Kitchen Lighting and Some Changes…

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It has been a busy week around the my house, especially in my kitchen. I have gotten quite a lot done that I want to share the progress with you today, along with some changes I plan to make in another part of the house..and something I am dreaming about.  Since it is Friday when everyone wants to get into weekend mode, I am going to get right to it… :-)

The last project of the kitchen makeover has begun.

DIY Kitchen makeover and lighting

Bye-bye scalloped wood valance over the sink.

1970's kitchen makeover

Ed cut it out after breakfast one morning this week. It was easier than we thought to remove. We thought we could run into a problem since the wood across the top right under the crown molding is one big piece that goes across all the upper cabinets. We didn’t want to remove it or the crown molding, so we cut the scallops off and left the wood all around it intact.

I will have to do lots of sanding and add molding to make it look pretty. I haven’t started it yet since I have been more focused now on choosing a new light fixture.

We removed a fluorescent tube fixture that I was very happy to see go.  To replace it, I am thinking a flush-mounted school house style fixture, but have not made up my mind yet.

There is not a lot of room so the fixture can’t be too big or hang too low. Here are a few light fixtures I am considering…

kitchen lighting and light fixtures

1. | 2. | 3. | 4.  | 5. | 6. 

There are two ceiling fans in the room with white schoolhouse globes. I don’t want the new light to match them exactly, but I want it to have the same vibe. I may order a few of these fixtures and then return the ones that don’t make the cut.

*Update: For the kitchen I ended up adding another light to the list that I loved! I also used #1 in my Hallway Makeover.

Speaking of making the cut…

Inspiration for lake house


I have had this photo in my decorating inspiration file for years. I edit the file a few times a year, but this photo always makes the cut. I normally don’t go for dark walls, but this one for some reason really speaks to me.  I recently got an idea on a place in my house that I can create it.  Hint: It is not in the kitchen. :-) I will have to change something first in another area, but I think you are going to like the change. Stay tuned.

And last, but not least. I have been doing a lot of dreaming….

 Donald Lococo Architects

Earlier this week I came upon this photo and now I can’t get it out of my head. I love the exterior, it is classic and casual… just my style.  Since moving to the lake I have been looking for inspiration for the exterior of my house. Right now the color of my house  is greenish teal, but it does have brick that is the same color of the stone on this house and has the vertical siding. I love the little dormers and the metal roof.  Swoon :-)  I wish I could snap my fingers and make it happen to my house instantly, but it is going to have to stay a dream for now.

That’s all for today… On Monday I will be posting the countertop painting tutorial. I know many of you have been waiting patiently for it and what I think of the paint and how it turned out. It came out better than I could have ever imagined!

See you Monday… Happy Weekend!

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  1. Almost finished with your super kitchen face lift. It looks so good! I like light #2 and #3. Vikki in VA

  2. Hey Diane, Love your blog. Although the brown was great, the choice of white gives it a clean and cheerful look. I’m sure it took a lot of time and effort, but it must bring a smile to your lips every time you enter your kitchen. And, the compliments add icing to the cake!

  3. Diane, I pass your favorite house every week. It’s on a beautiful property, too. We have admired the roof also. I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. I love the schoolhouse globe lights!! I just purchased three of them as pendants over our HUGE island. They’re not installed yet, but love them!!!

  5. I Love how your kitchen turned out! So bright and clean. A few years ago I removed the awful fluorescent light above my sink and could not find a fixture I liked. One day I was looking at my stainless colander and turned it upside down and held it up over the sink. Wow, that was it! My husband is handy like your Ed so he drilled a hole in the bottom and made a light fixture! I put a small spotlight in it and the light is perfect. Everyone that comes in my kitchen loves it. I’ve been so inspired by your projects. I can’t wait to see how you use the inspiration photo you’ve kept.

  6. Looking good Diane, love your blog. Since you’re by the water, I vote (not that you asked) for #6 lighting fixture. And I love the dark blue, will be interested to see how you use it. You’re making amazing progress.

  7. Thanks Diane! I really do love your blog! Being in my first trimester of pregnancy and nauseated, I am feeling a bit down and am hoping in my second trimester I can do something with my horribly small, dark, 1979 kitchen before my 3rd baby comes in August. Have a great weekend! Love, Katie.

  8. I love it all. Finally got rid of my fluorescent light, but still have the detested scalloped wood valance. There are track lights hiding behind it – I like them, but had no idea they were so hot. Maybe this will give me the oomph to finish the job. I need to follow how you finish the job. :-)

  9. I LOVE your dreaming house Diane. Your kitchen is just awesome. I’m usually not a fan of grass cloth but blue is lovely.

