How I Am Beating Sugar Addiction

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I was going to wait to post about how I am beating my addiction to sugar after I marked 3 months without one sugar craving, but since posting a snippet about it a few weeks ago, I have been flooded with emails and comments asking for more details. I figured since it has been 11 weeks now  – it is close enough.

I am happy to share how I have been getting those sugar cravings out of my life.  It is not only amazing… Truly a life changer that has been so easy I am still astounded when I think about it.

So here are the details on how I am beating sugar addiction one day at a time.

Being addicted to anything is not fun, but when you say you are addicted to sugar, others will laugh and say, “ha ha…me, too.” Addiction and  a “sweet tooth” are two different things.   A sweet tooth is when you want something sweet after dinner.

Addiction is when your mind or that little gremlin in your head won’t stop filling your mind with wanting more and more of it all day long – it won’t stop until you give it a fix and then the process takes over again. A vicious cycle that you have to keep giving into that takes over your life.   I have never been able to go for a few days without chocolate or something sweet like cake or cookies in my entire life, even when I was consciously trying to eat right or on a diet – the 24/7 cravings never went away. The only time I didn’t crave sugar was when I was in the hospital with appendicitis.

Over the past year, my addiction to sugar had gotten so out of control that I had to find something to help or I was going to become diabetic or worse.  It was becoming clear that taking care of myself had to become a priority if I plan on keeping my sanity and health intact.  To do this I had to figure out a way to change my “peanut M&M loving” ways. These little nuggets were taking over my life  – for real!



The yellow packages were in my desk, the car, my purse, everywhere.  New ones, half filled ones, crumbled up ones.

After getting serious about finding an intervention, I did some research and found something interesting.   Something simple and inexpensive. No doctors or drugs, only a little bottle of…  Dill Oil! You read that right, dill oil is one way to beat sugar addiction.

Reference Guide to Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils for years to make my house smell good, but never thought about using them in any other way.  Over the past year I have been reading everything I could about how to use different oils besides diffusing them or placing in light bulb rings. I bought a book on Amazon called the Reference Guide for Essential Oils and looked up “sugar addiction”.


Sure enough it was listed and the first item under the heading was to rub dill oil mixed with some carrier oil (almond, olive, grapeseed) on your wrists.  “Say what?” … I had to read it a few times until it sunk in.  “It can’t be that easy???”

All these years of struggling with the addiction and never winning… I figured I had nothing to lose and bought a bottle of dill oil.

I started putting it on my wrists the day after Mother’s Day. 11 weeks  – Life changing!    So far – a TOTAL success.

I have not had one craving – not one!!!  I have had 3 items with sugar in it that I ate at a normal time without the gnawing craving making me do it.  I had some Strawberry Shortcake on my birthday, a small bowl of ice cream when I was down the shore, and a half of a donut when I was in Florida just to taste since the donut shop was hugely popular.  I ate these like a normal person without a craving making me do it. This has never before happened to me in my adult life.

How to Use Dill Oil to Combat Sugar Cravings

I think for the dill oil to work to beat sugar addiction, you truly have to be addicted to where the “I need a fix voice” cravings are non-stop. You are a true addict – just like someone who is addicted to a street drug or alcohol.

I have lost 7 pounds only because I am not eating all the calories and fat that sugar laden foods have in them. I am still hungry and eat pretty much everything but stay away from foods with added sugar in them in the way of white table sugar, artificial sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup, etc.

It has been so easy!   I still eat 2 – 3 pieces of fruit a day. Berries, an apple, orange, or a half of a banana in a smoothie.


  • Most essential oils are strong and need to be mixed with what is called a carrier oil first or they can burn your skin. A carrier oil can be any food grade oil – olive, almond, corn…  I had coconut oil in my pantry so that is what I used.
  • To make mixing the oils easier for me every day, I bought an eye dropper bottle at Whole Foods and put the coconut oil in it.
  • Every morning I mix 2 drops of coconut oil with 2 drops of dill oil in my left palm and mix them together with my right index finger. I then spread the mix down the inside center of my wrists just below my palms.  Since it is summer and I wear shorts, I rub the excess behind my knees. I figure it can’t hurt.  :-)
  • That’s it!   For the first 3 weeks I did it every morning and even one evening when I felt a little urge creep up.  Now I don’t use it every day, but have found every other day, even every third day is keeping urges away. If you are addicted to sugar you know what I am talking about when these urges grow into cravings.   I am floored…truly astonished that I have not had one full blown sugar craving since I starting rubbing dill oil on my wrists.
  • You will smell like dill for about 15- 20 minutes after you apply it, so if I know I am going out early in the morning, I make sure to put it on right after I shower.

Keep in mind:

  •  People with epilepsy or that are pregnant should not use Dill
  •  Do not use if you have allergies to Dillweed
  • Every person will respond differently to essential oils, just as everyone responds differently to medication. I have had positive results using the dill oil to stop sugar addiction, but there are a few essential oils I have tried for different things that did the exact opposite of what I was using them for. 
  • I am not an expert on using oils. For more information check out the book on using essential oils in general. It is extensive.

