

How to Make an iPhone Cover

supplies needed:

  • Clear cell phone case – I found mine at Radio Shack.
  • Printer
  • White cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Optional: glue stick

Paper crafting tools: Iphone cover printable

There are many styles of clear cases. I found the clear case on the left at the phone cover kiosk at my local mall; it was $12.  The colorful rubber bumper covers and clear case I found at Radio Shack.  $10 for a pack of 4.  I have also seen them at Marshalls and HomeGoods.

How to make a monogram iphone cover printable

Download the pdf. and Cursif font to your computer. If you don’t know how to download a font, I have a post on how to do it, here – My Favorite Free Fonts.

If you don’t have the photo editing software  – print the pdf. out on white cardstock and you will have to cut and paste the old fashioned way – with scissors and glue.

Update:  I have created a post on how to make a monogram in Microsoft Word.  Click the link to be taken to the tutorial.

Directions follow the PSE directions.

If you have Photoshop Elements or similar software upload the image into the editor window.

1.  If using PSE, create your initials. Open up the “Text” tool and choose the “Cursif” font.  Create your initials separately so they are not connected with each other.  This way you can move them freely in the circle to center.   I used 56 pt. type for the center letter and 36 pts. for side letters.

How to make a monogram iphone cover printable

2. Center the letters inside the circle.  Flatten the image.

How to make a monogram cell phone cover

3. To make sure it prints out to the correct size, save it as a pdf. file using high compression.

How to make a monogram cell phone cover

4.  The Save In screen will open – just make sure to name it with a new name so you don’t overwrite your original downloaded pdf. image.  Then click OK.

How to make a monogram iphone cover

5. The pdf.  window will open. Click print to print it out on white cardstock.

How to make a monogram iphone cover printable

See the directions below on how to fit the printable into your case.

How to Make a Monogram With Microsoft Word

If you don’t have PSE or photo editing software –here are the steps to make the monogram using a word processor like Microsoft Word and attach it to the pdf. printout.

1. In your word processing software – use the Cursif font to create your letters or to keep it simple – just create one letter and print it out.     Use 56 pts. for the center and 36 pts. for the side letters.   If only using one letter  – you can make it a larger font/pt. size.


2. Print your letter(s) out on white computer paper – not cardstock.  (The chevron pdf. can be printed on cardstock, but the initials – should be on thinner paper since it will be flatter when glued on top of the chevron pdf. Lay it over top your pdf. printout and trace the circle shape around the letter. I traced right inside the dotted circle. Cut out.

Iphone cover printable tutorial

3. Use a glue stick to attach it.

One-letter-monogram: Iphone cover printable

To add the monogram printable to the clear iPhone case.

1.  Center the design and trace the cardboard packaging insert that came with the clear cover onto the back of a piece of the chevron pdf.  If  the cardboard packaging insert doesn’t have the hole for the camera, use the actual cover to mark where it should go on your paper.  Cut out the shape on the paper.

How to make a monogram iphone cover printable
Make sure it fits in and then cut out the camera hole.  I used the paper hole punch to put a hole in the middle of the oval shape camera lens hole, and then used scissors to cut the rest out neatly.  (This photo shows it being done on a piece of scrapbook paper.)

How to make a monogram cell phone cover

Insert in the clear cover and place your phone in.


Here are a few I made using scrapbook paper and different fonts. You can read how I made them over at Momtastic.com



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  1. Hey can we use the metal insert instead of the cardboard paper insert for the rubber cover?

  2. can I use non sanded grout color FAWN? If not, what color? also what kind of paint, flat, satin or semi gloss?

    1. Hi Gail – I have always used white. The coloring in the grout, may leach into the paint and change the color. If you are going out to purchase it, I just starting using Calcium Carbonate Powder that you can buy a the health food store for the same price as the grout. It will not harden like the grout mixtures sometimes do.

  3. This is so cute! But what I really really loved was the owl pendant you had hanging from the earphone jack! Im obsessed with owls! If you could pretty please tell me where you bought that I would really appreciate it!

  4. I love this tutorial thank you so much! I really would like the bumper with the clear cases u have but I can not seem to find it anywhere online and dont live by any of those stores. Have you seen them online? I have seen flimsier ones but would prefer 1 like urs! Would appreciate any help. Thank you!

    1. Hi Marisa – I am not familiar with Ribbit, but I think it can be customized in any photo editing software. I just don’t know the exact steps for each program. In Photoshop and PSE you create layers. In other programs all you may need to do is cut and paste.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I didn’t download the font, so I going to use a rubber stamp and see what happens! =)

  6. I love thuis iPhone cover! I tried to do it, but i can’t open de PDF in my Snagit Editor. Do you maybe have a picture file available? I tried to capture the image from the PDF, but then the sizing goes all wrong :-(

    1. HI Debbie – I know everybody has a different configuration on their computers. Can you download it as a pdf. and not use Snagit? Let me know. I am not familiar with Snagit? Is it like a snipping tool? I have a picture file I can add to the post, but I am not sure that will size right.

    2. HI again Debbie – I added a png. photo to the post. You can snip it and play with the size. I only know that if you download the pdf. file to your computer and then open up the pdf. the size will be right.

  7. I have seen this phone cover in person and it is even cuter! I loved it so much I instagrammed it!

    Thanks for inspiring all of us today!

  8. Thank you for posting this tutorial. I also like the cover and appreciate your kindness in sharing. You have great taste!