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Losing Pounds & Gaining Marbles + Free Printable

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I love blogging – it is the best job ever! Exactly what I should be doing.  I love everything about it, except one thing…

…blogging full-time means lots of sitting in front of a computer – less moving around = weight gain! …aka – blogger butt.    Uggghh!!!

Diane Henkler Blogger of InMyOwnStyle

When I worked at my job in retail display, I was moving non-stop for 7 hours a day running around the store, double timing up steps, climbing ladders, carrying mannequins and heavy stuff. I was in good shape. That was a year and a half ago.  Since then I have gained 15 pounds – for one reason only – I don’t move around as much as I previously did.

Have you ever heard the saying “ Move More, Eat Less”  that is what I have to concentrate on to lose the “blogger butt” and get me back in shape.


I get out, move, and work up a sweat on the weekends, but during the week, I have to move more.

I need to park in the farthest parking spot when I go to the supermarket or mall, so I have to walk. Take the steps instead of elevators, even walking or riding my bike to nearby stores when I only need to get a few things and can carry them home.

I don’t like going to a gym – takes too much time to drive there, find a parking spot, then have to wait for a machine or struggle to find a spot in a crowded class.  I liked a spinning class I went to, but couldn’t stand the cave like feeling of the room –windowless black walls, disco ball light on high speed, and loud music at 7am.  It felt suffocating.  Great workout – awful atmosphere for me.   I need fresh air and lots of light, especially in the morning.


Instead, I work out at home and I was good about it, but blogging keeps me busy and what I have been doing is checking my inbox before working out in the morning – big mistake.  I start answering reader questions and inquires and before  I know it it’s 11:00.  I told Ed if he sees me with my phone before I work out, he has to tell me to put it down.

I have to stick to a morning routine  – I even have it scheduled in my Planner Pad.   Up at 6:30 without even a glance at my cellphone or turning on my computer. Work out for an hour doing:

Pilates  – 2 days a week, brisk walking for an hour – 3 times a week.  In bad weather, I have a few DVD’s and workout space in my basement. (it has windows and is a bright space) Most of the DVD’s are step workouts,  I feel I get a great all around aerobic workout with them.


The other part of my get back in shape equation is the “eat less” part.  That is where the marbles come into play.   I am well versed in healthy eating and know what I should and should not eat, but when I am on Pinterest and those delicious chocolate cakes go by in my stream, it is hard not to want to go bake a cake and eat it.

I picked up a Weight Watchers magazine last week that had a page of weight loss tips. One of the ideas really clicked with me since I am such a visual girl, plus it was so simple. I decided to do it.


You simply count out marbles in the amount of pounds you want to lose and place them in a glass or jar marked “Pounds to Lose”.  In another jar – labeled “Pounds Lost”  is where you take a marble from “Pounds to Lose” and place it in “Pounds Lost” for every pound you lose.   It is a visual reminder to see your progress and that eating less and moving more is working.  I placed the glasses on the windowsill above my kitchen sink.


I also signed up for Weight Watchers Online.  Since I have my phone with me all the time, the 2 apps that come with the program are very handy and easy to use.

How-to Make The Motivation Jars

What you Will Need:

I was going to make vinyl labels using my Silhouette, but know that not everyone has one, so I made printables that anyone with a computer printer could print out.

  • Pounds Lost/To Lose Labels – download below
  • 2 glass jars  – I bought mine at the Dollar Tree
  • Marbles – one for each pound you want to lose – Walmart in the Toy dept. $bins and Toys R Us
  • Self-Seal laminating sheets – Walmart or Staples
  • Spray glue or white glue
  • Scissors

1.  Click here to print: Pounds-Lost-LabelsPounds-Lost-Free Printable Labels

Scotch-Self-Seal Laminating-Sheets

2.  Cover the labels using a self-seal laminating sheet. This will allow the labels to be wiped clean, as they may be up for awhile.

How-to-use-self-seal laminating-sheets

3. Using the self-laminating sheets is easy.  Simply peel back the clear sheet, place your labels in face up, and then close to seal.


4. Cut out around the labels with a pair of sharp scissors.

5.  Spray a shot of spray glue or spread a thin layer of white glue on the back of each label. Apply to the glass jars.   Smooth with your fingers to make sure it is adhered.

6.  Place your marbles in.


I have lost 5 pounds so far.  My plan is working.

Do you have any tricks or tips like this that help you stay motivated when you want to get into shape?



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  1. I agree about standing instead of sitting. But my employer (a university) wasn’t going to fork over cash for a fancy desk, so I had to get creative. I went into our storage area and found 3 empty envelope boxes, which are pretty sturdy. I put two of them under my keyboard (because it’s one of the big, ergonomic ones) and one under my mouse. And I adjusted my two monitors (see what a geek I am) higher, and then I just stood up. That was it! After initally forcing myself to stand all day, I realized that was way too much. So now I alternate standing and sitting. I stack the 3 boxes next to my desk area. When I want to stand, I slide them under my keyboard and mouse, and tilt my monitors up. When I want to sit, I remove the boxes and tilt my monitor down. The whole thing takes less than a minute. It’s not a particularly *pretty* setup, but hey, neither is my computer butt. And this is free, adaptable and requires no long-term committment. Give it a try. Thanks for another great post! Best wishes on your weight loss.

  2. Great ideas Diane! You will have that 15lbs off in no time. Keep us posted on your progress. Best of luck to you…Vikki in VA

  3. Diane – this is a great idea! I could also see it coming in handy as a countdown (vacation, holiday, birthday) for children or a goal jar for saving up for a specific purchase.

  4. Congrats Diane! You’re off to a great start! I know exactly what you mean. I fell into that same non moving around mode. I had enough. I haven’t blogged since January and made a few changes in my diet. Mostly eating less and moving more like you. I use the MyFitnessPal app and have dropped 22 pounds! I’d like to get back to blogging but I have to be careful not to back slide. Lost it a little at a time but that is fine with me. :)