Mini Design Inspiration: Blogger Business Cards

I just got back from a 5 day trip to Utah to attend and speak at the Snap Blogging Conference.  It was inspiring, fun – and exhausting! I went to meet other bloggers, learn new things, and to speak at a session along with Lindsay from Makely Home on How To Paint Anything.

While I play catch-up today, I thought I would share little bits of design inspiration with you in the way of the creative and colorful business cards that I received from other bloggers.

Each one is like a little piece of art.

blog-business-card ideas

Lindsay’s husband, Tom went to their local TechShop and made paint stirring sticks for us to give out to the attendees of our session.  Wasn’t that sweet of him?  They are so clever – It is going to be hard to stick them in a can of paint. Lindsay had house shaped measuring tapes attached to her business card.   My card is folded over with my photo inside.  I don’t have many left. After seeing so many creative business cards, I think I may redesign mine when I order more.

Here is a sampling of a few that I collected.


I enjoy seeing the color combinations used.


I also take note of how fonts are paired with each other.


Studying them is not just about business card design, but provides inspiration for when I design a color palette for a room to  giving me new ideas when choosing a color of ribbon to go with wrapping paper  or pairing colors for my flower beds.

Design Bloggers-Business-Cards

Each card is also a little peek into the bloggers personal style, which I love to see.

Design Bloggers-Business-Cards

No run of the mill cards at a creative bloggers conference, only colorful, pretty, and stylish ones in all shapes, sizes, and textures.

Creative Bloggers-Business-Cards

Sewn, hand printed, stapled, taped, zippered, glittered, embossed, and folded.  This is only a small sampling. I hung out with so many wonderful, talented, and creative women and didn’t get their card.  Hopefully next time.

I was still feeling sick when I arrived at the conference, that along with the altitude change -I was not feeling my best and did not get to take many photos. If you would like to read more about the conference from other bloggers that attended, there is an on-going post link-up over on the Snap website. You can find it here:  Snap Conference Recap

See you on Wednesday when I will be refreshed, recharged, and back to my normal

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  1. I just had to comment… you have a business card from one of my really good friends, Tisa of Tisa’s Creations!!! I have known her for years. She is extremely talented and the sweetest person ever. Thanks for sharing all of your biz cards.

  2. I see our card, wahoo!!

    LOVED your paint stirring sticks!! I was looking for mini sized ones to put in our envelopes. ENJOY your class so much, you and Lindsay are a great duo!!

    I drove home so I brought Kristi’s paint can winnings to her, yippee! Stinks Kristen’s was taken, bummer!

    Much love, Kelli and Kristi

  3. The paint stirring sticks are awesome, how clever! It’s fun to look at all the cool business card designs, I love seeing all the unique details that people come up with.

  4. I was just looking through all of my cards from SNAP when I saw your post. It’s an amazing pile!

    I just loved getting to know you and spend a little time with you. Lisa~

    1. Hi Lisa – I am so happy that I got to meet you. I enjoyed the conference and meeting everyone. My only regret – that I did not get out and away from the hotel to see a bit more of Utah. I was there years ago and remember it being very scenic. Glad to know you are home safe and sound. I have been playing catch-up the past two days. I think I am just about back to normal. Looking forward to hanging out with you again.

    1. :( that they removed your paint at the airport. Some airports removed the paint and Fish Foam window cleaner, others did not. Love your card. You were so much fun!