Most essential oil companies sell Dill Oil. Just make sure it is pure 100% Dill Oil with nothing else added.

I use the Dill Oil from a company called Young Living.  I looked at Whole Foods and my local health food store where I buy Calcium Carbonate Powder to make DIY chalk paint. Whole Foods sells Dill Oil in the Wyndmere Naturals line, but Aura Cacia and Now brands do not carry it. I checked around online and found that Mountain Rose Herbs,  Bulk Apothecary, and  doTerra all sell it online.

If you would like to check out the Dill Oil I have been usingyou can find out more about it here.

If I had not been an open-minded thinker, I never would have found out about using Dill Oil to help combat my addiction to sugar. I have gotten down on my hands and knees thanking God and the universe for putting the Reference Guide to Essential Oils book on my radar.


Another way to combat sugar addiction is to clean up the build up of yeast in your gut. If you crave sweets and chocolate all the time, you probably have what is called Candida.  It is not helping you to overcome your need for sweets.  It only feeds it. One way that I have learned to get rid of it, is to take 1 – 2 tablespoons of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar two to three times a day.  Once upon rising, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon. Mix 1- 2 tablespoons in a 8 oz. of water and drink.  It is a bit hard to get down at first, but once you get used to it, it goes down easier.  Make sure you rinse your mouth out well after drinking so the acid does not wear away the enamel on your teeth. I use a straw so none of it gets on my teeth.   Make sure to get RAW UNFILTERED APPLE CIDER.  Bragg is the one I use. It is sold at most larger super markets and at health food stores.

A simple test to check if you have Candida:  First thing in the morning before you drink or eat anything, spit into a clear glass filled with filtered or bottled water.  If your spit starts to sink and swirls down at all within an hour, you most probably have it. If it sits on top of the water and does not have any tendrils under it, you probably don’t have it.

If you have any questions, let me know and I will  help you as best I can.



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  1. Hi, Diane! It’s now 2018, and I’m wondering how the Dill Oil worked in the long run? I, too, need to find a way to stop the sugar urges! Thanks!

    1. Hi Shannon –

      I still use Dill Oil, but since I have been using it for a few years, I find I don’t need as much. I only apply it once a week now or when I am feeling stressed and know that my tendency is too reach for chocolate. :-) The first summer I used it, I applied it every day and then went to every other or even every third day. It does smell like pickles until it dries and many have a hard time with this, but the smell has never bothered me. I swear by it and when I use it regularly, it works.

  2. This is interesting. I’m definitely going to give it a try. Several years ago, a gal I worked with went on the dill pickle diet. I can’t help but think, that someone had come across this connection, but essential oils were not as commonly available.

    Found you from Pinterest.

  3. Hello Diane,
    I am new to essential oils and Young Living. I have their Fall 2016 product Guide. They say you can drink their Vitality
    Essential Oils. Including Dill Vitality. Is this true? Do you know any more about this? Thank You

    1. Hi Kathy – I know many of Young Living’s Oils are ingestible, but I don’t know enough about each one. I have a friend who would know though. I will email you her contact info.

  4. Hello! I came across this post recently as I am trying to beat my sugar addiction! I feel like I’ve been eating more sugary treats than real food and it’s been going on for most of my adult life. I just bought my dill oil through doterra and I’m excited to start using it!
    My question is – is there a difference between rubbing it on your wrists and simply drinking it in water? I have read many of the comments but not all and I don’t know if this has been answered.

    1. Hi Julia – I have only rubbed the Dill Oil on the inside of my wrists and back of knees. I have not ingested it, so I do not know if it works that way. In my Essential Oil book it only says to rub on wrists and back of knees.

  5. I’ve been using the dill oil and it’s phenomal. I also have the candida and have been drinking the apple cider vinegar. How long do you keep drinking the apple cider vinegar?

    1. Hi Linda – The dill is truly amazing. Happy to hear that it is working for you. As far as drinking the ACVinegar, some people drink it daily. I usually drink it for a few weeks at a time then stop for a week and then start up again.

  6. Sorry I was so late to see this post. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in March. I went to a nutrition class & I have lost 40 lbs. since the diagnosis. I use young living oils but have not used the Dill. I have overcome severe episodes of bronchitis from allergies by using Peppermint oil, & RC. I am definitely adding Dill to my next order. Thank you.

    1. Hi Teresa – It sounds like you are succeeding in whipping that Type 2 Diabetes to the curb. 40lbs…wow! That is quite an accomplishment! I love using the oils from everything to cleaning to making body butter. :-) Dill also has been shown to improve high cholesterol. Love it! Enjoy your path to feeling your best and getting the healthiest you can be. I am sure you are an inspiration to all those around you.