  10. #3 is my favorite. I think frosted will dull the lighting,
    for working at the sink, I imagine brighter would be better.
    Besides I like the style of it.
    Congrats to Mr. Ed for a steady hand!Really nice job on that cut.

  11. Yay! More kitchen! Nice job Ed! Nothing says dated like a scalloped cornice and harsh overhead fluorescent lighting. I know you must be happy to see it go. I like #5 in the lighting but that’s me. Not sold on the bare bulb industrial look, soft lighting please! Anyone remember the pink bulbs from the 80’s?

    I am still trying to wrap my head around that counter top! Beautiful and shiny too! As for the BGH pic, I love the color combination. I like that the wainscotting comes further up the wall than the standard chair rail – maybe that’s why that dark blue works so well. It’s a bold departure from your bright and white but no matter what you do it is always creative, stylish and functional. And as you have shown us so many times “doable.” You’ve inspired me to take on a very dark colored jewelry armoire. My first foray into chalk paining was not good but am willing to try again thanks to you.

  12. I see you did the inside of the cabinets white, too. Is it your recommendation to paint the insides? Many say no, others, yes. How difficult is it to do the insides without all but crawling inside of them to do it? LOL With the center bar, I find it discouraging to even attempt it even tho’ I painted my cabinets white. Any secrets to that particular job?

    1. Hi Tegmapat –

      I only painted the insides of the cabinets where I removed the cabinet doors to create an open shelving look for the kitchen. There are 3 areas. I did not paint inside any of the cabinets besides these. Painting inside a closed cabinet is just not needed, especially for my cabinets that needed sanding and stain blocking primer. Way to much work for something you don’t see. Plus you would need a ton of paint. Even after the paint is dried and cured, when you go to open a cabinet, especially if it was old wood, it would smell like paint. I may add some new shelf liner to some of the closed cabinets but they will stay unpainted. If you are going to tackle painting the inside of yours, there really isn’t any secrets I know that would make the job easier. A pole extension for a roller may help you reach hard to get areas.

  13. Congrats on getting to remove the scallops from the kitchen window! Good job, Ed! Nice fixture selection, I’m sure you will select the perfect one for your perfect kitchen. The navy grasscloth is A M A Z I N G! You made me say, OHHH out loud! Can’t wait to hear about your plan. Keep dreaming!

  14. The kitchen is fantastic! What a difference in how the white cabinets pick up the light in contrast to the oak! I absolutely love, love, love the kitchen flooring and want to know if you and Ed did them? The design in them is so striking! Are they hardwood or laminate? It’s difficult to tell in the photo. If they are another one of you super DIY’s, do you give directions anywhere in your blog? I would love to copy….

  15. Your kitchen’s looking good! I really like #6….it calls to me, but no place to put it! Isn’t that always the way? And grass cloth….yes please! Curious to see where? Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  16. I can’t believe the change in your kitchen… Looks amazing, and I’m sure you are loving that clean, bright feeling!

  17. Hi Diane, I was thinking about having to try to cut that straight line….over my head…..and cringed, but I also thought….wow, kudos to ED at the great job he did!

    I was going to mention that whatever fixture you choose, be sure it is rated for at least 100 watts. I should’ve known you would already be ahead of me on that!

    It’s really coming together now!

  18. OMG! I love the exterior of that house!! It give me so much inspiration for my dad’s house that I inherited. Can’t wait to show it to my hubby!

  19. I vote for #1, or something similar. It does look as if there is room for one that would hang on a chain, maybe 12″ or so, and be a bit more “showy”. It might also cast more light. The kitchen looks great!!

  20. It’s looking so beautiful. I vote for number 1 or any of the three on the left side. But it is your kitchen. Which one do you keep going back to is what you really want. Just like your inspiration pictures.

    1. Hi Cassie – I like the styles on the left too. The top one I think is the least expensive and a good size, but can only take up to a 60 watt bulb.:-( I need to find one that takes an 100 watt bulb. The search goes on. Enjoy your weekend.

      1. With LED bulbs does it really need to be rated at 100 watts? Just curious. Your kitchen makeover is wonderful. Congratulations, Ed, on a beautifully steady cut.

  21. I have the EXACT same valance and also a fluorescent light! I can’t stand it! Can you tell me what kind of saw he used?

    1. Hi Danielle – We thought we would need a SawsAll type of saw, but we didn’t want to buy one so we used a battery operated jigsaw from Ryobi we have with a brand new Fast Cut saw blade in it also from Ryobi. It worked perfectly. :-) If you are going to do it to your wood valance, turn the power off to the light and then measure and use a bubble level to make a straight line to follow where you want to make the cut. To cut the corners, Ed scrolled around making a curve first and then went back a second time to cut the corners out at 90 degrees.