In Their Own Style–Volume 3

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Today’s post is a feature I like to run every once in awhile to show off projects that have me saying to myself, “ Now, why didn’t I think of that?”  The projects all have one thing in common – they either are made from natural elements or highlight nature.

The first one is not from a blogger, but from the son of a friend. His name is Mike Voicheck. He is a high school teacher and is very creative.  He was asked to make an ad for a summer camp and this is what he came up with.


Wall art!!!  I love the way he hung branches with twine to hang the photos.  The accent lighting makes it looks so gallery-like as well as his use of various size photos.   The large center photo is 20” x 30” to give you a sense of the overall size. He figured that this display would really bring people into the woods while highlighting what makes the camp such a great place to stay.

The largest branch is over sixteen feet. He mounted each photo with Elmer’s spray adhesive to a piece of poster board and added two holes at the top corners with an awl.  He then tied lengths of twine to each photo and then to the branches.

I recently stumbled upon a blog that I can’t get enough of.  Laurel at Chipping With Charm is a master at repurposing things she finds while junking and makes them look so pretty with her style and ingenuity.  Her Flowers that never Fade project really caught my attention – as I love the mix of the mechanical outdoor faucet knobs with the glamour of old jewels that she used to make these garden decorations.


Very pretty, very clever, very Laurel!

Chipping with charm 1

And look what she did with a piece of garden fencing. I will give you a hint – she didn’t use it in her garden.

But as a window treatment!  Can you understand why she has my saying to myself, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”  Looks nice, accents the window, but still allows lots of light to come in.


I always love to find new ways to decorate with nature.  When I am at the beach I am one of those people you see scouring the beach for shells and rocks.

When I saw these rock curtain pulls at Completely Coastal I knew I had to find out more.    I love the way they look – so very Zen like.

Now I need to find a hammer drill, so I can drill into some of the rocks I have collected over the years.

Do you love decorate with natural elements or know of any unique ideas on how to bring nature indoors?

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