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How to Make a Wood Post into a DIY Doorstop

Wow! It has been quite a week!  Wildly exciting and wildly stressful at the same time.  I can’t believe it is Friday already, but am very glad it is.    I want to show you what I made over at Momtastic this week, but before I do I just wanted to update you on my site going up and down the past few days.

On Monday night Apartment Therapy featured my post on

How to make a Fake Transom


Very exciting – YES, but


as I got so much traffic my site went DOWN later that night.


Called the tech desk where I host my blog and they got my site back up.  Happy again, I went to bed and posted the Monogrammed and Stenciled Drawer post on Tuesday morning.  Then it happened – AGAIN  – lots of traffic from Apartment Therapy and my site went down again – this time for a few hours :(

The tech guy told me when there is such a huge spike in traffic in such a short period of time -it is like a bulldozer plowing over a site. The server just can’t deal with it.


A few months ago I upgraded my account with them to my own private server – but seems it doesn’t matter.  They told me it wasn’t my fault – it was on their end. They did get it back up and running.  Hopefully no more error or bandwidth messages.

A Little Time Away

On Wednesday morning I went with my husband for 2 days to the Washington DC area. We got back last night.  He had an interview and I went along to check out the towns and homes for sale in the area.  We are trying to be very positive about his future with the company he interviewed with.   We met friends who live in suburban DC and ate a delicious rooftop dinner at a restaurant called Matchbox in Rockville.  It was a beautiful night to be outside and eat alfresco. We watched the sunset as we ate.  Loved the sliders and the haystack of onions – best I ever had.


I brought my computer thinking I would be able to go online more during our stay, but the internet connection was sketchy at best so I didn’t get on as much as I would have liked.   I am now home and am playing catch-up.   Thanks for leaving me so many comments on the past two posts.  I have not had the time to respond to most of you, but I plan to this weekend.

How to make Something from Nothing – DIY Doorstop

Now on to an easy DIY project that you could complete in a weekend or less.  I challenged myself to try to make something with all the odds and ends I have sitting in my basement leftover from past projects.  It was fun playing around with the items I gathered.

I made this Doorstop/Desk Memo Board with them. It cost me $Zero$.

Trash to Treasure Decorating Projects - Decorative-Doorstop
Trash to Treasure Doorstop

I could not decide which use I liked better – as the doorstop or on my desk as a place to tack memos.  You can decide.  Click over to see it as a desk message board and the step by step tutorial –  Momtastic – Multi-Purpose DIY Doorstop or Desk Message Board.  The fun part about making this was that I created something very useful and pretty out of basically nothing.


You may not have these same items, but I am sure you have a bunch of leftover materials, scraps, and odds and ends from past projects.    Gather them all and play with them to see what you can create with them. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  See ya on Monday.

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  1. Hi, Diane. I just recently found you and love all your ideas. This one is awesome! I like it both ways, but if I were to use it specifically for the desk, or in my case my sewing room to post notes on, I’d probably want to put some cork on it to maybe protect the post in case I wanted to re-use it somewhere else.
    But, I’m thinking I could make it into a display unit by attaching decorative L-shaped hooks, one on each side, and use it to hang my awesome key rings I make to sell at craft shows. Adding a small turn-table on the bottom would increase it’s functionability on both the desk and display unit. Thanks for the post.

  2. I love posts! I’ve made two and could make tons more. I love putting the odds and ends together!
    super job Diane!
    Catching you this week.

  3. Congratulations on Apt Therapy recognition..that tutorial is quite amazing! You are on my Versatile Blogger Award list today because you have so much to share.

  4. First of all – that is one darn good reason for a site to go down! :D Congrats on all of the features. And best wishes to you and your husband with the interview process!
    The doorstop is adorable!

  5. So many exciting updates for you Diane. I was on vacation in Ocean City and came across a few of your updates and saw your feature on Apartment Therapy – awesome!!! I was so excited for you and the transom and cement lanterns were really wonderful – huge kudos to you. And best wishes to you and your family on wherever your lives may lead you…

  6. Doorstops are hard to find! When you do, it’s not worth buying.
    This on the other hand, is practical, beautiful and easy to make.
    Looks like Christmas presents will be easy this year.

  7. I love it as a memo board on your desk! You really inspire me to get in there and make stuff! Thanks!

  8. Your ideas and your work is so good, I’m not surprised you’ve crashed the server! Of all the Bloggers I read, you really do deserve all the credit and recognition you get! You’re clever, original and hardworking!


  9. Love the door stop. I am in the need of several doors tops, and you have given me inspiration:)