  7. Hi, I just ran across this article in September. I could not believe how much I identified with the sugar addiction you talked about. I knew I had a problem, just didn’t know what to do about it. I ordered some Dill essential oil because it was inexpensive and I figured I’d tried so many other things, why not give it a shot. Well, I have to say that I usually do not have an insatiable craving for candy as I’m finishing my dinner every night anymore – and I have to say that I don’t feel like I’m being punished!! I don’t remember what exact date I received and began using the Dill, but my order date was Sep 16, 2016, so I’m thinking it was probably around the 26th or so…and to date Nov 9, 2016), I’ve lost 13 pounds! I am simply amazed, and this is really exciting for me to not crave candy, cookies and ice cream! THANK YOU for posting your experience.

  8. Eating sugar does not make one a diabetic

    1. Hi Charlene – True…I know this, but eating too many carbs along with a few other factors and genetics can lead to Type 2 as you age. I want to stay fit and as healthy as I can so that as I age I do not get Type 2.

    2. NoFretBrett says:

      Eating Sugar(s) Does NOT Help One AVOID Diabetes…

      Most People With Diabetes Have (or, in some cases, *Had*) Been “Sugar Crushed” For YEARS…

      Correlation…? (Definitely…)
      Causation…? (Major Contributor…)

  9. My name is Teri are you area in the Riverside county or San Bernardino County. I’m looking for someone local who has workshops

    1. Hi Teri – To find a Young Living rep who hold workshops in your area, I would go to YoungLiving dot com and do a search for a rep in your area or do a Google search. Type in Young Living Rep in Riverside County, CA and see what comes up.

  10. What essential oil could I use for beating sugar addiction since I have epilepsy?

    1. Hi Shannon – I wish I could help you out, but I am not sure. I have read that apple cider vinegar can help with sugar cravings since it helps rid the body of candida. I would ask your doctor though. :-)

  11. Hi, I am getting ready to try your dill oil recipe. Can I mix it ahead of time and put in a roller bottle, then apply it several times through out my day?
    Please, please respone ASAP.

    Thank You,

    1. Hi Keri – Yes. that is what I do. I mix it and place it in a roller bottle for ease of use. Make sure the roller bottle is dark and not clear glass or keep the bottle in a dark place. I found using it only once a day worked for me, but you may need to tweak how many times you need to apply it for your individual needs.

      1. thanks Diane for getting back to me so quickly. I am going to try it. I have to do something about my sugar addiction. It is causing my health to decline hourly.
        Thanks again Diane.

  12. Diane~I can’t thank you enough for sharing. I am quickly approaching mid-50’s & have successfully navigated menapaus (Thank you, Jesus!). To my surprise, my body & mind also “Paused” & are no longer responding as they once did to my unhealthy lifestyle (i.e. fried foods, stressful 60 hour weeks, minimal
    exercise ). Girl Scout cookies were delivered recently, and that’s when it hit me. After devouring 4 boxes in a week and adding a full 10 lbs to the already 15 lbs of weight I need to loose, I knew this is more than just a craving. I wood bring fruit, boost, bottle water to work and then someone’s child is selling candy/cookies or I just wanted chips because I can’t stop for lunch. I am also a believer of the holistic approach, so I started researching essential oils. That lead me here & I am so grateful. I never had a weight problem & therefore never thought i should worry about eating better, exercising more or even at all. Now I am so frustrated with myself & my really bad lifestyle choices. Mainly because i knew what the results of my choices could be and did it anyway. The info I’ve found on this one blog has provided a light of hope. The added info that Colleen contributed in the replies has lifted my spirits & my resolve. Thank you a million times over!

  13. Angie Berger says:

    Diane … Thanks for sharing this info. I am going to try it immediately. Are you still using the Dill oil and if much weight have you lost. I too use YL Essential Oils

    1. Hi Angie -Sorry for the delay in response to your question. Using the dill oil has been truly remarkable for me. When I initially started using it, I lost 10 lbs pretty quickly since I didn’t eat any chocolate. It then leveled out. I have been through menopause and losing weight after going through this is even harder than before. I just have to eat way less and move more to really lose weight. Gone are the days when I could say, “I want to lose 5 lbs by the end of the week” and it would happen. The dill oil has kept the sugar cravings away and my body has responded in such a good way. With little to no sugar in my diet, I have never felt better.

  14. Finally someone who understands! I’ve been dealing with these horrible cravings for about 3 years; eating way too much everyday! Abdominal swelling to the max and constipation awful. Chocolate cravings stink! People don’t take me serious when I tell them I’m addicted. They laugh and say, “me too!”. They just don’t get it! I’m gonna try your tip. I’m starting with Apple cider vinegar. I have that exact one here.

