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Fall Door Decor: Hanging Wicker Door Basket DIY

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Create a welcoming impression to your home for the autumn season using a wicker door basket that can be created in under 10 minutes, fall door decor has never been easier.

No floral arranging or crafty skills needed! It’s 1… 2… 3 easy to make.

Using a hanging basket is the perfect fall home style alternative to use if you get bored of using a fall wreath every year.

Back in the 1980’s, I learned in an issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine that using only one type of flower in mass in a vase was ” a thing”. I liked the concept since I am not very good at flower arranging.

Another reason to use one type of flower or fall leaves in abundance for exterior door decoration is that with one mass of color, the color pops and looks impressive even from the street view of a house.

How to Easily Decorate Your Front Door For Fall

flat sided hanging basket on door filled with leaves for fall decoration.

All you need to bring the glory of fall color to your front door for fall this year is a hanging door basket, fresh or faux foliage and a door hanger or ribbon.

I hung this hanging basket to the side door on my house that leads to the garden area. I had faux painted the door a few years ago to look like it was stained wood.

It was looking a little plain so I decided to hang the basketful of fall leaves to the door to bring it to life.

DIY Fall Door Decor Using a Wicker Door Basket

My hanging door basket’s measurements: 12″wide x 14″ long

If you don’t have a flat backed basket to use for the fall door basket, you can also use a straw tote bag.

  • If using a tote bag, remove one handle or push one handle into the basket and use the other handle as the hanger that goes over a wreath hanger.
faux fall leaves for fall door decor diy

supplies needed:

  • Wicker door basket that has a flat back
  • Faux Maple leave branch bouquets, foliage or flowers – 3 – 4 bouquets
  • Wreath hanger – see types you can use below
  • Optional – plastic grocery bags

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Fall Door Decor: How to Make a Wicker Door Basket for Fall

  1. Gather Supplies

    Once you have what you need to make the hanging wicker door basket, if your basket is long, place a few scrunched up plastic bags in the bottom of the basket to provide u0022fillu0022 so the branches of leaves don’t fall deep into the basket.

    If your basket is shorter in length you may not need to do this.

    flat back basket for door filled with plastic bags

  2. Hang Basket on Wreath Hanger

    Place a wreath hanger on the door or use ribbon to hang the basket – see directions below for how to do this.

    If your basket has rope to hang, it may be too long for where you want the basket to fall on the door. Shorten it by tying it into a knot and then hang.

    Once the fall leaves are placed in the basket, you will not see the rope or the knot.

    How to hang a front door basket

  3. Place the Leaves In the Basket

    Use 3 – 4 faux leaf bouquets to fill the basket. I used 4.

    Primp, bend and arrange the branches so they are spread out evenly and look as if they are falling slightly over the top edge of the basket.
    Door basket decoration for fall DIY

Where to Buy Faux Foliage or Flowers to Put in a Door Basket

The best places to find fall leaves or flowers to place in a fall door basket is at the craft store. Hobby Lobby and Michaels both carry many different colors and types of fall leaf bouquets and stems.

A bundle of brightly colored orange and yellow fall leaf stems.

You can also buy artificial Maple leaves like the ones I used online.

How to Use Fresh Foliage in a Wicker Door Basket

If your basket is wide enough, you can use fresh flowers by placing a container of water in the basket.

  • To do this, first line the inside of the basket with a plastic bag.
  • Use a plastic jar that has a plastic lid or use a take-out coffee cup with a lid to make a paper vase to hold the cut stems.
    • Punch a few holes in the lid and place the cut ends of the foliage through the holes and into the cup. Using the cup with the lid will keep the water contained.

How Do You Hang a Basket on a Front Door?

There are a few options on how to hang a basket on a front door or any door in your home.

1. Use a Wreath Hanger

  • If your basket has a rope or leather hanger, then you can simply use this and a metal wreath hanger made to go over the top edge of a door.
metal door hangers for wreaths and flat sided hanging baskets

Wreath Hanger TIP: Spray paint the wreath hanger the same color as your door so it becomes invisible.

A rope hanger on flat sided basket used for a door.

If the rope or leather on your door basket is too long, cut and re-tie or shorten it by tying one end into a knot.

Orange hued fall leaves in abundance in a hanging basket on an exterior door.

2. Hang a Wicker Door Basket on a Door Using Ribbon

ribbon and a thumb tack used to hang a flat basket on a door.

To hang baskets without an over-the-door wreath hanger, you can use a length of ribbon and a flat top thumb-tack.

  1. Measure the distance from the top of the door to where you want the top of your hanging door basket to be on the door.
    • Add a few inches to this measurement so you can tie the ribbon to the basket.
ribbon tacked to top of exterior door to be used to hang wreaths and baskets on a door for fall.

2. Fold one end of the ribbon over about an inch and use a thumb-tack to attach the ribbon to the top of the door.

flat sided hanging basket on exterior door hung with ribbon.

3. Tie the other end around the handle on the basket.

flat back basket for door filled with fall leaves

3. Use a Stick-On or Screw-In Hook

Command Brand makes damage free hooks that you can attach to a door to hold a basket securely on a door.

These are made so when you remove them, there will be no damage or glue residue on the door.

If you want a more permanent solution, you can use wood screws to attach a single prong coat hook to the door. If your door is metal, you will have to drill holes in the door first to attach this style of hook.

Where to Buy Hanging Wicker Door Baskets

You can find flat sided hanging basket at JoAnns Fabrics a few years ago. I did find a few different style of hanging baskets that you can use online.

You can also find baskets and straw totes to use at thrift stores. One reader, Gina mentioned doing this:

  • You can also find old straw purses at Goodwill that will work, or cut a basket in half and use foam core board to make a flat back, spray sprinting the whole thing so no one is the wiser.

I rounded up a few that range in size, weave and color so that no matter your decorating style, if you like the idea of hanging a basket on your door instead of a wreath this year there may be one that you like.

And don’t forget you can even use a straw tote bag on the door as long as it is not a very wide one.

More Fall Decor DIY Ideas:

Front door decor ideas using faux fall leaves.

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  1. This arrangement looks gorgeous aganist your dark door. No way does it look “Dollar Tree”. Great idea about painting the hanger to match the door. So simple yet I never would have thunk it.

    Keep the great ideas coming Diane!

    1. Hi Denise-

      Sometimes the dollar store stuff looks pretty “cheap”, but other times you can find some great goodies to decorate with. The Dollar Tree I go to is quite popular and if you want to get the good stuff you have to get it as soon as they put it out.

    1. HI Laura-

      If you don’t have any paint leftover, see if you can closely match the color of your door with some enamel crafts paint. There are literally 100’s of color to choose from and it only cost a dollar or two. You only need a little bit. The enamel finish will hold up better in the long run.

  2. I love how it turned out Diane – I was just thinking about fall decor today – who knows why? What I really need to be doing is finishing unpacking :)

    Have a great weekend