Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Moms Will Love

On Monday I showed you how you can make unique gift tags to use when wrapping gifts for the upcoming “giving season” – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, teacher appreciation, and weddings. Today I have some Mother’s Day gift ideas on what you can wrap to give your mom or any woman in your life for Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re shopping for mom, grandma, your mother-in-law, or even a friend, I have rounded up a few of my favorite pretty items that are perfect for that special woman in your life, including yourself.

My mom passed away 6 years ago, I no longer need a gift for Mother’s Day, although I do like to get lilacs and place them in a vase to remind me of her. They were her favorite flower.  It is my way of keeping her spirit alive.

When my daughters were little, I loved the little gifts they made for me. I still have all of them. For me, they were the best kind of gift a mom could ask for.

It is fun though to get something new, store bought, and pretty. A little something that smells good, and something that keeps you healthy. I have gathered a few of my favorite things that I have myself and a few I am wishing for. All except two are under $40.

Fresh and fun Mother's Day Gift Ideas from $5.00 to $80. What are you getting for your mom this year? | In My Own Style

  1. Life/Style Elegant Simplicity at Home – In my quest to simplify and edit every part of my life, this book by Trisha Foley shows you can live simply and in your own unique style.
  2. Bobbi Brown Beach – If you love the scent of summer, you will love this fragrance.  It smells like fresh salt air with a hint of Coppertone. :-)
  3. French Market Basket  If you are heading to the farmer’s market, beach, flea market, flower shop or just about anywhere, this tote will carry your purchases or belongings in style.
  4. Interior Design Coloring Book  If you like to decorate and enjoy the fun pastime of coloring the pages in coloring books for grown-ups you will love this one. Instead of mandalas and geometric designs, there are illustrations of rooms and decorative accessories to fill in with color in this book.
  5. Colored Pencils – This cardboard tube that these colored pencils come in will keep them nearby when needed to color in your grown-up coloring books.
  6. Vase – Love the blue and white swirl pattern
  7. Petal Brim Hat – I love this hat so much that I bought two so that when the first one gets old and dirty, I will have a back-up.  The brim is wide in the front and non-existent in the back – no back brim to get in the way which makes sitting in a beach chair easy.
  8. Bike – All this bike needs is a wicker basket for an afternoon ride into town to pick up flowers and have tea with your girlfriends

Do you have any pretty gift ideas to give to mom this year?

If you like to make your own gifts, check out these DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas to make: Pearl Photo Frame | Framed Recipe Holder | Initialed Coasters

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  1. Hi Tricia, I love a good ” lifestyle/design book” so when I saw your #1. pick in Tricia Foley, I went right out and purchased one. Indeed it is a lovely book, but to be really honest, not very helpful. I’m an interior designer, so I ” get it” , but I found the book to be filled with mostly white everything, with a few other elements artfully ” styled” . I found it extremely repetitive, unrealistic and in a way arrogant. I think the majority of people do not come close to living like that. It was almost $50.00, and sadly, I think I’m going to return it. It was ” shrinkwrapped” when I purchased it, so could not peruse it before buying….lesson learned.
    Again, pretty book, but…..

    1. Hi Deb –

      I get it that some books just don’t resonate. I have read a few that I feel that were not helpful at all and have returned them. I liked the book because it was different. I found it inspiring in seeing that she could edit so much to get the look she was after and not be persuaded by trends. She did it in her own style. It is a highly curated look that I realize it is not doable for so many, even me. It is more of a lifestyle book, then a decorating one.

      I have returned books even after removing the shrink wrap. You should. All you need to tell them is that it was not kind of book you thought. No need to keep something that doesn’t make you happy. :-)

      1. Thanks DIANE…My apologies for calling you Tricia!! I will be returning it today. I should have heeded many of the reviews I read online, with exactly my sentiments…definitely a book that has strong reactions on both sides. I really wanted to love it…and her.

  2. Great ideas Diane.

    Mother’s Day is always a tough one for me. My mom passed away several years ago but I have an aunt that is just as special to me so I always want to get her something unique. But it’s hard when she has just about everything. Nowadays I like to get her things for her home; things she can look at that will be cheerful.


  3. Nice ideas.. I like to do something that I don’t usually at home that is to clean up my room and make some good food for the day. This year I am planning to send her to a good spa session. She is killing herself in summers, I thought it would be great to help her that way a bit in form of a gift. Keep posting. :)

  4. I love all the ideas! I want a bicycle, but being 5′ 7″ tall, I am scared of getting one that is not comfortable. (BTDT already)

  5. These are lovely ideas! I especially like the bike and coloring book. Sorry to hear about your mom. My mom is no longer with us, too, so on Mother’s Day, my family and some good friends of ours celebrate together. The moms exchange gifts.

    1. Hi Lauren – Mother’s Day is not quite the same when your mom is no longer around. It sounds like you came up with a fabulous way to celebrate in her memory. Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing it with me. XO