    1. Hi Kenna – You are right, many do not get it…until you are truly addicted to something, you will never understand the hold it has over you. The apple cider is said to help with Candida, I believe if you add more garlic to your diet that will help also. I didn’t see a big change when I did that, but the Dill and the Apple Cider Vinegar are my weapons against those cravings that take over your life. I hope they work for you as well as they did for me. :-)

  15. I am a Sugar Addict too. I went to a Health and Wellness Dr. for it. I kind of jokingly said it but he look me straight in the eyes and said your right you are. He said they did a test with Rats. They gave them Herion, Meth, and Sugar until they were addicted. Then they put them in three different boxes. They also put the Herion, Meth and Sugar each in a box. After a while they let them go. They could run to any box they wanted. They all three ran to the Sugar. I was put on different Minerals and Herbs and I kicked it. I went over a year and ate two pieces of cake in all that time without it setting me off. It was expensive. Then last year at this time I got sick. I went from one illness to the next. I went from H2N3 to Sevre Bronchitis, to UTI, to a cold which I thought was the Bronchitis coming back but I started treating it right away and then I fell and broke my foot. The Dr. Didn’t take care of it right so it has taken me a long time to be able to get back on my feet. With all this stuff happening and the bad weather I quit going to the Dr. Laying around a lot I started eating sweets again and now I’m as bad as I was before. I have gotten into Oils. They work so great for just everything. You are the first person I have ever seen talk about Sugar Addiction. I use doTERRA Oils and tomorrow morning I am going to start your combo! I am so excited. Sugar has caused me so many problems. I am high acidic system which also causes UTI’s and I have had Candida forever. In fact the Dr. When giving me anti-biopics back in the old days you had to get a prescription for yeast infections and he would just write me one for that too. I am so glad you told your story. Sugar Addiction is real and it is powerful. Congratulations on beating it.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I hope your doing better. :)

  16. This might be a stupid question but is there a difference between dill weed oil and dill oil? Can I use either one for the same benefit?

  17. I noticed that the picture of the book you took shows “Purification” next to the “Dill” for sweets addiction. I have Purification on hand and was wondering if that book is saying Purification can also help? Just thought I’d use what I have if possible cause I want to start this right away!! :) Thanks!

    1. Hi Toni – I have only used the Dill on my wrists and behind my knees and it works like a charm!!! I did get my reference guide out to see about how to use Purification. It is listed to use topically and to diffuse, but nothing about putting on wrists like it says for Dill. If you have it, try it topically on your Vita points and or wrists and behind your knees and see if it is effective. I would add carrier oil to it and use a little bit to see how your skin reacts. Diffusing it may help stop a craving from coming on also. Let me know if it is effective for you.

  18. I am not sure if I have an addiction to sugar. I eat a lot of fruit (bananas, apples and oranges) and friends have commented that it could be the sugar in the fruit. I also drink a glass of sweet tea a day. My doctor says my metabolism has slowed and it’s just used to what I do and eat…. More exercise so I started walking 2 miles every morning for 8 mos and nothing…no weight loss…
    If someone brings a cake or cookies to the office I will eat a slice. I don’t buy any of these items. I have also stopped the cokes and soda’s for about a year. For some reason that wasn’t hard to do. I have cut back on how much tea is in the glass…I put lots of ice in it and so it amounts to a cup and a half about 12 oz.
    I’m inclined to try this to see if the desire to eat something sweet is gone when it’s offered.
    Thank you for this suggestion.

  19. Jill Dellinger says:

    I did a little research and found that there are 2 dill oils and they are and do totally different things… one is dill seed oil and the other is dill weed oil… i did see your pin mentioned dill seed at one point…. is that the one that you use for sugar detox?

    1. Hi Jill – It only says Dill Oil on the label. I checked my YL reference guide and it says that the oil is steam distilled from the whole plant. Not sure if this helps you or not, but is all the info I could find. :-)

  20. Thank you so mucxh for sharing. I am a sugar addict for sure.
    Lucky for me, my sister just took a class and was certified with the essencial oils.

    You explained everything so well.

  21. Thank you for the information! I was bummed that you can’t use it while pregnant so I will have to wait to try it, do you know if it would be a problem while nursing?

    1. Hi Crystal – I’m sorry that I don’t know the answer to your question, I am not an expert at using Essential Oils and would not want to take a guess. I would ask your doctor. :-)

  22. How I beat my sugar addiction, just STOP eating it! Pretty simple

    1. I’m sorry but your comment proves that you know nothing about addiction or eating disorders. It is not that simple.

      1. Hi Erin – Sorry that you feel this way, but if you notice the title of the post is “beating” not beat. It is a constant struggle that I do not treat lightly. I also understand that there are levels of addiction and everyone is different. Using the dill changed my life!!!! It is such a simple thing to do and I wanted to share it with others who may be dealing with the same sugar issues as I do.

        1. Thank you so much for sharing. I use and LOVE YL oils but I have never used Dill oil. I will try this. When I went Keto last year, all my sugar cravings disappeared. But, during the holidays, I started to eat sweets again and now I haven’t been able to switched back. Your suggestion may be the answer. Thanks!

