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In “Their Own Style” Friday

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Every now and then I like to show you some truly genius, beautiful, fun, or just down right amazing DIY projects that others have done.  I have been busy this week trying to get my studioffice makeover started and don’t have anything completed yet to show you, so I thought it the perfect time to feature a few projects that have inspired me.

For starters- since we all have a few hard edged office looking things in our homes, like printers, modems, scanners, etc.  I thought you would appreciate this idea. It is one of those that has you saying to yourself, “now why didn’t I think of that?”   Look what Pamela at PB & J Stories did.   She transformed a drawer front with hinges so her printer can be easily accessed, yet hidden.

Home office decorating ideas - hiding the printer

I had never been to Pamela’s blog before and enjoyed looking around and reading her posts. I found out that her husband is in the Navy and just returned from deployment. Reading her post brought back many pleasant memories for me when I first met my husband – I stood on the docks in Norfolk… and San Diego… and Bremerton… and San Francisco….. literally waiting for the ship to come in many times. A big part of life as a Navy spouse is waiting and moving – A LOT!  Someday I will tell you the story about how I met my husband. XO It was not your average ordinary boy meets girl scenario.

OK – the printer drawer was genius, now look at what Carrie over at Lovely, Etc. did to her sub flooring!  Your jaw is going to drop.  I have stenciled quite a few floors, but this is just amazing. The detail and the border – I am so impressed with her talent and patience to do a big and detailed project like this.  She said it took a lot of time, but WOW – it was worth it.  Sub flooring never looked so good!

How to stencil a floor


xo Valentine’s Day xo  is less than two weeks away.  Are you ready to surprise someone with a Valentine goodie or treat?

Poppies at Play made the sweetest Valentine cinnamon buns.    Hmmmm…mmm..mmm they look yummy and they are not even baked yet!   Sometimes I like the dough better than the baked buns.  Do you fall into that category, too?  :)  Making them would be such a nice way to send your family out the door on Valentine’s morning, or to take to work to share with your co-workers.  Simple, yet a delicious way to make the ones around you feel the love or as my youngest would say, feel the  “Mommy Love”.   When she was growing up and wanted something from me – to hem her jeans or to make her favorite meal, she would look at me all cute and tell me she needed some “Mommy Love”.  To her, it meant the special things that I did just for her.  I can just imagine her saying she needs some “Mommy Love” in the way of some Heart Shaped Cinnamon Buns come the 14th.

Heart Shaped Cinnamon buns

So after genius, amazing, and yummy delicious that I cannot top, I will tell you about the small Valentine craft project I did for Momtastic – it is Valentine’s Day related.   I was having so much fun making the pom poms for my Mondo Pom Pom Throw that I was inspired to make Pom Pom Valentine Flowers. They are easy to make and the best part – they don’t need any water. Give one to anyone who is nice to you on February 14th.  If you want to find more Valentine craft ideas, you can click over to my post –

DIY: Valentine Pom Pom Flowers

How to make Pom Pom Valentine Flowers


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  1. Oh yes, I did tell the receptionist at Cutting Edge Stencils that you told me/us about their site.

  2. Oh, I love all of these, but Carrie’s project has me hook, line and sinker. I am already trying to save the money for that stencil and paint. I think it would be just the ‘bomb’ in my bedroom that leads to my bath that I have been grieving over what to do with it in the least of ways….. this was ‘immediate’ love and oh yes. I have already been on the phone with Cutting Edge Stencil’s about it. I wanted to know the paint colors for one of their displays, a silver on silver blue looking combo…… love it. I have to save the money first though. And Carrie was excellent about sharing and teaching us all to do the floor like hers….. it is just beautiful.

    1. Hi Sheryll-

      Carrie’s floor is just awesome. She would be so happy to hear how inspired you were after seeing it. It is truly a job well done.

    1. Hi Michael – Thanks. I just love when I see clever and creative things. I always think, “Oh everybody saw this”, but the majority haven’t. I plan on doing more of the roundups in the future.