Insta-Style: Candle Holder

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I love to DIY, but sometimes I don’t have time to create something from scratch, although I still want that stylish something that is unique and affordable to use around my house.

My mind is always searching for ways to repurpose items I already own into something new and exciting. I call the decorative ideas I come up with during times like this…Insta-Style.

Welcome a new weekend series I am adding to my blog that will show you simple 1..2… and done projects where no DIY skills or tools are needed.

A simple 2 photo post  – so easy a tutorial is not even needed.

You may not own the same items I have, but I am hoping that the ideas will inspire you to look at everything around you with new eyes and ask yourself…”what if?” to come up with your own Insta-Style decorating ideas.


What do you get when you put a candle and a Ba-Tampte pickle jar lid together?


A holiday pillar style plate candle holder is what.  Festive, fun, and done in an instant!

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  1. This simple project shines in your home because your style is clean and uncluttered. I’m looking forward to getting there too.