      2. I totally agree. Anyone who thinks they can stop a craving just by not eating it anymore doesn’t get it! They are clueless to what ,”addicted” means! If it was “that simple” we would have done it already.

  23. I noticed all your comments were from a year ago. How is the dill oil working now? Does it also reduce the craving for foods processed with sugar?

  24. How to I sign out from inmyownstyle. Love the ideas and comments thank you for sharing. I hope to share some of the things I did from changes.


  25. Other essential oils for cravings are grapefruit, peppermint, bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, fennel, and ylang ylang. There are companies that sell synergy blends specifically for cravings (Plant Therapy has one called Munchy Stop). Dilution is very important. You don’t need to mix the essential oil and carrier oil at 40-50%. A 1-2% dilution is sufficient. If you don’t want to wear the oil, consider getting inhalers. Then you could just pull it out of your purse and sniff it when you feel the urge to eat sugary foods, etc. If you use an inhaler, then you don’t need to dilute with a carrier oil. You could also try a diffuser necklace. If you don’t want the smell of dill hanging around your neck, consider putting oils that have calming properties in it and carrying the inhaler with the dill. You could also put the dill on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball in a baggy, open and sniff when you feel the urge. Another option is putting oils on your bra strap. Sounds weird but it works. The only time you need to dilute the essential oils is when it is touching your skin. And please, never ingest oils unless you are under the care of a professional.

    1. Thanks so much for all your suggestions! I use YL oils, but I never heard about wearing on your bra strap.?

      1. I should have clarified the bra strap thing. Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing my diffuser necklace so I put a couple drops on my bra strap, then I can still smell the oils without having to whip out an inhaler. :)

  26. Diane, are you still doing this? Did you give up your sugar addiction and keep the weight

    1. Hi Kelly – I do still use it and raw apple cider vinegar to help combat the cravings for sugar. I learned that drinking 1 Tablesppon of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water a day helps lessen candida growth which is what causes the cravings. Both have really helped. I lost 10lbs just by not eating so much chocolate. :-)

  27. If you don’t like the smell of an essential oil, try rubbing it on the bottoms of your feet instead of wrist or behind ears. At least the smell if further away from your nose or inside your shoes :)

  28. I have been struggling with depression which has turned into addiction to sweets. Not chocolates, but boiled, candy,soft and chewy. Anything really.
    It has been bothering me, then I saw this.
    I’m going to try this and, well, can’t do any harm from trying.
    Thanks so much for the advice. Watch this space

    1. Hi Michelle – The dill oil has been a miracle for me. It worked right away and still does. It will be a year in May that I started using it. Many people have written to me that they don’t like the smell. It does go away. I hope it it works for you.

  29. This is great, I needed a post like this for a looooong time. Lots of useful information. :) Thanks, I bookmarked this.

    1. Hi Constance – I do not know of any other essential oils for curbing sugar cravings, but have read that the supplement, L Glutamine has been used to help with sugar cravings. You may want to ask your doctor about it.

    2. Check with your doctor. My doctor told me I could.

  30. Can anyone tell me where to buy dill oil. I can not find it any where.

    1. Hi Barbara – Since it is not one of the most popular essential oils, not every health food store sells it. Your best bet is to buy online. There are many other essential oils sold online at, do a search on Google. Put in “Dill Essential Oil”.

      I buy it through Young You don’t have to sign up to be a member, you can buy retail only.

      Here is the link to buy it:

      Rose Mountain Herbs also sells it.

  31. Wow! This is what I need! I have been trying to get off sugar for a good while now. I go in spurts but this time I just can’t seem to kick it. It’s really bad when you start to sneak it! My question is, do you know how it affects those with epilepsy? I guess I will have to discuss with my doctor but just thought I would ask. I really hated reading that. :(

    1. Hi Sheena – In the Essential Oil reference book I have it does state to use caution with Dill if you have epilepsy. I would check with your doctor before using it.

      1. I thought I would let you know that I did discuss with my neurologist. She acted like I was crazy and said anything can cause seizures just as anything can cause cancer, lol! I found out she actually uses YL too! However, this is what my doctor told me. Everyone should check with their own doctor before making the decision to use dill. I just got my dill in and starting today! Praying this will work for me.

        1. NoFretBrett says:

          Did it…?!?

          1. Well…it did for a while but I didn’t stick with it. Just didn’t care for the smell. I am now trying the Young Living Slique products. I think the Slique Essense does work. Time will tell.

  32. Can you mix larger quantities of this & put in a roller bottle????

    1. Hi Brenda – Yes you can do this, I have been thinking of doing it myself so that I don’t have to wash my hands after applying it. I would do a 50/50 or 60/40 combo of the oil and Dill. 60 oil – 40 Dill.

      1. 40-50% dilution is way too much. A little goes a long way. If you are using this oil (or any essential oil), you would use a 1-2% dilution for daily use (1-2 drops of dill to 5ml carrier oil). This might seem too little, but I assure you the dilution is correct. Using too much essential oil, especially not diluted properly can lead to sensitization issues (you could become allergic to the oil and the plants it comes from). Using the same oil for too long (even diluted properly) can also cause sensitization. This is not one of those situations where “more is better”.

        1. The saying “If a little works, then more must be better” is NOT true with essential oils. It can not only cause sensitization, it can cause harm. Always dilute per instructions on the bottle – that’s why they are there.

  33. I also had to come to the realization that I’m a sugar addict. Bummer right here at Christmas, I know I’m WAY late coming to this post but it’s relevant all the time.

    Dill, that’s very interesting. It’s my favorite spice and I’ve been craving it lately. We use essential oils, but Dill isn’t one of ours… thanks…

    P.S. We use Oregano oil any time we start to feel sick or have sinus issues, and it nips it right away!!

  34. Thank you and congratulations on beating that addiction!! I just ordered 100% Dill Oil through Amazon :)

  35. Is dill seed oil the same as dill oil? Thanks in advance for a reply!

    1. Hi Lynn – Good question. Dill oil is extracted from the leaves, stems and seeds of the plant. The seeds are the strongest so the answer is yes. I think some brands use different wording.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. What about dill weed oil? TIA :)

        1. I think Dill Weed Oil is the same thing as the Young Living Dill Oil I have been using that just says Dill Oil on the bottle. Both are classified as Anethum graveolens.

          1. Thanks so much! I need to order that book :)

  36. Cherie in the D says:

    Hello Diane,

    Thank you for the post! Do you think using perfume will interfere with the dill oil? I usually apply my perfume to my body and not on my wrist.

    1. Hi Cherie – I am not sure. It may chemically react with the perfume on your skin though and give you a rash or redness, I think I would not put both on at the same time.

  37. Hi! You mentioned not using it while pregnant, but what about breast feeding?

  38. Hi Diane, Thanks again for this tip. I started it a few days ago. I haven’t seen much of a change yet. I am hopeful though. The smell is really strong for me. Can you put it any other place besides your wrist?

    1. Hi Debra – I only know to put it on the inside of your wrists. I also put the excess behind my knees. I have searched online to see if there is any other information about using dill to combat sugar addiction, but there is not much. I only read about it in the Reference Guide I have and it only states to use on wrists. The smell is strong, but it does go away. Maybe use one drop and 3 drops of oil to lessen the smell.

      1. Lyn Genteman says:

        Put it on the bottom of your feet as well.

        1. Thanks for the tip Lyn. It is a good one for all of those that don’t like the smell of dill. On their feet it may not be as noticeable. :-)

  39. Diane- I ordered dill oil from Young Living and received it yesterday in the mail. I plan to start using it in the next day or so. I sure hope it works for me like it does for you because I have that crazy addition too. I’ve always said I have an addition to chocolate and people just laugh! I will let you know how it is working for me in a couple of weeks. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with all of us.

    1. Hi Lisa – I hope it works to take away your cravings as well as it did for me. It worked pretty much right away – the cravings were gone :-) Best of luck with it.

      1. NoFretBrett says:

        Let ALL of us know…?

        1. Hi Brett – The Dill Oil works well. I need to apply it every other day for it to help me.

  40. Won’t you smell like dill all day? Its a very strong scent.

    1. Hi Donn – The smell of the dill is strong, but goes away in about 15 minutes. I put it on first thing in the morning before I need to go anywhere.

    2. Liz Williams says:

      Thanks for sharing this information on dill. I have just recently started using YL oils for various things, and when I read this about getting control over sugar addition, I thought I have to give this a try. This so describes me, and I could identify with your problem with a truthful, “me too.”

  41. I am so excited to try this. I went to our Whole Foods, but they did not carry it. I ordered it on line. Cross my fingers that it works for me. I received it today and I am already trying it. It definently smells. Also, my dog is following me around the house and trying to lick it. Good luck to everyone!

  42. Oh my goodness I have never heard of dill oil to fight sugar cravings! About five years ago I decided to get ahold of my sugar intake and I am so thankful I did. It can be done and I feel so much better with so much more energy. Good for you Diane and thanks for sharing! I continue to love you blog, one of the very best!!

  43. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Honestly Diane, if anyone had told me this, I would not have believed them……… but you I sure do. Fabulous of you to share this information with all of us.

    Kind as well as a clever genius at everything I can think of…….. I feel sorry for those friends of mine that did not take heed when I told them to follow your blog.

  44. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, thank you…..I need something to help with my sugar addiction but I had no idea there was anything out where as simple as dill oil that could possible help me……..Will be buying dill oil!!

  45. Monica green says:

    I love your blog and decorating
    Also thanks for the info on the couch cover
    I bought one from the ugly sofa

  46. I for one am a believer in alternative ways :-) So this is another good news story :-) I remember when I was back in high school, there were girls who would eat a dill pickle if they felt a sugar urge coming on. They said it worked. I suspected it was the taste that was more or less opposite from sweet that helped off-set the sugar craving. But then again,maybe it just was the dill that worked but to a lesser extent than the dill oil.

    Thanks for sharing this information. And congrats!

    1. Hi Connie – That is so interesting about eating a dill pickle for sugar urges. I know rubbing it on has completely taken the cravings away for me, so eating a dill pickle once a day like you stated has a similar effect. I am a big believer. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Diane, do you think the dill oil would work for diet Coke addiction? Just as you were with the M’M’s, I am with the diet Coke. I will buy another one before I finish the one I have in my hand! I am desperate!
    I would appreciate any info you have.
    Thanks, and congrats on breaking your addiction!

    1. Our bodies speak to us. Cravings are a way they communicate. I am a type 2 diabetic diagnosed 3 years ago. That is how I felt for years! I kept searching for answers for the cravings and the feeling that something was not right. I found a great lipidologist that helped me and saved my life. This past year, while on my meds, I began to have those cravings again. It was out of control again. Just like in the past. When I went to doctor I said I knew my meds needed adjusting because I was craving again. Sure enough my blood work came back supporting my hunch. I too just purchased the book on essential oils to just learn about them and I’m convinced there is something about using them for many ailments not just sugar. I believe The hidden high fructose corn syrup is killing us.

      1. Hi Bonnie – A agree with you 100% that our bodies and mind do try to communicate with us if we tune in and listen. Eating as close to nature as we can is the best thing we can do for ourselves. HFCS is a bad thing and in everything! Glad to hear that you took control and went back to get your blood checked. Hope you are feeling better now.

      2. Amen to the high fructose corn syrup, which is in all the candy I craved! HFCS is in most ice creams too. It’s in nearly everything.

    2. For Janice: The diet Coke addiction is entirely different because the way the body processes the aspartame (or actually doesn’t process!) in it is not the same as how it reacts and processes sugar.

      If you go online and type in a search “dangers of asparatame” you’ll get more information, which is far too much to write about here.

      Aspartame affects the nervous system and that’s got a lot to do with why you feel you’re addicted to it. I’ve heard many people say the same thing about diet drinks and read a lot about it.

      There’s a lot of good, solid information out there regarding non-traditional ways to maintain better health. The mainstream medical world just doesn’t want us to find out about it.

      1. Connie: Is there any oils that will help us diet Coke drinkers with beating the addiction to aspartame? I really need help with this.

    3. For Janice: I agree with what Connie N replied. There are oils the Young Living (YL) sells that help with addictions of all kinds. Like Diane mentioned not everyone responds the same to oils (just like meds). I am a YL distributor and some oils work really well for some people, but don’t work well for me. The book Diane showed in her post is AMAZING! It is my oil bible. You can look up a symptom (ex: a tummy ache) and it will list several oils that will work for it. Many of the oils can be applied topically on the bottoms of your feet. This book has a section that explains where you can place the oils, if they need to be mixed with a carrier oil (coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, etc) or applied neat (straight out of the bottle) or even diffused (inhaled). I was truly amazed at what these oils can do. There is a doctor in Oklahoma who is treating cancer patients with YL oils instead of chemo, radiation and other drugs. He is pretty successful at curing many of them, that’s how powerful essential oils can be.

      Sorry, Diane for taking over your blog comments, but thank you so much for posting an update.

      1. Hi Kim – Don’t be sorry for adding to the conversation – happy to connect with you. I am a big believer in alternative medicine and like to find out everything there is. I have the Reference Guide to Essential Oils book right on my coffee table. I have read it cover to cover and reference it on an daily basis. My husband and I both have seen how some of the oils are truly miracles in a bottle. Lavender and Pan Away work for both of us… I won’t leave home without them. :-)

        1. Lavendar and Tea Tree Oil are my “go to” oils. Amazing how much oils help with so much and why it’s taken us so long to re-discover their benefits!

          1. Need to add lemon oil to my “go-to” list. Can’t believe I didn’t remember it!! It’s amazing stuff – we have problems with brown spiders in Missouri. Yes, I know….Major shiver/cringe/shriek/ICK!!! But they HATE lemon! I clean primarily with lemon and white vinegar these days. There are still things I’ll use bleach on, but not nearly like I used to.
            Here is a good lemon oil list of uses:


            I know this isn’t related to the sugar addiction topic but it’s under essential oils, which dill is under. I’ll let you decide where to file it. But definitely not under acetate sheets. :)

    4. Very interesting and Thank you!!! for the note about not using dill if epileptic you just saved me having a seizure!

      I remember Dr. Young saying in one of the CD’s I got from about the different oils that Black Pepper is useful for breaking addiction. He wasn’t specific as to what addictions it would benefit. I just ordered a bottle because my daughter is seriously addicted to an MMORPG computer game and I’ve been diffusing it with a couple of other oils (Hope, Into the Future) to help break her addiction to this game. It smells a lot better than I anticipated.

  48. For me it is Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups . All sizes , frozen. If I go a day, I become obsessive about getting some. After finding out I have Hashimoto ‘s disease and gaining 30 lbs in three months I am desperate . Thank you Diane , you might have saved my sanity. I’ll let you know if it works for me .

  49. Thank you so much for this Diane. I didn’t even wait for this post, but after you first mentioned it bought the oil and book. It has been so effortless I have been all kinds of skeptical and trying to dismiss not wanting sugar with thoughts like, “I have been busy” or “I am are not feeling well” or “my husband has been around more than usual”…. Finally I thumped myself and and faced the facts. None of those reasons ever kept me away from sugar before, why would they now?? So I accepted that it just works for me! Like you said, it’s a miracle. And I do thank God. I thank you too Diane, for being real, a gift to all of us who read your blog. Sugar was keeping my immune system suppressed, complicating the thing that got me started in the first place. The sugar cravings started out-of-control after I allowed myself to be talked into getting Botox (I knew nothing about it and was there for an entirely different reason). Just hours after the injections I became very ill and my central nervous system started to crater. My life turned upside-down and sugar became a way to cope with pain and fatigue. (Yes, the peripheral nerve damage and other symptoms from Botox was an official diagnosis, no self-diagnosing.) And sugar became my drug of choice. Today I am barely thinking about it. That’s a very good thing.

    1. Loretta Shuck says:

      Love your comment “my husband was around more than usual”!! I can relate. Why did she have to use the Peanut M&M’s as an example?! Love those $10.00 bags at Walmart!

      1. Laughing – yes I’m trying to adjust to the extra hours my husband spends at home. We both are. My sweet cravings took me to really good and not so good black licorice, Mike and Ikes, Twizzlers, and dark chocolate. And when none of those were around anything else I could come up with. I’ve become a very creative baker when there is no candy in the house.

        1. Bought a small bag of Black Twiizzlers to take to the beach, along with a bag of Jolly Rancher Cinnamon Fire hard candies!

          1. Oh my, very familiar with both of those. My favorite quick go-to black licorice was Good n Plenty. But I feel that I’m enabling! So how’s that dill oil working for you Loretta? :) It’s been working wonders for me. I had one little bite of a banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting yesterday and handed it to my husband. The frosting was too sweet!

  50. Diane…you rock! I’ve been telling all my friends about what you wrote regarding dill oil in your original post. I will be sharing this post with everyone. I’m so happy for you and the success you have had combating this addiction. You’re sweet enough without the sugar. (sorry ~ so corny I know) I could use something to help me cut salt out of my life. I’ll search and see what I can find. Vikki in VA

  51. Elizabeth says:

    OMG, I have never heard of this as I two am fighting sugar addiction. My husband died suddenly, then a tornado destroyed our home all in four months, and all I was eating was M&M peanuts in a big glass bowl!!! It destroyed my immune system, and now I have to have two hip replacements for lack of proper nutrition. Now that I have some of my senses back, I am still having cravings, but I need help, so tomorrow I will get the dill oil,. One question, can consuming dill weed help as well?. Congratulations and thank you from all of us!!!!!!!

  52. Congratulations on beating this addiction. I am not a sweet eater and stopped eating white sugar and salt over 10 years ago. Your body will thank you for this and thank you for sharing about the oils.

  53. What might be a good oil to curtail alcohol? Beginning a diet and could use some help cutting back on those summer calories!!!

    1. I am not sure Ellie. I am away this weekend, but when I get back I will look it up and get back to you.

  54. I am going out tomorrow to find me some dill oil! Can not wait to try this. Thank you!

  55. Awesome awesome!!! I bought dill oil just because I watched it work in you in FL. So far, so great!!!!

  56. Awesome awesome!!! I bought fill oil just because I watched it work in you in FL. So far, so great!!!!

  57. Debbie C in MN says:

    I could not find the dill essential oil at my Whole Foods but I will look at our local vitamin shop tomorrow. I’m so happy you shared this story. Thank you.

  58. Oh Boy did I need this information today. Ive been struggling for about 4 months now to give my ‘craving for chocolate” and coffee and NOT keeping it in the house didn’t work, I would just binge on whatever sweet thing was around. Reading your post i relaised I had a sweet tooth from very young and growing up in England just after the war where there was nothing sugary other than jam, it took me until the early 50’s and the end of rationing and the introduction of boiled sweets that I got hooked but of course they were a ‘treat’ back then and it wsnt until I went to high school and we had dinner money that I would hide at lunchtime and use the money for sweeties every day. What a revelation so many thanks Diane for sharing it certianly brought out some memories for me :)